Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pombo "Scrounging" For Work

So, if you believe Richard Pombo (something you should never do), he's running in CA-19 only because he wants to serve the residents of the Central Valley.

Earlier this year, Fresno County agricultural interests frustrated with Radanovich contacted Pombo about running. Pombo said he declined at the time because he did not want to challenge a sitting Republican.

But with Radanovich’s announcement Tuesday that he will retire after this term, Pombo said he is now seriously considering a run for the seat.

“I don’t miss the politics,” Pombo said. “I miss the policy side of it. Obviously California needs some help.”

That's right. Pombo's just running for Congress so that he can help Californians. But this nugget from Politico in November 2008 sort of casts another light on Pombo's purported altruism.

The mood at the Republican Capitol Hill Club last night was low.

Very low.

People were depressed about the elections, we're told, including recently defeated Reps. Robin Hayes and Ric Keller. Also there was former Rep. Pombo, defeated in 2006, along with his sidekick Steve Ding, "scrounging for business" we hear. (Emphasis added)

What's that? Sounds like neither the former seven-term Republican Congressman/rancher nor his former chief of staff, Steven Ding, could manage to make much of a living away from the government teat.

According the the SF Chron
Pombo's chief handler Steve Ding sent a note to GOP friends Monday asking for support and telling folks he's putting together the team. Says the Dinger: "Richard has already been working the new district and lining up support."

Sounds a lot like scrounging, doesn't it?

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Blogger Wes said...

Well, he made a story at Grist today. And here is what they are writing about him at National Journal's HotlineOnCall: "GOP strategists are notably unenthusiastic about Pombo's candidacy. Though the district in which he would run, currently held by Rep. George Radanovich (R), is more conservative than his old seat, environmental groups spending money against Pombo could force a cash-strapped GOP to spend desperately needed cash in a seat another GOPer would more easily carry." Not a very glorious start.

8:29 PM, January 05, 2010  
Blogger Matt Ortega said...

Under the Obama administration, it appears business for Chop'em, Drill'em & Associates just isn't-a-boomin'.

9:48 PM, January 12, 2010  

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