Sunday, February 07, 2010

Maybe his day has come... and passed.

I have just been reading Jeff Denham's web site. Now, it seems to me that the 19th CD is a bit crazy. Since Pombo jumped into the race with a big reservoir of Westlands cash, he did pick up a few endorsements. But by now, Jeff Denham has the endorsement of every County Supervisor in the 19th CD, or so it says on his web site.

That makes it sound like Pombo will have to run a tea bagger race, stirring up all those folks with fears of Denham actually voting for a tax increase. That would surprise me, though.

Is this going to be one of those races where the people rise up against the party leadership? Pombo seems to be taking to the air ways, but a lot of the quotes on his facebook page seem to come from the big companies (Land o' Lakes) or neighbors I never heard of.


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