Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why won't he answer a simple question?

The Pombo campaign is making a big deal out of McNerney's changing some answers to questons posed at Project Vote Smart. The press is having a field day with this, especially Lisa Vorderbrueggen in the Contra Costa Times. The picture is not flattering.

However, Lisa also shared the reply to this from Pete McCloskey, one time Republican Primary opponent of Richard Pombo. She says that "I thought readers would be interested in the letter, although the text probably doesn't do justice to McCloskey's subtle and clever use of sarcasm." I fully agree with her on that. However, I wish that she had given it the prominence of her orginal column. As is, stuck away in her blog and not in print as the column is, it might be missed and that would be a loss for all.

McCloskey's question is truly a very fundamental one for this election. Why does Pombo not answer the same set of questions? Doe he not have a position without asking his employers? (Just don't think that the voters in this district are his real employers. We only pay a fraction of his salary.)

This is really a pattern for our Congressman. Lisa was the moderator of a panel on the election jointly sponsored by the Contra Costa Times and the League of Women Voters. It just took place without Pombo and one of his handlers claimed that the format was "too much like a debate." When a group of his constituents visited his office and faxed a request to meet with him to get answers to some other questions, he again refused. Do you begin to see a pattern here?

He believes in the mushroom theory of voter education. Keep them in the dark and once in a while open the door and shovel in some BS. (Gee I bet Rocky would have had a ball with that opening.)


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

These comments will be in two parts. First of all to Lisa Vorderbrueggn. Lisa you had better get your facts straight. You give only your side of the event. Don't continue to keep me, Tom Benigno out of your dialog, I was at most of the forums and don't you forget it. You have been real a real opinionated person about your position on Mc Nerney. I can understand your feelings about me,I tell it like it is, but why Jerry Mc Nerney? He has told you the truth about the
questionnaires,and you continue
to ride the wave to make Pombo look like the cats meow. Pombo didn't even fill out the questionnaire. Why don't you go back a few years and see if Pombo has ever filed one. It was a mistake by Jerry's camp
Go find some good stuff to write about.
Now for part #2
Mc closkey was sarcastic about many things as well as I Tom Benigno but we still are endorsing Jerry Mc Nerney. He at least gave the answers. What answers has your Pork Man given you? To date he won't even show up when asked by his voters to give the answers they expect. I saw you at the forum in Tracy talking to the Pombo camp clown Steve Ding. Are we to believe that he is more trustworthy than I or pete Mc Closkey. You need to goe back and take some classes in journalism. The truth is Pete and I write the truth and you can't handle it.
Balboa had it right Lisa is wrong.

Tom Benigno

2:38 PM, August 17, 2006  

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