Friday, August 25, 2006

"It's Time To Throw Pombo Out"

Howie K over at Down With Tyranny just sent out an email talking about his ideas for a song that he’s produced. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Howie, he is a retired record company executive who has devoted himself tirelessly to taking back Congress in 2006. You can learn more about Howie and his activism in this Kid Oakland piece.

Anyway, Howie has been one of Jerry McNerney’s staunchest supporters, and he has an idea for a way that he can help out in the CA-11 race. I’ll let him explain it in his own words.
A couple months ago I was able to get Rickie Lee Jones and a couple of the guys from the Squirrel Nut Zippers do write and record a song. I want to tell you about it but please give it a listen first; it's only 2:45.

We're doing our best to get it on the radio so people start to get familiar with it and we've offered it for free download on MySpace and in 2 weeks it will be available for free on all the big digital services. The goal, though-- and why you've gotten this e-mail from me-- is a little more involved. We've made 30 second radio spots out of the song. For targeted districts, with particularly terrible incumbents and particularly excellent challengers (like Jerry McNerney taking on Dirty Dick Pombo in Northern California and Victoria Wulsin taking on Mean Jean Schmidt in Ohio) we've replaced the line "it's time to throw the rascals out" with "it's time to throw Pombo out" or "it's time to throw Mean Jean out."

The districts we're targeting are not in New York City or L.A. or Chicago or Boston or other expensive media markets. Many are in remote rural districts, what we call "dollar a holla" media markets. A very little bit of money can go a relatively long way. Our hope is to get our ads up on the radio during October. I'm trying to raise $250,000.

We all give in our own way and I'm not saying this way is better than any other way. But if you can spare some money for this, I promise you it will be used well. And, like I said, even a small contribution helps. The easiest way to donate to our Blue America PAC is to do it online through ActBlue. It's the second box, right under Mike Acuri-- Blue America PAC. If you don't like giving like that you can send a check to Blue America PAC, PO Box 27201, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

If you want to read more about the song, I did a blog about it here.
So give the song a listen, and if you’d like to help Howie get it on the air in CA-11, go to his ActBlue page and show him some love.

[Update: I forgot to mention that Howie will be doing a live-blogging interview with Jerry McNerney as part of his ongoing series over at firedoglake tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. I know he'd appreciate it if you showed up with questions for Jerry.]


Anonymous Jryan86 said...

Check out the latest post, "Pombocchio" here over at DailyKos. It's a great piece of art.

12:44 PM, August 25, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

This is time for Pombo to leave. You all give him more credit then he deserves. Everytime someone writes and artice, it looks it's more a praise than an insult. Insult the sun of a bitch. and let it hit home. Even Jerry needs to strike out. Before a debate when I was running against him 2002, my wife used to tell me go easy on him he is our congressman. Bullshit he didn't care about me when I was dieing in the hospital in Tracy in 1983, after his henchman attacked me. The need to disprove him is simple his record will show, he lied.

Tom Benigno

2:37 PM, August 25, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Today in Stockton, on Roberts Road we were able to see where pombo gets his support. A few of Jerry Mc Nerney people were out in force on the road picketing the fund raiser on the Mario Jaques headquaters, where Congressman Pombo had his fund raiser. Car after car that came in were SUV's and many $40.000. Many of the people that were there, were business people doctors and other supporters, It seemed to be about 110 cars that came into the location. The thing that I noticed most of all, was those same people bought homes in the Tracy area, Most of the people paid about $500.000 for those homes. And some were on the old Monice and Jaques Ranch next to land that I farmed for many years. IF they only knew that Jaques made a fortune selling off their land to developers to by land on Roberts Road.That they paid for. I wonder if they would still support Pombo.
Lets see in November.

Tom Benigno

10:01 PM, August 25, 2006  
Anonymous drh said...

On 8/28 the following article will be online at It's quite good (available in print now) -- McCloskey is a very longtime Republican.

Revolt of the Elders
By Dick Russell

Pete McCloskey battles Rep. Pombo for clean air, open land, and the soul of the Republican Party.

8:41 PM, August 26, 2006  
Anonymous drh said...

oops, here's the link to the Sept issue...

8:43 PM, August 26, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benignop said...

Hello Dick Russell:
Thanks for the article in the Mother Jones magazine, but the articles are more about Mc Closkey than about getting Pombo out of office. We need to enforce the idea that myself and Mc Closkey are Republicans who are dissatisfied with the Republican Party and where it's going with Representatives like Pombo. Now we need to stuff all the wrong doing down Pombo's throat. We all know what Pete and I are about. Now lets unite and get behind Jerry Mc Nerney. This should not be a statement to defend either one of us. This is for Jerry to step up to the plate and kick Pombo's ---. as for the Tracy Press, they keep directing attention to Ben Rose and his issue with Pete being an Anti-Semite. Tell Mr. Rose to write to his Congressman and waste his time. Mc Closkey is not his Congressman. The papers should be directing that attention to Mc Nerney and Pombo race. Wake up folks.

Tom Benigno

12:14 PM, August 27, 2006  

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