Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pombo, an old dog with no new tricks

Everything that I read about Rancher Richie's latest political adventure looks a lot like his 2006 run, with the exception that he does not have an opponent with the national name recognition of Pete McCloskey as a primary opponent. It was McCloskey who gave good Republican's permission to vote for Jerry McNerney rather than to return to Congress a demagogue who had never really represented the people of the district… or at least he never bothered to talk to that portion of his district (CA-11) in which I lived.

Now, we see him following the same path's, out trolling for money at the Western Indian Gaming Conference. This is typical Pombo from the old days, racking up political debts and knowing the favors that he will have to deliver in order to pay them off. However, this history shows that he did more collecting and little paying. Those tribal agencies who were willing to contribute to Rancher Richie should ask around before they open their checkbooks. Since that links to a series of posts that I did on the old Pombo Watch blog, I may have to put it back online... or at least to make those particular items available. Those who ignore history will live to repeat it.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Democrats Can Take Charge In CA-19 -- With Your Help!

Okay, so here's the deal. Every article to date about CA-19 has been full of the conventional wisdom about this district: It's Republican; it's a lock; Democrats need not apply.

And to reinforce this wisdom come the statistics (all pdf): Boxer lost in 2004 by nearly 13 points (to local favorite Bill Jones); Dianne Feinstein lost by less than 2% in 2006; Obama lost by 6 points to McCain in '08. So, according to the statistics, this is a seriously Republican district. You'll read it in all the articles -- CA-19 has a 6% Republican advantage in registration (Safe Republican).

But what the conventional wisdom won't tell you about CA-19 is this: Although the November 2008 voter registration numbers from Fresno County (the largest population center for CA-19) show a 163K-153K Republican advantage (nearly 2 1/2%) in registration and, just eight months ago, in the latest online report from the California SoS (May '09), that advantage was still around 8,000 or 2%, things are changing fast. You can see where the conventional wisdom might coming from -- historical data.

Here's the new reality. The California Democratic Party has targeted the Central Valley over the last year or so. And during that time, the Fresno Democratic Party has held numerous voter registration events -- as in "We're serious about this."

So where do we stand today? Well, here's the news that you won't read from the DC-centric media. According to the Fresno Registrar of Voters, as of last month, a mere 468 voters (or about 1/3%) separate the Democrats from the Republicans in voter registration. That's right. From an 8,000 voter difference to 468 in nine months' time.

Think this is too good to be true? Well, come out to help Fresno Democrats register voters next weekend. Here's the info:
  • Volunteers will meet at 1304 East Olive Avenue in Fresno at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 16
  • Walk until we hit our goal (or until 5:00 p.m.)
  • You can RSVP to James Williams at jamesdean19662000@yahoo.com.

This is NOT necessarily a Republican district -- especially if we work to lay the groundwork right now!

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Water Pirates

We already know what Pombo will use as the centerpiece of his campaign. It will be Water and how the "enviros" are using the Endangered Species Act to keep farmers from earning a living. From Rancher Dick Pombo, it is a broken record from his failed 2006 campaign.

The real story is that the East Side farmers got 100% of their water allocations last year. It is the Westlands Water District that didn't and they are the ones using all of their media manipulation to spin a mythical tale of fish over man.

Before you swallow that swill, enjoy this video of the Water Pirates.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pombo "Scrounging" For Work

So, if you believe Richard Pombo (something you should never do), he's running in CA-19 only because he wants to serve the residents of the Central Valley.

Earlier this year, Fresno County agricultural interests frustrated with Radanovich contacted Pombo about running. Pombo said he declined at the time because he did not want to challenge a sitting Republican.

But with Radanovich’s announcement Tuesday that he will retire after this term, Pombo said he is now seriously considering a run for the seat.

“I don’t miss the politics,” Pombo said. “I miss the policy side of it. Obviously California needs some help.”

That's right. Pombo's just running for Congress so that he can help Californians. But this nugget from Politico in November 2008 sort of casts another light on Pombo's purported altruism.

The mood at the Republican Capitol Hill Club last night was low.

Very low.

People were depressed about the elections, we're told, including recently defeated Reps. Robin Hayes and Ric Keller. Also there was former Rep. Pombo, defeated in 2006, along with his sidekick Steve Ding, "scrounging for business" we hear. (Emphasis added)

What's that? Sounds like neither the former seven-term Republican Congressman/rancher nor his former chief of staff, Steven Ding, could manage to make much of a living away from the government teat.

According the the SF Chron
Pombo's chief handler Steve Ding sent a note to GOP friends Monday asking for support and telling folks he's putting together the team. Says the Dinger: "Richard has already been working the new district and lining up support."

Sounds a lot like scrounging, doesn't it?

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Return Of The Zombies

In a scene straight out of Night of the Living Dead, Richard Pombo has pulled himself out of his political grave and is lurching back to Congressional politics.

This time, though, he's planning to feast on the brains of the innocent residents of CA-19. CA-19 is a rural district that encompasses the southern San Joaquin Valley and Sierra. Rumors swirled last week that Pombo was contemplating a run to replace retiring Rep. George Radanovich. Well, according to Hotline OnCall, Pombo will make it official tomorrow.

The former 7-term congressman, who once headed the House Resources Committee, will run for the seat being vacated by Rep. George Radanovich (R), who announced last week that he will not serve another term. Radanovich's 19th district is next to the 11th district, which Pombo lost to Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) in '06.

Pombo will make the announcement tomorrow, sources tell Hotline OnCall, after speaking with several incumbent members of Congress and supporters back home. He has reached out to donors in recent days, as well as to Reps. Kevin McCarthy (R) and Devin Nunes (R), two incumbents who hold neighboring districts.

For those of you wondering just where the heck CA-19 is, here's a map. You'll note the supreme irony that Pombo is seeking to represent a district that contains the crown jewel of the National Park system -- Yosemite National Park.

But never fear. Richard Pombo isn't the only zombie in this game. SNTP will rise again -- and there's only one brain on which we intend to feast.

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