Sunday, March 05, 2006

Scholarships for DFA Training

As I have mentioned before, Democracy for America is having its yearly grassroots training in California in Stockton on March 18-19. Progressives from all over Northern California will gather in Pombo Country to learn the skills they need to win campaigns.

I would like to make sure there is a strong youth presence at this training. A good showing of younger activists will make the training more effective, bring energy to the movement, and put us in a position to fight for the issues we care about.  Consequently I am providing a few scholarships available to young people (18-35) to cover housing, transportation, and food costs for the weekend. Please read to the end of this announcement for more information about the scholarships.

From fundraising to getting out the vote to effective internet campaigning, experienced trainers will give you the tools you need to win, whether you want to run for office, manage a campaign, or do issue-based advocacy. This training will bring together progressives from all over the state, both red and blue areas. It’ll be a great opportunity to forge strong working relationships and personal connections with people from outside the Bay Area. The training is already over 80% full, so get more info and sign up today at:

I want to make sure that nobody is shut out from this opportunity for lack of money.  I have personally raised money (not connected to DFA) to provide up to four $100 scholarships for the event. The tuition for the training is $25 for students and people of low income, but food, lodging, and transportation expenses add up. Hopefully $100 will offset the cost enough to make it affordable.

If you think you might need a scholarship to attend the training, please contact me ASAP. And please let your friends know about this opportunity if any of them might be interested.  

Matt Lockshin
Emetbloom at hotmail dot com

Again, to RSVP to the training itself please go here.


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