Saturday, October 07, 2006

Send Mr. McNerney To Washington

Marty Cheek of the Gilroy Dispatch wrote an article yesterday comparing Jerry McNerney to Jimmy Stewart’s classic movie character, Mr. Smith. Check it out in its entirety — it’s an inspiring piece.
How will "Mr. McNerney Goes to Washington" end? No one knows yet. But I believe this story, just like "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," contains a powerful message. Ordinary American people must stand up against corrupt government regardless of the outcome.

"The only causes worth fighting for are lost causes," Mr. Smith says in challenging a crook. That's not just film dialogue. That's truth.

As our own story reaches its dramatic climax on Nov. 7, expect more dirty politics and mudslinging. Congressman Pombo desperately wants to protect his now threatened job. He'll do anything to save his congressional seat.

But, like Frank Capra, I'm an optimist about people. I'm optimistic that despite overwhelming odds, one individual - an individual with solid values - can make a powerful difference in creating a better America. I'm also optimistic voters will stand up against graft and greed in government and make the right choice in selecting their representative for District 11.

I'm optimistic we'll see a happy ending in this real-life story. Like "Mr. Smith," Mr. McNerney will go to Washington.
People from all over Northern California, people who all live in Richard Pombo’s district, are joining together to fight for a just cause — I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to say that the very future of our nation is at stake. Although I don’t usually print items from other publications in full, I’m going to make an exception here. After the Berkeley Daily Planet published its endorsement of Jerry McNerney, the paper received this letter to the editor:
I am pleased and grateful for your excellent article endorsing Jerry McNerney in his race against Richard Pombo in the 11th Congressional District. I am an 83-year-old man who is postponing starting treatment for prostate cancer until Nov. 8 so that I will be free to travel to Tracy so that I can do precinct work for Jerry McNerney. I have also been contributing to his campaign and hosted a fundraiser in my home for him.

If you live on Planet Earth you will be affected by the outcome of this election. There is no one in Congress who has done more to damage this little planet than Richard Pombo. At every opportunity he has used his power as chairman of a vital congressional committee to benefit those who are engaged in reckless exploitation of the environment motivated entirely by personal greed. In exchange they have helped Pombo to become very rich while in office and have made huge contributions to his campaigns.

Because of the change in the national mood there will never be a better opportunity to rid ourselves of this corrupt enemy of the earth and replace him with an honest, progressive environmentalist. It will take money and most of all dedicated workers, please join us in this good fight!
Please think long and hard about what YOU can do to support Jerry McNerney in this vitally important race. The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund will be canvassing daily until November 7. Jerry McNerney’s campaign will be conducting canvassing and phone banking on an almost continuous basis. And, of course, there’s always the ActBlue page. It’s time to step forward, take a stand against greed and corruption, and do YOUR part to send Mr. McNerney to Washington.


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Mc Nerney goes to Washington D.C. That will be the headlines on November 8th. Pombo goes back to the cow barn, headlines for the Tracy Press.
All this good news except the Tracy Press will still be in business, we hope we can put them out,ASAP. To start a new campaign in the valley, change for everyone begins today November, 8th 2006.

Go Mc Nerney.

Tom Benigno

1:46 PM, October 07, 2006  

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