Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Registering Voters In Mountain House

Last week Ralph Miller of Democracy for America posted this report in the DFA blog:
In California, the Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley, the Tracy Democratic Club (the organizers), Project BlueBridge (most of the volunteers, from Berkeley, Oakland) and volunteers from the Jerry McNerney campaign (the Tracy organizers are also for McNerney) targeted a new bedroom community, Mountain House, just west of Tracy. These kinds of communities have sprung up all over Pombo-land in the 12 years since Pombo first served in Congress.

The Tracy club discovered that there are several thousand homes in this particular tract, with registration at something ridiculously low, 15% I think. They also found from census data that there are 16 different ethnic minority and language groups in the community. This housing development, and many others like it in Pombo-land are low-hanging fruit for Democratic registration.

Of the 30 households one volunteer talked to, only one was Caucasian, only one was Republican, the rest were either Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, or Hispanic, all favorably disposed to the Democratic party. The teams split up into groups of four, each in a car, and covered about a quarter of the homes in Mountain House, spending about 2 hours in the evening, from 5-7. As suspected, the community was mostly immigrant and minority silicon valley engineers.

Overall, a worthwhile effort and winning formula.
So if you’re feeling all blue because you missed out on an opportunity to get out and help with the voter registration efforts in Mountain House, you’re in luck — Project BlueBridge is reprising their role and would welcome your participation.
Saturday, August 12th
HELP JERRY McNERNEY IN MOUNTAIN HOUSE: Canvassing and voter education

Mountain House is a brand new “greenish” community in CD 11 that is being populated by transplants from the Bay and other areas. The Tracy Dem Club calls it a “goldmine” of potential Jerry McNerney voters.

Project BlueBridge is looking for ten volunteers to help us canvass the community and get out the good news about Jerry. We will be talking to everybody about Pombo’s corruption and Jerry’s plan for a better America.

We will be carpooling from the East Bay at a time to be determined. Please RSVP directly to Leah Scheibe, 510.636.1756, L_Scheibe@comcast.net and let me know your location and if you can drive.
The weatherman is forecasting a glorious day — this is your chance to participate in both the spread of democracy and the forced early retirement of Richard Pombo.


Anonymous Scott Armstrong said...

Music to my ears! Registering disenfrachised voters! Carpool from the East Bay! I am so there.

1:31 AM, August 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont forget to pack some granola in the hybrid for the drive over....

9:16 AM, August 09, 2006  
Blogger babaloo said...

Wow. Is that really the most insulting thing that you can come up with? Pretty pathethic.

Besides, everybody knows that it's foie gras in the Tesla. Silly Pombozo.

11:03 AM, August 09, 2006  

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