Sunday, November 20, 2005

How to Get Involved

The writers of this blog aim to do more than simply bear witness to the catastrophic policies of Congressman Richard Pombo. Rather, we hope that the information presented on this blog will lead people to take action and positively work to stop Richard Pombo. We are all learning how to do this effectively, but right now I wanted to lay out some ways of getting involved.

First, let me again encourage all of you to make a donation. I fully expect Pombo to be able to raise a couple million dollars if he feels threatened. There simply cannot be any effective opposition to him without adequate funding. So each of us who cares about stopping Pombo must find a way of donating what we can, when we can.

Second, I am going to start a Take Action mailing list. This will be a moderated list intended primarily as a one-way communication from me to those who sign up for it. I will include whatever possibilities for anti-Pombo activity I can think of. Right now it might be more focused on generating letters to the editor, but when the campaigns begin publishing their activities more, I will also publicize relevant anti-Pombo campaign activities. To sign up for this mailing list, please visit the Say No to Pombo Yahoo Group to sign up to be on this list. NOTE: when you sign up, please include your fist name, last initial and zip code in the “Comment to Owner” field. And if you have any questions about this, please e-mail me at saynotopombo at yahoogroupsdotcom.

Second, I have started a Say No to Pombo DFA-Link group. DFA-Link is a free and easy-to-use set of online tools for organizing offline action. The Say No to Pombo DFA-Link group has already become a place where all sorts of anti-Pombo activists can come together and work collaberatively. If you want to keep tabs on opportunities to work against Pombo, join the group.

Third, my co-author VPO has established both a useful Get Involved page and a Vote Pombo Out Yahoo Group. The Yahoo Group is a discussion group about all things (anti-)Pombo. It’s a great resource, and I have found it particularly useful. As readers of this blog might know, VPO does some amount of original reporting, and so his discussion group is a great place to get the inside scoop on breaking developments, often before they are noted here.


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