Thursday, February 16, 2006

Red, Blue and Green

Mostly, this blog talks about Democrats vs. Pombo. When talking about Republicans, it is mostly Pombo = bad, McCloskey = good. Well, to add to the mix, according to a friend of mine, "SF Green Party also last night endorsed a resolution opposing Pombo's effort to undo the Endangered Species Act."

The chorus is growing. I know of a Libertarian (even ran for office as one) who has blasted Pombo a number of times on her editorial pages. When Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens can agree on something it must be right. Pombo has to go.


Blogger VPO said...

I was wondering about this blog's take on the Republican race. I know the focus has been on the Dems, but I think we should be promoting McCloskey as much as possible also, at least for the primary. He is so much more honest, ethical, and I would add wise, than Pombo. In my opinion, he towers over Pombo.

If he wins the primary (unlikely, I know), then the goal of both this blog and the VPO site will have been accomplished. Later, we can focus on a "Building Democratic Party in the 11th District" blog or "Building Moderate Republican Base in the 11th District" or something like that. For now, the focus is on ousting Pombo, probably the most reactionary, anti-environmentalist radical in Congress at this point, or at least one of the ones with the most power there.

Until June 6, McCloskey has the best chance to rid Congress of Pombo. I support his candidacy and welcome his run in this race. If he wins and then faces Filson or McNerney, I can worry about who to support then, right after finishing off a few bottles of champagne.

7:33 PM, February 16, 2006  

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