Friday, May 12, 2006

Cheney coming for two fundraisers May 22 - Pombo & Doolittle

His Royal Highness, Richard ("Dick") Cheney, will emerge from his secret hiding place to grace Sacramento and Stockton with a visit May 22. This is, of course, not to visit the common people (he has no use for them), but instead to reap praise upon, and to encourage supplicants to bring tribute to, two of his most loyal vassals, the (Not So) Honorables Richard ("Dick") Pombo and John Doolittle.

The price of dining with his royalness will not be cheap, and the price of a photograph even more princely. Here are the details for any Republican so desperate to be in the presence of royalty that they will part with their hard-earned money to attend. Oops, that is not hard-earned money, that was tax breaks that his highness granted to the moneyed elite who will attend this. Now it all makes sense -- give them tax breaks and subsidies so that they can afford to dine and be photographed with his royal suchness and contribute to the "lesser Dick and John's" campaigns.

Here is a link about Cheney's visit: Cheney Coming


LUNCH with Doolittle: "Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to appear in Sacramento on May 22 for a fundraiser for Rep. John Doolittle. Contributors will have to fork over $250 to attend the Hyatt Regency event. For $2,000, they can get a photo with the vice president."

DINNER with Pombo: "Vice President Dick Cheney will help stoke Rep. Richard Pombo's buck-raking efforts at a Stockton fund-raiser later this month. The Cheney event is slated for May 22 and is expected to take place at a large venue, such as the Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton. Ticket prices will be $500. Donors willing to drop the maximum $2,100 contribution can get a photo taken of themselves with Pombo and the vice president."

Note: for those attending the Pombo fundraiser, just make the check out to "Annette Pombo". That is where a good portion of the funds will go anyway for "campaign services".


Anonymous Nicholas said...

Bob Hope Theater my rear.....Viva "Fox Theater"!!!

11:39 AM, May 12, 2006  
Anonymous Vicki said...

Vice-President Cheney will be somewhere in San Joaquin County on Monday, May 22, to support Congressman Richard Pombo's bid for re-election.

Exactly where and when, they ain't saying--for some reason. Some rumors say the Bob Hope theater in downtown Stockton, some say at a rich man's estate out in Acampo.

Here's the plan from some local Peace and Justice people to protest Cheney, Pombo and their wretched policies--the war in Iraq, spying on citizens, torture, tax cuts for the super-rich, assaulting our environment, cozying up to big oil, big pharma, the abuse of religion as a political organizing tool, you name it.

A NONVIOLENT CARAVAN WITH SIGNS denouncing their crimes and follies will assemble at Victory Park, Pershing/Acacia in Stockton, on Monday afternoon May 22 at 5 PM.
Tape signs to your car, be prepared to wave them out the window. (Don't put signs on wooden sticks, the police get upset about that.)

The caravan will leave Victory Park at 5:30, heading for wherever Cheney and Pombo are--if we can figure that out by then. If not, THERE WILL BE AN ALTERNATE ROUTE.

More info to follow.
Spread the word!
Tell all you know who are tired of this insanity!

Remember, we do not hate Cheney and Pombo--we hate the evil things they are doing.

Dream up good signs, and make them.

3:12 PM, May 13, 2006  

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