Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NRCC v. DCCC — What’s Up

It’s now officially four weeks until November 7. I’ve dropped the ball a little in reporting independent expenditures in CA-11. At last report (last Thursday), the NRCC’s contributions to the CA-11 race stood at a total of $479,839. The vast majority of this money has been spent on negative mailers, with anti-McNerney phone banking and pro-Pombo polling making up the difference.

Since that last report, the NRCC spent $20,805 on McNerney hit-piece number 12 on Friday, 10/5; $5,271 on anti-McNerney phone banking yesterday, 10/10; and $20,805 on McNerney negative mailer number 13, also on 10/10. The total NRCC independent expenditures to date stand at $526,720.

Last Friday, a few days after the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund released their polling results showing McNerney up 48-46%, we heard that the DCCC would be getting into the race. According to Hank Shaw of the Stockton Record, the DCCC’s plan was to poll in the district. They were supposedly committed to spending $100,000, and, if the polling results met their criteria, they were looking to spend a lot more.

At this point I’m going to repeat the opening line of my post.

It’s now officially four weeks until November 7. Absentee ballots were mailed out on Monday.

Those FEC independent expenditure reports that I linked to above don’t show one single expenditure by the DCCC in CA-11 — for polling or anything else.

When, exactly, is the DCCC planning on conducting their polling and spending some money in this district? Maybe on November 15? Next January?

Look, Jerry McNerney’s campaign is doing tremendously well, and at the moment it appears to be surfing right on the curl of a tsunami. Richard Pombo, on the other hand, seems to be imploding in a barrage of scandal, lies and corruption. But none of this is as a result of Democratic Party support. As an active Democrat who is working hard to build Democratic Party infrastructure in this area, I am mortified by my own national party and its absolute blindness to this vitally important race. Just when can we expect to see a little 50-state strategy in California? I know for a fact that the Democratic Party doesn’t have any problem when it comes to calling me and asking me to donate — so when are they going to plow some of that money back into CA-11?


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

I have a solution for the voter registrars office problem in Stockton. Move your offices to a remote Island like maybe Alcatraz so Pombo's people won't get their grimy hands on the paper work and the voting machines. They have the Court House a block away, County Council offices across the street, and the Cavazo offices next door. And three Mexican Food Places within one block. Pombos other offices within 400 yards. As Dennis Hastert said Politics starts at the local level, that is the problem. Oh I forgot the Board of Equalization on the other corner. I have said before corrupt is as corrupt does.

Vote Mc Nerney for change.

Tommy Bananas.

7:59 AM, October 11, 2006  

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