Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dirty Dick back on Dirty Dozen List

Well, Richard Pombo has made it back on the League of Conservation Voters Dirty Dozen list, and he hasn't done anything yet. Their headline indicates a bit of disquiet about the fact that the Congressman who wanted to sell off parts of our National Parks is now in the running to represent Yosemite.

Just to cite one comment:
No California member of Congress has been more knee-jerk anti-environmental than Richard Pombo,” said California League of Conservation Voters CEO Warner Chabot. "There's no better candidate than Pombo for the Dirty Dozen list."
Now, for some in the 19th CD, having the LCV attacking Pombo might be a reason to vote FOR him. After all, Pombo is getting funded by Westlands Water District members and they have turned "enviro" into a curse and ESA into a road sign for target practice.

What the district really needs... like the Pombo's home 11th CD needed, was a Congressman who listened closely to all of his constituents and then applied common sense and knowledge rather than political expediency when they made their decisions. But listening was never a Pombo strength and his common sense and knowledge were about par for a college drop out.

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