Thursday, August 03, 2006

Joining the chorus

First the national news, then the local, I think that is how the big media guys do it.

Today, General Wesley Clark endorsed Jerry McNerney for Congress. This is a major step at a time when the blogosphere types are yapping about whether DCCC power broker Rahm Emanuel has dissed Jerry.

In the Primary election, General Wesley Clark, campaigned here for Steve Filson. However, now, Clark has announced his endorsement for Jerry McNerney. At all levels, support for McNerney is coming in from all over. Maybe the fact that Pombo is campaigning harder, starting earlier, spending money faster than he did the last time indicates that there is a certain degree of worry.

Now, for the local news.

Last week, I had a phone call from someone named Byron Roberts. Byron had asked a question on another email list about how Richard Pombo had voted on the issue of raising the minimum wage. I had provided an answer. I had no idea what would come of it until Byron informed me that he had a letter in the Tracy Press, Jul. 31.
How can Pombo call himself a conservative when he cuts taxes while the federal deficit is at an all-time high? How can he consider himself a Christian when he denies working people who need help, yet reward the ultra-rich?
This is one letter that they can't blame on some crazy free speech activist from Berkeley.


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