Friday, August 04, 2006

McCloskey OpEd in Sac Bee

Pete McCloskey has authored a very reasonsed justification for his call to end the reign of power that is being abused by the current Reublican Congressional Leadership, particularly in the House of Representtive, where Pete serverd California so well for many years.

As a lifelong Republican, I have found it difficult to conclude that the nation will benefit by transferring control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats in November. However, I see no other way to put the country back on a reasonable course.
Pete provides a good historical perspective, including the warning that this condition is indemic to Washington at the nexus of power and money. It makes the case for the voluntary term limits that Pombo pledged to follow, and reniged on his promise when the rewards of power because too comfortable.

It is truly up to us, here on this list, to pull all our neighbors and friends into this battle, to join Pete and Jerry in trying to make sure that "Ethical Congressman" is not longer an oxymoron. Pombo is out organizing every little group that can be influenced. It is time to get off this site and go enlist 5 more to join Jerry and Pete. That is all I ask. Get us five more volunteers by Monday and I will sleep better.


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

I Tom Benigno support Pete Mc Closkey's stand against Congressman Pombo. It was clear in our forums that Pombo did not want to answer to questions about his ethics and his dealing in the Abramoff scandal. Our attempt to open the dialog at the Tracy Forum was shut down time and time again by controlled crowd of Pombo hecklers. They did not want to hear the hard questions that Mr Mc Closkey and I asked. Even the Moderator Bob Matthews interrupted with statements like this is not a debate. I replyed many times if not here where. Lets hope that the next forum or debate, that Pombo will answer all the questions. Lets get to the bottom of the questions that are still unanswered, that many Pombo supporters outside of Tracy want to hear.

Tommy Bananas

7:45 AM, August 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Bananas (I am starting to understand why this is your nickname)

It seems like you are more interested in getting at Pombo to for some personal vengeance rather than for the concerns of the constituency in this district. Your bitterness is clear. It seems this is personal, not political. What is the deal? I don’t get it; you have made multiple rambling posts all saying basically the same thing and always brining up your unsuccessful campaign against him. If you really wanted Pombo out of office, maybe you should have worked harder on your campaign.

Less then 6% OUCH, I would be bitter too!

5:06 PM, August 05, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

I have delt with you before this race was not about me. It was about seeing that Pombo was defeated yes personally I got involved. The personal part is because the Republican party abandon me when I first ran against him in 2002. That was a result of Pombo's personal doing. I lost and Pete lost, don't try to make a federal case of it. Don't start with that rambeling "stuff".
How else do you run against another candidate, you study them or you know them. As for the concerns of the constituency, does that mean he is good for the people of the 11th. You had better walk the district and talk to the people. As for me being more involved in a better campaign. I have done more to disarm the Pombo camp on my $5.075.00 than you can ever know. You can take that to the bank. As for being bitter because of loosing your wrong. You might ask around for those answers, and where were you during our 8 forums.

Tommy Bananas

8:10 AM, August 10, 2006  
Anonymous Ron Burgundy said...

it really makes no sense.... could someone translate to english?

3:04 PM, August 10, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

There is another wineo in the house, Mr Burgundy can't understand english. How about Mexican? Mucho Vino. Senator Carol Migden just made a statement to the press about wine.
She says: Reception to promote the merits of Zinfandel as a California historic wine as "dishonest brokering"is an unfair assertion. She goes on to say, that wine tasting is a fun-sperited event that is an appropriate and fitting opportunity for legislators to learn about Zinfandel and make their own decisions about its value as a historic wine.
Lastly she promises not to vote with a hangover.
I hope to hell Mr. Burgandy can understand what State Senator Carole Migden wrote. I'm sure he can.

Tom Benigno

5:23 PM, August 10, 2006  
Anonymous ron burgundy said...

Baxter and I do enjoy a good scotch once in a while, but, Mr. Beningo, you make no sense in your rambling post about wine. Unless you were drinking when you posted this, and then the bad Spanish (not Mexican) and rambling off-topic post would all make sense.

9:51 AM, August 11, 2006  

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