Friday, April 09, 2010

Old dogs know old tricks

You would think that, after getting a shellacking that surprised no one outside the circle of beltway bloviators, that Richard Pombo would seek to run his current campaign in a new way. Fortunately for the voters of the 19th district, Pobmo is falling back on the same old issues that lost him the election in 2006 and building his war chest from the same old sources.

Let's sort through this in a logical manner. One of the complaints against Pombo was that he was too closely associated with Jack Abramoff and the sleazy deals surrounding Chinese criminal control of the Marianas Islands government. Often cited were the many trips to Marianas resorts taken by Abramoff associates, Republican Congressmen and their staffs. So, who is in the forefront of Pombo fundraising? None other than losing Colorado Republican Bob Schaffer. While Schaffer was in Congress, he earned the nickname "Sponge Bob" for soaking up Marianas perks like a sponge. Why anyone thinks that two losers equals one winner is beyond me.

Add to that, the theme of this fund=raising event, an attack on the Endangered Species Act by petroleum industry money. This is a return to a 19th Century Robber Baron thinking… well maybe a continuation of old ways that we no longer need in the 21st century. We might have learned a bit over the years. It is clear that the people who run some of these big companies have not, using easy promises of jobs for all in order to allow them to accumulate riches for a few. But more on that later%hellip; as te race heats up, so will the pace of posting.

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