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King Rahm Emanuel the Infallible

In yesterday’s primary race in OH-18, a “Fighting Dem” named Joe Sulzer, who ran with the backing of Rahm Emanuel and a number of prominent Democrats now backing Steve Filson, lost pretty badly (coming in third place in a four-way race) to a man named Zack Space, who won despite raising less than half of the approximately $365,000 that Sulzer raised.  

This is a real upset given the conventional wisdom prevalent in DC about the OH-18 race.  To see this, look at what Chris Cillizza wrote on the Washington Post’s political blog The Fix on April 10, 2006.  He wrote:

Political insiders have long told us that Chillicothe Mayor Joe Sulzer is the favorite to win the May 2 primary and challenge embattled Rep. Bob Ney (R) in the fall.

(What have political insiders long told us about Steve Filson and Richard Pombo? Oh I forget, I’m sure it will come back to me soon).    

Now let’s look at what DavidNYC said on Swing State Project after the results came in.

OH-18 (Incumbent, Ney): Big upset. Netroots-backed Zack Space beats Fighting Dem Joe Sulzer quite handily, 39-24. What's more, Sulzer actually finished in third place, behind a candidate I'd never even heard of, Jennifer Stewart.

Now I don’t profess to be an expert on the OH-18 race, having just looked into the Democratic candidates this morning.  But it’s pretty clear from the basic research I did that the conventional wisdom got this race really wrong.  For one thing, Jennifer Stewart, who raised less than $20,000 as of 4/17/2006 beat the guy, Sulzer, who had all sorts of backing from Washington Democrats.  Things are a little bit more difficult to parse from an outsider’s perspective because all of the top three candidates in the Democratic primary held some sort of elected office in the past.  But it’s pretty clear that Emanuel and his compatriots really called this one incorrectly.  I mean, their guy lost to a person he outspent fifteen-to-one.

I bring this up because the people backing Sulzer were very similar to the cast of DC Democrats backing Steve Filson.  Take a look at the list of politicians who either gave Sulzer money from their re-election campaign or from their leadership PAC (bolded and underlined names indicate contributions to Filson as well):

Peter Visclosky (Calumet PAC), Sen. Barak Obama (Hopefund), Tom Daschle (New Leadership for America), Robert Menendez (New Millenium PAC), Rahm Emanuel (Our Common Values and Friends of Rahm Emanuel), Nancy Pelosi (PAC to the Future and Nancy Pelosi for Congress), George Miller (Solidarity PAC), Shelley Berkley (Berkeley for Congress), Ted Strickland (Ted Strickland for Congress), Tim Ryan (Time Ryan for Congress).  

To my mind, too much deference has been given to Rahm Emanuel and the DCCC by Democrats who assume that since Emanuel and his crew have won elections, they have some sort of authoritative knowledge of the politics that surpasses the political ken of mere mortals like us.  It’s good to remember that the Democratic leaders are just people, like the rest of us.  They might have all sorts of political skills that most of us lack, but they also have their own personal agendas and they are also subject to institutional pressures that don’t reach down to the grassroots.  And sometimes those differences are going to lead to biases that have very little to do with the political facts on the ground.

Now I want to make clear that none of this gives us evidence that Jerry McNerney is going to win the CA-11 primary.  But it does give us evidence to question the appeals folks make to the authority of Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi when they speak about the Filson race.  There is no doubt that the conventional wisdom in Washington is that Filson is the best candidate.  What I doubt is the epistemological value of the conventional wisdom.  There is too much conventionality to it, too much lazy thinking and superficial analysis, for me.  Rahm Emanuel is a full-throated supporter of Steve Filson.  It would be foolish to ignore how Emanuel’s influence, whether he is right or wrong about Filson, can affect the race.  But it’s important to note that Emanuel and the other Congressional leaders really screwed the pooch in OH-18.  I think they’re doing the same thing here in CA-11.

And the saddest thing is that now that Steve Filson has been admitted to the Red to Blue program, the DCCC will almost certainly start funneling money to him.  Not content to simply support him unofficially, the DCCC is now going to entangle itself in the inner-workings of a Democratic primary in CA-11.  We’ll have to see how much the DCCC doles out in candidate welfare, but Emanuel seems intent to hitch Filson’s broken wagon of a campaign to the DCCC’s horses and drag him across the finish line.  

