Saturday, August 19, 2006

Richard Pombo is George Bush's Lapdog

Over on Daily Kos last month, arubyan wrote this diary about a campaign video that he/she created and posted on YouTube. He came up with a generic formula where individual Democratic candidates could be dropped into the same narrative, and the McNerney/Pombo race was the specific example that he used. I’ll let him explain his theory in his own words:
I did this video on my own because I wanted to illustrate a simple formula that I've been preaching about for weeks:
  1. Bush = Bad
  2. Republican Incumbent = Bush
  3. Therefore...
  4. Republican Incumbent = Bad.
  5. Had Enough?
  6. Vote for Change, Vote Democratic, Vote for McNerney
Now, when I read that diary and watched the video, I was pretty deeply impressed.

So fast forward six weeks. On Thursday, I read this post by the folks at MyDD. A couple of weeks after releasing the MyDD/Courage Campaign polling data from Francine Busby’s CA-50 race in June, MyDD was back with an in-depth analysis of the information and what Democrats can learn from that election that can be applied to Congressional races across the country. I’m pretty sure the lessons aren’t exactly what you expected; nevertheless, they resonate strongly.

And they got me thinking again about arubyan’s video. I believe he instinctively nailed it. Now, six weeks later, along comes the polling data to support him. Don't you just love it when your gut feelings are totally validated?


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

A Young energetic upcoming gofer who will do anything to get ahead. He has spent the last 13 years, screwing the Americans at home and abroad.
Send Pombo home two years early, so he can help George when he goes back to the ranch. George might give Pombo a job as ranch forman. Then he can really be a lapdog". Then we can really say mission accomplished.
There is hope for the future, vote MC Nerney.

7:59 AM, August 19, 2006  

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