Friday, May 05, 2006

Republican Grassroots

I have been calling a number of Republicans in my precinct. What I am observing is that there is not a single on who is for Pombo. Everyone one, without exception, that I have talked to, neighbors, others living in my subdivision, think that Pombo is is bad news.

On the onther hand, when I talk to those who are in the Republican Party struture, office holders with Republican Registration, etc., they are unwilling to talk about an alternative to Pombo, like McCloskey. There seems to be some unwritten code of conduct that Thou shalt not challenge a Republican incumbent, no matter how bad he is.

This blog has been filled with a discussion of the grassroots vs. DCCC question, framing it as McNerney vs. Filson. Let me tell you, the same thing applies to the Republicans, but it takes a lot longer to organize grassroots oppostion to an incumbernt than it does for the other party. McCloskey has to deal with the fact that all of the club leadership, such as the California Republican Assembly, are going to support Pombo at all costs.

So, don't let things like registration numbers fool you. The fact that Pombo's campaign is spending money to win the primary is a sign that Wayne Johnson has seen some polling numbers that he does not like.


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