Friday, February 24, 2006

Pombo gets donations from off roaders, stacks hearing with off roaders

From VPO:

It is amazing how blatantly corrupt Pombo is, yet we have newspapers and editors (esp. Tracy Press) protecting him and praising him in editorials, instead of doing their job and investigating all the crap that he pulls off. So here is a story for any journalists out there to pursue (and this is just one of many). How much clearer does it have to be to see how Pombo operates?:

8/09/2003 - Off Road Business Assoc (El Cajon, CA), gave Pombo $1000
8/11/2003 - Off Road Warehouse (San Diego, CA), gave Pombo $1000
8/12/2003 - Southern Motorcycle (San Diego, CA), , gave Pombo $1000
8/13/2003 - Off Road Business Assoc (Lakeside, CA), gave Pombo $2000
8/17/2003 - Cycle Parts (La Mesa, CA), gave Pombo $1000
8/18/2003 - Dune Buggy Enterprises (Whittier, CA), gave Pombo $500
8/18/2003 - McMillin Homes (Lakeside, CA), gave Pombo $500 (Corey McMillin was a major supporter of the Off Road Business Association)
8/18/2003 - Michelle Cassella (Perris, CA), gave Pombo $500 (on Board of Directors of District 37, American Motorcyclist Association)

ON 8/18/2003, POMBO HOLDS "CONGRESSIONAL HEARING" AT SEA WORLD IN SAN DIEGO ON CALIFORNIA DESERT -- and the only witnesses are off-road industry reps (see donation list above) and local anti-environmental politicians!

ANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICIANS LABEL INDUSTRY RALLY A "CONGRESSIONAL HEARING" — Reps. Pombo & Radanovich Allow Only Industry Groups and Hostile Local Politicians; Greens Boycott

SAN DIEGO--Shunning environmentalists and the local Congressman, U.S. Reps. Richard Pombo and George Radanovich will host a meeting August 18 at Sea World. The so-called Congressional hearing will focus on the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA), especially the controversial Algodones (Imperial) Sand Dunes. Only off-road industry representatives and local anti-environmental politicians have been invited to participate. There will be no environmental voice included in a panel of "stakeholders," and the Congressman for Imperial County, Bob Filner, was not invited to participate. Environmentalists will boycott the event.

"They are missing a chance to get the full story--clearly this is not a legitimate hearing to gather information from all sides of the issue," said Daniel Patterson, Center for Biological Diversity ecologist who formerly worked with BLM in the California Desert. "Pombo's dishonest and divisive one-sided 'hearing' is un-American and anti-democracy. It is nothing more than an anti-environmental rally for destructive industries that want America's scenic public lands all to themselves. They want excess, not access."


Anonymous Rick said...

The SoCal off-road crowd's big issue concerns the Glamis dunes in Imperial County, which draw insane amounts of off-roaders during the weekends and holidays. A few years ago, the BLM restricted motorized vehicle access to sensitive parts of the dunes, prompting their wrath. Not surprisingly, Pombo has taken their cause up.

I must say though, it's fitting that Pombo's kangaroo court Congressional hearing was held at Sea World.

9:20 PM, February 24, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

It is a real stretch to call this a hearing. If you go to the Resources Committee WWW site, you can search the hearings, witness lists and written testimony for all of the 108th Congress Hearings. This meeting is not listed. You can't call it official. It was a nice trip to San Diego for Pombo and Radanovich to listen to the off-roaders and leave.

Another interesting fact is that Chuch Cushman's American Land Rights Association, a long time Pombo backer, is supporting the Off-Roaders. Almost every major offroad organization has links to the ALRA on their Web Site.

8:30 AM, February 26, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, if Nancy Pelosi votes in favor of labor issues and receives financial support from labor at any point because of it she's corrupt?

That is your logic. Selective hypocrisy obviously.

3:58 PM, March 07, 2006  

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