It must be nice to have friends in high places.  And it must be nice to rest easy in the warm embrace of faith in those people on high.  Emanuel’s name reminds us that God is with us.  And his deeds remind us that Mammon is too.  What high towers they build in Washington.  I have tried to call out to them who verily sit at the foot of God.  But I fear that they don’t understand my tongue. So here I sit in California like a red-legged frog, like the Democratic Party, croaking.      


Anonymous rick said...

Admittedly, I didn't follow the OH-18 Democratic primary. But when I saw this post going in the predictable "Rahm Emanuel vs. the grassroots" direction, I decided to do a little research and found the following information:

- Zack Space had some formidable political support from former Congressman Douglas Applegate, who held the seat prior to Ney. In addition, Space's father is apparently a well-connected local politico.

- Space is from the most populous county in the district; Sulzer is from a rural county in the corner of the district.

- Sulzer pumped up his fundraising totals with a $100,000 self-loan.

- While Space may have touted his "grassroots" credentials, he wasn't exactly a "progressive" on a lot of issues. For instance, he was for burning more Ohio coal and providing more ethanol subsidies; he favors stricter boarder controls and strict enforcement of immigration laws; he supports a measured withdrawal from Iraq, not an immediate withdrawal. In other words, he had message that fit OH-18.

But don't take my word for it; do a Google News search on OH-18 Democratic primary.

The various article written about the primary make it clear that Space had a better message, had solid political support, and given the Sulzer self-loan (which was probably intended to inflate is cash total), Space probably had an edge in financial support as well. If anything, this proves that the DCCC support won’t do much for a lackluster candidate.

However, it would be erroneous to conclude that the DCCC backing of Sulzer in OH-11 foretells anything about CA-11. The circumstances and dynamics are much different. All OH-18 means is that better campaigns win elections.

6:47 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post, Matt. You should re-post it anywhere and everywhere. It deserves a LARGE audience

Question for Rick: If Space had so much going for him as DEMOCRAT, then why did the DCCC support Sulzer?

Same question could be posed about McNerney and Filson.

Hmmm, could it be because Space wasn't a "Yes" man to the D-trip and Beltway Dems? Just might be.

On that note, Space and McNerney have a lot in common. They are independent Democrats who don't take their marching orders from Rahm Emanuel. Clearly Emanuel is threatened, or he wouldn't be pouring so much cash into these districts just trying to save face... or protect his power base.

BOTTOM LINE: Space was outspent 2-to-1 by Sulzer. Filson is more like Sulzer and has LESS of a funding advantage.

Add McNerney's California Democratic Party endorsement to the mix and Filson is in a world of hurt. Or did you not read today's Roll Call?

Get a load of what Rahm Emanuel read over his belgian waffles and cristal mamosa this morning:

Favored Candidate in California Could Lose Democratic Primary
By David M. Drucker
Roll Call Staff
May 3, 2006

Breaking with tradition, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has endorsed in a primary — though its preferred candidate to challenge Rep. Richard Pombo (R) in California’s 11th district, Steve Filson, is far from a lock in his primary battle with 2004 nominee Jerry McNerney.

If you have a Roll Call subscription, click the link and read up on some very juicy CA-11 polling numbers just released... :-)

7:36 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

I don't know, not looking too good for Steve Filson at this point. See these charts:

Dem Race CD-11

8:44 PM, May 03, 2006  
Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

The problem with Emanuel is that he's an old school Chicago boss, right out of the (1960s) Mayor Daley Machine. And if you think these people are any-- and I mean any-- better than corrupt Republicans just because they're Democrats, you are too innocent to be involved with politics. Rahm Emanuel is the mirror image of Tom DeLay. He doesn't belong in a leadership position in the Democratic Party.

It's important for Democrats in CA-11 to understand that what Emanuel is trying to pull off here in California is exactly what he has been doing-- systematically and ruthlessly doing-- all across the country. I have talked to progressives and grassroots candidates all across the country who were driven out of their primary contests by Emanuel and his Inside-the-Beltway power-monger gang.

