Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A quick guide to the Delta

For anyone who wants to get a quick overview of the issues in the delta from an unbiased source... not me in any case, I suggest reading two stories in High Counbty News: Current Issue. That page has the links for both stories:

Tiny stream invaders may harm Western trout talks about the fact that an exotic species of New Zealand Mud Snails is causing trouble all over the west. This will give the background of the arguement that "exotic species" are causing the decline of fish populations in the delta, not the fact that LA wants more water. Story is short.

Trouble in the Delta is a good overview of all that is going on. In this one, note specifically that CalFed is a potential solution, but could also be seen as part of the problem as long as that agency does not do what it was supposed to do. This is a Diane Feinstein idea that is falling apart because the Metropolitan Water District and San Joaquin Valley Farmers have all the power and need the water. (Note the bias in my comments.)


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