Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Modesto Bee Endorses McNerney

The Modesto Bee has endorsed Jerry McNerney, while heaping scorn on Richard Pombo. This is a scathing indictment by a local paper:
This, like any election with an incumbent, is a referendum. While Pombo has been effective in a few high-profile issues — such as helping to broker a settlement on re-watering the San Joaquin River — he has worked even harder for a host of special interests. He is at the diseased heart of the quid-pro-quo process that defines Washington politics today. To send him back to the Capitol endorses a system we can no longer tolerate.

And while his strident environmental views have caused us concern in the past, the idea he floated this past term about selling off parks was over the top. It's just one of many such ideas.

In contrast, we admire McNerney's more practical approach. Pombo got headlines by trying to gut the Endangered Species Act — but his plan went nowhere. McNerney suggests negotiating changes to the act while preserving its goals.

If you prefer the politics of extremes; if you're OK with selling off national parks; if backroom dealmaking and tainted money suit you; if you embrace out-of-balance budgets and the concentration of wealth — Pombo's your man.

But he's no longer ours.
P.S. This might raise a whole new realm of questioning for Richard Pombo. You can reach him at (209) 836-3326. You might want to ask him politely what his response is to the Modesto Bee claiming that he is "at the diseased heart of the quid-pro-quo process that defines Washington politics today." Or not.


Anonymous Tom benigno said...

Big deal Modesto is out of the 11th district. Why would the paper endorse someone outside the district. Now if the Bee said that they endorsed Kano because Cardoza didn't endorse Mc Nerney that would be a story. You had better do that Dennis Cardoza, or Kano will bite your ... This is a story where are these hot shot reporters at today. Please get out and do that. This will assure a win for Mc Nerney. Hey Ben Vandemere this ones for you.

Bye Tom Benigno

4:35 PM, October 11, 2006  

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