Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Get Out the Volz Campaign

Well, let's see if our comments can turn this one into a Filson / McNerney up-wind peeing contest. At least McCloskey is going after the real bad guy, Pombo. This is his latest press release.

For Immediate Release
Contact: John McManus, 209-463-1200

Abramoff Net Drawing Tighter Around Pombo
McCloskey Calls On Pombo to Return Tainted Money From Abramoff Team Lobbyists and Admitted Congressional Bribers

Lodi, CA. Former Congressman Pete McCloskey called today on Richard Pombo to return several large contributions he has received from recently-admitted felons Tony Rudy and Neil Volz, both former Congressional staffers who went to work as members of Jack Abramoff's disgraced K Street lobbying team. Mr. Volz pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiracy to corrupt members of Congress and their staffs with free trips, tickets to events, and meals over a four year period, while Mr. Rudy, Tom DeLay's former Deputy Chief of Staff, pleaded guilty on March 31 to a variety of similar charges.

"Mr. Pombo has received a total of $1250 from Mr. Rudy while he was lobbying for Jack Abramoff, $1000 of which went to RichPAC on 10/23/03," said Mr. McCloskey. "This was just five days before a bill, H.J.Res.63, which Mr. Pombo co-sponsored and which provided an increase of $20 million in assistance for the Northern Marianas Islands, passed the full House after being approved by Mr. Pombo's Resource's Committee about a month earlier." According to court documents, one of the specific felonious charges Mr. Rudy admitted to was "working to get federal money for the Northern Marianas Islands, which both Abramoff and Buckham wanted." Ed Buckham was Mr. Rudy's partner at Alexander Strategy Group, a now defunct lobbying firm at the center of the burgeoning Abramoff influence-peddling scandals. The Northern Marianas Islands were Abramoff's first major client, paying him millions of dollars to preserve a scandalous system of sweatshops that the US government had earlier levied over $9 million in fines for labor violations.

Mr. Volz, former Chief of Staff for embattled Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH), gave $500 to Mr. Pombo on 1/27/03 - just days after he was installed by Tom DeLay to head the powerful House Resources Committee. Mr. Volz gave Mr. Pombo another $500 on 4/21/05, the same day he received thousands of dollars in additional contributions from members of the Mashpee-Wampanoag tribe that were seeking federal recognition.

"Is Mr. Pombo going to ask us to believe, as he did with Mr. Abramoff, that these two lobbyists also never lobbied him? Even though one admitted specifically in court that he illegally conspired to obtain money for the Marianas, and for which we see Mr. Pombo co-sponsored the very bill that delivered the goods?" asked McCloskey. "If so, that would be three highly-paid lobbyists, all in the business of lobbying and all now admitted felons, that never lobbied the guy while they were employed as lobbyists even though they showered him with Abramoff-derived money and perhaps other perks as well."

McCloskey continued, "I urge Mr. Pombo to come clean on these matters and to give back or donate all of the tainted money he has received from Team Abramoff to worthwhile charities, not just a portion of the amount he has received from Abramoff directly. Richard Pombo embodies the "pay to play" racket that has brought such disgrace to the Republican Party and our nation. It is because he spends his time and energy meeting the needs of these corrupt special interests that he has little time left to secure funds for our crumbling levees or our jam-packed freeways."


Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Delta,

Rocky here. Now dis here's a pretty good friggin post. Where duh hell do you get stuff like dis anyways? Do you gotta be in the "Inner Circle" a soitan length of time, or what?

And I gotta ask, cuz I'm curious - are you a guy or a goil? Now don't git me wrong, as I'm a happily married guy and all - it ain't nuttin like dat. Adrian's even right here wid me, rubbing my leg. She and Paulie just got back from lunch, and she had a glass of dat Elderberry Whine. Heh heh - you bet I'm feeling lucky, so dis is gonna be quick!

Anyways, like dis is intriguing stuff. Pombo's taking money from dis guy Rudy at duh same time he's sponsoring a bill dat Rudy is being paid to push? It don't pass that fishy smell test, ya know what I mean? And what's up wid him backing sweatshops anyways? And one more question - how duh hell can we accepts what McClosky sez is true?

Yo ButtaWipeO - you gonna smear McClosky for dis one? Or say sumtin all intellectual-sounding like maybe now he'll get anudder 3.6 points in some imaginary poll you come up wit?

And yo Gibby Boy - you ain't off duh hook. You gonna try to come up wid some rational reasons why anyone would ever vote for Pombo? Cuz if you can't, den you can't tell me no reasons why noone wouldn't vote for McNerney. You know what I'm saying? Cuz it ain't logical.

And in fact, my logic is dat if you can't answer either of dese questions, den dis calls into question all of the logic cumming out of yer pea-sized brain dat allows you to conclude dat only Pretty Boy Filson can win dis race against Pombo. You and dat ButtaWipeO guy are both pretty friggin dumb if ya ask me - are you guys brudders or cousins?

Dis guy McClosky don't seem so bad fer a Repugnican. But right now, I'm still leaning towards Steve Thomas, McNerney, and Pretty Boy in dat order. Mainly on duh basis of who's supporting whom, based on my view from dis here inner circle. I ain't ever seen any of dese Dems in person yet, cuz well when I go out I don't look so good dese days. Dat's why I don't like dis ButtaWipeO guy cumming crawlin around my windows, snapping my picture, and posting it on some website. What if Adrian had been in dat picture wid me?

Kinda like she is right now, if you know what I mean. Heh heh ooooooooooobaby!


1:20 PM, May 09, 2006  
Anonymous edj said...

FYI, the "Fighting Irish" -- both Jerry McNerney and Pete McCloskey -- are taking it to Pombo.

McNerney issued a press release yesterday calling on Pombo to return the Volz money...

McNerney: Pombo Should Return Tainted Money From Lobbyist Involved in "Conspiracy to Corrupt" a Congressman

Jerry McNerney, candidate for the 11th Congressional District today called on Richard Pombo to return the $1,000 that he received from Neil Volz who yesterday pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud before a Federal judge. Volz faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

"Richard Pombo should return this tainted money immediately," McNerney said, "and explain to California voters what his relationship was with disgraced lobbyist Neil Volz."

Neil Volz admitted that he "participated in a conspiracy to corrupt Congressman Bob Ney (R-Ohio), his staff and other members of Congress with trips, free tickets and meals." Volz was previously employed by convicted felon and Pombo donor, Jack Abramoff.

Richard Pombo has accepted two $500 donations from Volz. Pombo first accepted $500 from Volz on January 27, 2003 and last year on April 21, 2005.

"To clean up Washington, Congressman Pombo needs to do two things: One return the tainted money that he has once again taken. And number two, vote for real ethics reform, not the dog and pony show that masquerades as an ethics reform bill," stated Jerry McNerney.

"The corruption in Washington is costing Californians at the gas pumps, in the air we breathe and the water we drink and in the cost of health care and prescription drugs. This 'pay to play' system in Washington is hurting California families and I say enough is enough."

11:59 AM, May 10, 2006  

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