These people have no agenda beyond personal power and career ambition. Look at allies Pelosi and Emanuel. He generally votes in a pro-corporate right-of-center (among Democrats) way. She's much more progressive. But their actual votes mean little to either. He wants to run the Congress (ala DeLay) and she wants to be the first woman Speaker. If they were half as good as fighting Republicans as they are in fighting grassroots candidates, Bush wouldn't have a rubber-stamp Congress ok-ing every hare-brained scheme he comes up with.

And do you want a bunch of rubber-stamp Democrats to replace the rubber-stamp Republicans? I don't. Which is why I'm supporting Jerry McNerney, an independent-minded progressive, and not Steve Filson, already a stranger to the people he hopes to be the congressman for.

8:52 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous rick said...

Well, why don't you post those polling numbers if they are so "juicy"?

Claiming that any candidate is in trouble at this point is just a bit premature. The fact is that most Democratic primary voters don't know who the candidates are. Thus far, I have yet to see any mailers, signs, or anything else from any of the Democratic candidates. And from my unscientific observations of what people in the district are talking about, this race doesn't even register on the average voter's radar screen.

Plain and simple, this race will be decided by direct mail. Whoever does it best, will win. At the present time, both Filson and McNerney are at the starting line.

* * *

BTW, on a completely unrelated note, for those who are curious as to what Rahm Emanuel's strategy is, perhaps you should read this New York Times profile of Emanuel's and Schumer's efforts.

8:56 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2% of a buck again (and I'll keep it brief, it's past my bedtime)...

1) Kellar's (er, Rick's) assertions that Filson's newly acquired status as a "Red 2 Blue" member (elsewhere) would be great, except that...

2) The other members of that extremely "august" club (22 total, including Steverino) are not exactly rocket fuel for the DCCC's hopes for giving Nancy Pelosi Hastert's chair, to wit:

3) Charlie Cook, the best handicapper I know, puts it this way as he looks at the chances for those 22 races and you can see that 1 is marked as "Leaning Dem", 5 are marked as "Toss-Up" (where I would put MY money, since there are 9 GOP toss-ups versus a mere 2 for the Dems), an astonishing 9 are piddled toward "Leaning GOP", and even most outrageous, 7 are squandered on "Likely GOP" (where Steverino sits, and what Charlie calls "not currently competitive but could be" -- CA-11 has been stuck at that rating since Sept of last year)

3) One can conclude that either Charlie Cook doesn't know squat about handicapping races anymore, or...

4) Rahmbo has an agenda that doesn't exactly synch up with "total victory"...

Gambling? In Rick's cafe? Shocked, I'm shocked, I say...(here are your chips, Mr. Renault...)

$.02 out.

10:48 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Ricky,

You anon friend here, Rocky. Rocky Balboa. Howzit going? Miss me? Didja take care of my turtle while me and Adrian was gone?

I still haven't seen you say anything nice about Jerry, so you're gonna come in for another reaming from me. Now you're shooting your mouth off in a negative manner about yet another Dem, yet you admit you "didn't follow the OH-18 Democratic primary." So why should we listen to your drivel?

Especially when all you do is repeat a bunch of claims likely made by Space's opponent without even attempting to find out if they are true. You're a hack, plain and simple.

How can you deny that Rahmbo aspires to be Tom DeLay and impose "party loyalty" on obedient servile Dems like Filson? You can't with any credibility.

Again you really need to say something nice about Jerry. Its in your own best interest. Or I'm gonna keep calling you on your bullshit, because its so transparent.

11:34 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick said:

Well, why don't you post those polling numbers if they are so "juicy"?

Why don't you buy a subscription and find out yourself? Or do you not like to pay good money for bad news? :)

Meanwhile, VPO's "CA-11 Dem Chart" is a must see!

11:42 PM, May 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr 2% of a buck again, with a quick news alert:

Here's what you can expect to get on your AM and FM (and XM -- who knows what kind of moola he'll blow on this) radios later this summer -- The world as we know it according to the Dickster -- click on the "Elderberry" button on the lower right -- I would have copied the link directly to it but mms: is not allowed as a reference here -- it's gonna be a long, nasty fight in the levee mud!

$.02 out.

9:03 AM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Roll Call...

"Polling from February suggests Filson will need the help. According to a survey of approximately 300 Democratic primary voters conducted by Republican operatives, McNerney led Filson 41 percent to 28 percent, with 30 percent undecided.

