Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pombo: GOP Incumbent In Danger

Charlie Cook, in his Cook Political Report for August 23, tells us that Richard Pombo is in trouble.
GOP INCUMBENTS IN DANGER: Rep. Barbara Cubin’s weak showing in yesterday’s Republican primary for Wyoming’s At-large seat highlights a significant weak spot for House Republicans: the considerable number of incumbents in safe Republican districts who are struggling. Other seats in danger include Reps. Richard Pombo (CA-11), Jean Schmidt (OH-02), Don Sherwood (PA-10), Randy Kuhl (NY-29) and Marilyn Musgrave (CO-04).

Polls taken for Democratic candidates Angie Paccione (CO-04), Eric Massa (NY-29), and Victoria Wulsin (OH-02) have shown the Democrat in a statistical dead heat with their GOP opponent. A poll taken in early May for the Defenders of Wildlife in CA-11 showed Pombo running behind Democratic engineer Jerry McNerney by four points (42 percent to 46 percent). An April poll taken for Democrat Chris Carney in PA-10, showed Rep. Sherwood ahead, but under 50 percent - 49 percent to 40 percent. No Republican polling has been released in these districts.
That last sentence cuts to the chase. With all the money Richard Pombo has raised from his corporate backers, we know he’s got the money to do the polling. And we all know that if the news were good, he’d be trumpeting the results all over the district. So the only real question is just how bad his numbers are.

In the meantime, the Pombo campaign is sounding a little desperate in their efforts to round up volunteers. We know their precinct walking program got off to a poor start. And check out this latest email soliciting volunteers: “We are open every day from 10 AM until 8 PM (sometimes much later).”

Do you smell a little fear there?


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Who ever writes the head liner for this site, hits the nail right on the head. I saw a major flaw in Pombo's hand book for success in 2000. While at a CRA convention in Southern California, I was approached by a few people who cornered me in the main Lobby. They asked me why was I running for State Assembly, when the leadreship was falling apart, I should be running for Congress. I asked them why and they said Congressman Pombo had changed his platform. After an hour of debate, I assured them I would support Pombo to the death. At the Stockton airport Candidate Bush came into the hanger with his 10 Texas rangers and his staff. Along with him was Ms. Bush while about three thousand people cheared as the procssion moved along. Mr. Bush spoke first and then the four of us who were running for the 17th assembly seat, spoke and it was a great time. This is where I stated to see changes appear, everyone was taken pictures with Bush and inside the main hanger. Antonio one of Bush's Rangers came over to me and asked, why don't you gone in now and take your photo with Mr Bush. As we started for the door two of Pombo's campaign people Don Parson's and Steve Reid came over and shut the door in our faces, waving something like your not welcome. Antonio told him to get out of the way Mr. Benigno needs to come in to take a photo with Mr Bush. After a few minutes I said that's ok I had to leave anyway. On the way out a S.J.County Deputy Sheriff saw what was happening and said Go over to the other room Ms. Bush is there, as we moved over to the area Mrs. Bush was very garcious and introduced herself to me and the deputy took some pictures. That was the first time I felt that slighted by Pombo's camp. I found out later that this guy Parsons was just a fund raiser for Pombo. Later I was told by Dean Andel that they were checking my credentials. That was bullshit I found out later that Pombo had ordered the confrontation. Later I found out he was supporting another candidate for his own agenda, and not the party's benefit. I then could see a clear picture of where Pombo was going. Later at an event for Bill Simon the same thing happen,I was told not to support Simon. That was the signal for me to change my course and oppose Pombo. At the time Pombo was waffling on the issues of Pro- life he used the Hyde ammendment defence, NAFTA, WTO, GAT,illegal Immigration ANWAR.even his non support of the military. Now we know what course to take Pombo needs to go.

Support Mc Nerney for congress for a change.

Tom Benigno

4:39 AM, August 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Tom, you are absolutely right! You are so informative.

11:27 PM, August 28, 2006  

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