Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pombo, an old dog with no new tricks

Everything that I read about Rancher Richie's latest political adventure looks a lot like his 2006 run, with the exception that he does not have an opponent with the national name recognition of Pete McCloskey as a primary opponent. It was McCloskey who gave good Republican's permission to vote for Jerry McNerney rather than to return to Congress a demagogue who had never really represented the people of the district… or at least he never bothered to talk to that portion of his district (CA-11) in which I lived.

Now, we see him following the same path's, out trolling for money at the Western Indian Gaming Conference. This is typical Pombo from the old days, racking up political debts and knowing the favors that he will have to deliver in order to pay them off. However, this history shows that he did more collecting and little paying. Those tribal agencies who were willing to contribute to Rancher Richie should ask around before they open their checkbooks. Since that links to a series of posts that I did on the old Pombo Watch blog, I may have to put it back online... or at least to make those particular items available. Those who ignore history will live to repeat it.

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