That poll had a 5.5 percent margin of error. "

10:50 AM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

apparently the latest anon decided that the roll call subscription was just too "juicy" not to drink. and to think i thought mcnerney supporters were spendthrifts :)

everyone -- gird yourselves for filsonista dissembling...


10:58 AM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I posted the Roll Call numbers but I'm not a McNerney supporter. I posted them because I thought it was silly to allude to them without posting them.

But also so people could analyze the numbers for themselves; there's something for everyone -- a McNerney supporter can focus on Jerry's lead; a Filson supporter can focus on the fact the poll was taken in February and has 30% undecided...

12:28 PM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...

I agree that this poll isn't disastrous for Filson, given the large number of undecideds. That said, unless the numbers have changed drastically in Filson's favor (and there's no reason to suspect that they have) he certainly has his work cut out for him. Additionally, McNerney still needs to work to push his numbers north of 50%.

Still, I'm pretty optimistic about McNerney's chances at this point. I spoke to one of the fifteen volunteers who showed up at SEIU 535's office on Tuesday night to phonebank for McNerney, and she told me that it was the easiest phoning she'd ever done. Filson might still be able to pull it off, but he's going to need a message that goes beyond "Progressive Democrats suck."

1:22 PM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...

Note, I just realized that someone who didn't know any better might read the quotation in the previous comment as a literal quote from Steve Filson. It's not. It's my satirical gloss of something he did say, which you can find by clicking on the hyperlink.

1:24 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous edj said...

Still, I'm pretty optimistic about McNerney's chances at this point. I spoke to one of the fifteen volunteers who showed up at SEIU 535's office on Tuesday night to phonebank for McNerney, and she told me that it was the easiest phoning she'd ever done.

Matt -

There were actually 22 volunteers at the phone bank on Tuesday in Oakland.

The volunteer who gave you the report probably only saw 15 in the main room at any one time. Because we maxxed out our 15 landlines, we had several others phoning in the adjoining rooms and hallway.

McNerney for Congres

1:43 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous this just in said...

News from a local yahoogroup:

Good news from last night's Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee meeting. A motion was passed to send a letter to the DCCC requesting that they withdraw their support, endorsement and funds for Filson. It passed almost unanimously with one nay from Ellen Tauscher's representative.

2:03 PM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...

They actually asked that the DCCC stop supporting Filson AND start supporting McNerney. (I was there, but I was going to wait until the letter was sent before publicizing this).

2:08 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous this just in said...

I guess that's what happens when you call Democratic Party groups and activists (and the congressional reps they support) "extreme".

Not very smart.

Someone should get Filson to apologize so he doesn't do anymore damage to his campaign. After all, if Filson wins the primary by virtue of the DCCC saving the day, he's going to need the support of the grassroots to win in November.

Plus, an apology might demonstrate that Filson has some class and humility, despite previous indications to the contrary.

Here's hoping that he does the right thing, both for the party and for beating Pombo.

2:19 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

In other news, DCCC candidate Heath Shuler pounded the "grassroots" candidate in NC-11 on Tuesday.

Both Shuler and Flison have some similarities. For instance:

- Both have the support of the DCCC
- Primary opponents claimed that they had "grassroots" support and that Shuler/Filson represented "inside the Beltway" interests
- Primary opponents raised less money and received less political support

Moreover, since some think that common PAC donors is a good comparison standard for Joe Sulzer in OH-18 and Steve Filson CA-11, let's look at common PAC support between Shuler and Filson:

- Airline Pilots Association
- AmeriPAC
- International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
- Our Common Values
- Sheet Metal Workers
- Transport Workers Union

(As an aside, for those who are wondering, the only common donor from above who has also given to McNerney is the IBEW. So much for the notion that McNerney has a lock on labor support.)

If I were to employ the same disingenuous logic others on this comment thread have used in comparing Space to McNerney and Sulzer to Filson, then I would conclude that Filson will crush McNereny in a landslide.

This should underscore the idiocy of selectively comparing congressional races in different parts of the country based on trivial items such as common PAC contributors or "grassroots" credentials.

4:18 PM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...


I want to quote something I wrote in my initial post in anticipation of a comment like yours.

