Monday, July 31, 2006

One more reason to SayNoToPombo

If you did not have enough reasons to SayNoToPombo, let me give you another. Sunday, the LA Times started a series of reports on our Altered Oceans. This is multimedia, video, charts, etc. It takes a lot of bandwidth or a lot of time to appreciate. Still, this may be the oceanic equivalent of An Inconvenient Truth.

Pombo's Resources Committee has oversight responsibility for Fisheries and Oceans. What has he been doing? Making it easier to more heavily fish for anything and more difficult to protect what we have. Sound familiar. Look at the web site that they posted for the Magnuson-Stevens Act revision. It reads like a Pombo campaign site.

Here is what the National Environmental Trust says of Pombo's legislation:

If the Pombo-Frank bill becomes law, it will reversere more than a decade of significant conservation gains in fishery management.


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