I wrote (and I'll bold the important stuff in case you're having a hard time understanding why I'm re-posting it):

Now I want to make clear that none of this gives us evidence that Jerry McNerney is going to win the CA-11 primary. But it does give us evidence to question the appeals folks make to the authority of Rahm Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi when they speak about the Filson race. There is no doubt that the conventional wisdom in Washington is that Filson is the best candidate. What I doubt is the epistemological value of the conventional wisdom.

Let me know what you don't understand and I'll see whether I can clear things up for you.

4:49 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Matt.

Rocky Balbo here. Dis guy Ricky is a real - whaddya call em - gavone. I tell him a million times now that he better stop twistin other people's woids around so he has a chance to refute 'em. He's getting to be a real pain in the arse, if you ask me.

Youse guys on dis sight need ta understand dat Rocky (dat's me) also been tellin Ricky (dat's him) for quite a while now that he'd better say sumtin nice about Jerry or I'm gonna bust him up like I did Apollo Creed.

Yo Ricky - ya hear me? Say sumtin nice about Jerry. Didn't yo Mama teach you any manners?

Yer nuttin but a punk.

5:51 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

What I doubt is the epistemological value of the conventional wisdom.

Get real. The main point of your original post was to rub egg in the face of the DCCC for picking the wrong horse in OH-18, and then implying, that Filson will suffer the same fate. After all, why did you go to great lengths to compare the PAC contributions between Filson and Sulzer? In my comments, I have noted that a). the circumstances in OH-18 had more to do with other factors that the DCCC; and b). selectively comparing the races using trivial factors is deliberately misleading and is merely intended to recycle the tired "DCCC vs the grassroots" meme that is so oft promoted by you and others on this blog.

In regards to your point about the "epistemological value of the conventional wisdom," well, there was no point. You repeat the sour grapes that the DCCC has no right to influence primary elections. Never mind that this has been standard practice for both the Democratic and Republican House and Senate campaign committees for decades, which makes your objection moot and irrelevant. Moreover, ask yourself this: If McNereny had the DCCC's support, would you be decrying it as unfair, and demanding that Filson be allowed to contest the election without the DCCC's influence? I think not.

Perhaps, I need to use bigger font so you can actually read my comments and not misrepresent them.

9:35 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...


I traced your IP address and found this real-time photo of you reading SNTP. Looks like you've put on some pounds since your last bout...

9:41 PM, May 04, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...


Don't tell me what my point was. Seriously. I wrote something very specific and you chose and still choose to ignore it. I'm sorry if you lack the imagination to understand my point. It's pretty simple and clear. But don't fucking tell me what my point is when I'm telling you that you're wrong.

Also, if I wanted to rub egg in the face of the DCCC, I'd find a way of actually communicating with the DCCC instead of a bunch of people concerned with CA-11, a group that apparently includes someone with severe reading comprehension issues.

Furthermore, I like how you claim that I'm misrepresenting your comment when the only thing I said about your comment was " anticipation of a comment like yours." So in fact I didn't make any substantive representations about your comment. So how the hell could I have misrepresented it!?!

You know what we call that? Projection. That, or irony. Maybe both. But whatever you call it, it says a hell of a lot more about you and your state of mind than it says about me.

10:07 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo Matt. Yo Ricky.

Its like I was saying, ya know, this here Ricky guy he lacks some mental fine tuning. Adrian says the same ting - she says with his brain up his ass and his thinking so twisted, now you know why his underwear is in a bind. I had to think about dat one, but it did end up making sense to me!

Not only that, but I wanna know Ricky how you managed to track my IP address and snap my photo. Why if I ever find out you're Kellar, I'm gonna have you arrested fer being a peeping Tom. I mean peeping Rick. Or was it a creeping Prick?

So there you have it. Me and Adrian rest our case. And Rocky Balboa just put his $.04 in - cuz I ain't no cheapskate.

11:23 PM, May 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How could we forget like Heath Shuler Filson was quarterback at San Diego State U. while he was majoring in photograhpy.

And that Rose Bowl victory, no wonder Shuler kicked butt and Filson will too - as everyone around here will remember his heroics in the 1929 game against Knute Rockney and the Fightin' Irish.

12:07 AM, May 05, 2006  
Blogger Camilo Wilson said...

In cyberspace, it's easy to analyze, demonize, and speculate. But, let's not forget that politics, and candidates, are about people.

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Filsom last night. To have him in Congress instead of Pombo would make me feel far better about the future of our country. He's a straight shooter, conscientious, deliberative man, and a superb listener.

I have not met Jerry McNerney. I expect that on meeting him, I would find he shares similar qualities. Both men should be given the respect they deserve.

Primaries are difficult times, where a choice is required. Understanding the real differences in the candidates, their positions on issues, and most importantly their ability to defeat Pombo, is what the debate should be about, not whether Rahm Emanuel is this or that, or about adhominem attacks. There's too much at stake in these elections to debase or trivialize the debate.

Democratic Party registration in the 11th CD is 37% Democrat, 44% Republican, 16% independent. The issues emphasized by McNerney are obviously aligned with core Northern California progressive political values (which I happen to share).

The issues emphasized by Filson are similar, with a strong veteran component.

Given that the job at hand is to take us over 51%, who appeals the most to independents and republicans is a very legitimate issue of debate.

From the DCCC's point of view, which is by definition national and often has a tin ear when it comes to local political values, Filson is the natural candidate because of his appeal to swing voters. Their support is simple political calculus.

It would benefit Filson to address the criticisms that have been leveled at him directly, and demonstrate his leadership ability by speaking and listening to the more progressive elements of his district to learn and reassure them that his concerns are dear to his heart. McNearny would also benefit from such an approach.

Let's keep the primary debate clean, please, let the best man win, and after June 11, let's all get behind the winner and focus our energies on defeating Bush collaborator Pombo.

9:36 AM, May 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If by some miracle Filson wins the primary, I'm going to go work for Angelides or Bowen. After all the meanness from Filson and his staff, I don't see how any McNerney supporter could lift a finger to help him.

There are many good causes in the world. Putting a "boy" for Emmanuel, Tauscher and the like (the DLC essentially), into Congress is not one I think I could put much energy into. It would be better than Pombo, for sure, but only slightly.

9:52 AM, May 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon: Filson can beat Pombo without you and the other intellectually dishonest people who post on this blog. But I seriously doubt McNerney could ever beat Pombo without Nancy Pelosi, George Miller, Zoe Lofgren, and the rest of the California delegation. If McNerney wins the primary he is on his own. After what he and the people who work for him have said and done, the powers that be will watch him twist his way to defeat in November. Why would they even consider devoting precious resources to McNerney? So he can lose by 12 points intead of 22?

It's also worth noting that McNerney has nothing to lose here. Nothing. This is his final shot--he can afford to burn all his bridges. I wonder if McNerney's staffers (and those who drive this blog) are prepared to pay the same price. Political types have very long memories...

My main point is that the McNerney folks think very short term. All this vacuous, nasty language is evidence of that. What idiots. If McNerney wins the primary he and his supporter will crawl to Washington and beg for all the DCCC love they can get. And they won't get it. No chance.

11:32 PM, May 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did that anon just threaten McNerney supporters?

Did we ever figure out if Rick was Colin Bishopp or Robert Keller?

11:19 AM, May 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo all youse Anonymous-types,

Rocky Balboa here. I jist wanna say as a Dem I'm gittin a little bit discouraged to see and hear talk like dis. Dat's why I been trying to git Rickey to say sumtin nice about Jerry, and some of dese Jerry guys to say sumtin nice about Pretty Boy Filson.

Now I ain't asking anyone to say nuttin nice about Rickey - he seems to be a lost cause, like my friend Joey ButtaWipeO. But how the hell do you expect to win when all duh enemas of Pombo all hate each other and can't woik together?

I mean I left boxing cuz I wanted to git out of this nasty street fighting - yet around here I feel like I'm still in the ring. But at least Apollo Creed fought fair. Not so around here.

11:22 AM, May 07, 2006  
Anonymous rite away kid said...

Jerry supporter here.

Something nice about him: I appreciate his service to our country as a veteran.

But that does not excuse the fact that he and his campaign have used shady tactics. They are the ones attack mcnerny and his supporters. They are the ones doing whisper campaigns. Filsons alienation of the party grassroots shows arrogance and elitism.

4:29 PM, May 08, 2006  

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