Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pombo attacks small business owners

Pombo promotes bureaucratic burden on entrepreneurs

Rep. Richard Pombo has launched attack ads against opponent Jerry McNerney accusing him of failing to fully fill out income reports for two McNerney companies that never made any income. Suprisingly, Pombo has in the past railed against the burden of government regulation on businesses, but now seems to be in favor of the administrative burden federal bureaucrats impose on small business owners and enterpreneurs.

Small businesses make up the bulk of the American economy and provide much of the innovation and growth. By starting six companies, Jerry McNerney has shown the pioneering spirit that has propelled America to its top place in the world economy. Not all of his ventures were successful, but that is the risk every entrepreneur takes. Innovators take chances, and some work out, some don't. Without these innovators, we would not be enjoying the many new technologies that make up an integral part of our modern world.

Pombo has obviously been in office too long, living off taxpayer and contributor largesse, to know the difficulties small businesses face. One complaint small business leaders often make is the burden placed on them by regulatory and government agencies.

Rather than disparaging a small business owner for missing a minor item in one of the many required governmental informational filings, Pombo should be applauding McNerney for his innovation and entrepreneurship. By attacking McNerney on a mistake in a minor filing, Pombo is favoring bureaucracy over invention, and shows he favors the governmental burden small businesses owners face.

However, when it comes to large corporations that provide the bulk of his campaign funds, Pombo is first in line to grant them subsidies and highly favorable deals, at taxpayer expense.

McNerney is much better qualified to bring the concerns of small businesses to Congress and to bring innovation to the 11th District. Vote McNerney for a new energy in Congress.

Pombo attack piece: Pombo Press Release
AP Article: McNerney forgets to disclose own firms


Blogger babaloo said...

I would add that this attack shows just how out of touch Richard Pombo is with the world of the small business owner. Start-up companies can rarely afford a business suite and staff.

Apparently, Richard Pombo is so unfamiliar with the life of an average entrepreneur in 2006 that he simply doesn't understand that with a computer, telephone and fax machine, anyone can run a fledgling business from their home.

I guess that Pombo is so used to dealing with the Exxon-Mobil business model that he doesn't even understand the realities of small business in today's world.

But the simple fact is that with the massive exportation of good American jobs under the Bush Administration, more and more people are being forced to set up their own businesses, and the vast majority of them are operating out of their homes. Only someone as thoroughly detached from the lives of everyday voters as Richard Pombo, "Rancher and Congressman," would think that there was any shame involved in working from your home.

11:43 AM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Thanks Babaloo, that is exactly what I wanted to say, and that is the response McNerney should say -- McNerney did not have "5 generations" of cattle rancher/real estate developers wealth to live off of, as well as all the taxpayer subsidies for their farm, and the over a quarter of a million in campaign cash to Annette, not to mention Pombo's Congressional salary, which just keeps going up.

And then there are the taxpayer-funded "vacations" along with the jaunts across the globe paid for by various special interests or Congressional travel funds.

12:51 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Bloggers,

As a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, I have to add that if we applied Pombo's idiotic notions of start-up businesses neither the CA computer nor biotech businesses would exist.

Even for a venture capital firm, the general rule is that 1 out of 10 financed firms will be successful. Meaning 9 out of 10 will fail, and I reiterate that that figure holds AFTER THEY HAVE RECEIVED START-UP FINANCING. (The success rate for firms that have not received any funding is far far lower.)

There is no shame in SV to start a firm and not have it become the next Cisco - the shame comes when an entrepreneur fails to pick him/herself up and try again. We don't even call such ventures "failures" out here, we call them "non-successes" and we try to figure out how to do it better the next time.

Pombo and the idiots around him obviously know nothing about entrepreneurship and how to create an economic engine like the one that employs so many of his own constituents.

Is it any wonder why economic growth in San Joaquin is so dismal that so many of his constituents have to commute long areas to places where the leadership is more enlightened? Jamming up the freeways for ALL OF US??

Pombo is a fraud, quite frankly, and that is why so many of us in Silican Valley are donating and contributing to McNerney. Not only our money, but more importantly our time.

I check into this blog every now and again - it is one of the best out there. You guys do a great job documenting what you do, and in clever humorous ways.

Yes you are partisan, of course, but the title of the thing is the best "truth in disclosure" you can offer.

Rooting for Jerry in Santa Clara

2:10 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Tom benigno said...

Finally the real issue hits the pulse of the district, and why some of us want Pombo out. He is a smoke screen for corporate business. We have finally puts the sunshine on the issue. Pombo is used to backing his trucks underneath the gradeing stations and getting perfectely good Tomatoe's cantaloupes, peaches, cauliflower, Broccli, and other products and paying nothing and feeding his cattle. This is been going on for 40 years. Mean while the farmers are going broke raising this products and not getting paid for them. They are called culls by the ag dept. Let me see if I have 10,000 head of cattle it cost me $600.00 dollars to feed one cow per year. I graze them on government land and feed them fruit and vegetables that I dont pay for. I have a 1000 % markup. Then I take over the land and buy ranches for 25 cents on the dollar. Hold them for 10 years put my son on the city council,then to congress and sell the land for millions. This is called Pombo real-estate cattle ranch. Oil companies, Meat companies, Chemical companies,you name it it's corporate.
Voet Pombo out,

Tom Benigno

5:33 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Dan Spomer said...

Pardon the long comment, but when did Brian Kennedy get so talkative? I had to post the entire thing. My apologies.

(I would post the link, but for some reason, it doesn't work now)

> Ire over Pombo draws groups into politics
> Ire over Pombo draws groups into politics
> Humane Society, Defenders of Wildlife force Pombo into fight for his
> political life
> By Douglas Fischer and Josh Richman, STAFF WRITERS
> Article Last Updated:10/30/2006 07:33:20 PM PST
> Two national environmental groups have such deep-seated dislike for Rep.
> Richard Pombo -- and see him as so vulnerable -- that they've made their
> maiden forays into congressional campaign politics to try to unseat him.
> Their efforts have turned what might have been a snooze of a race into a
> nationally watched showdown to represent parts of San Joaquin, Contra
> Costa, Alameda and Santa Clara counties, and perhaps to help tip
> Congress' balance of power.
> The new political arm of Defenders of Wildlife, the nation's fourth-
> largest environmental group, has spent more than a year, mobilized
> hundreds of volunteers and anted up almost $500,000 to oust Pombo, R-
> Tracy, a 14-year House veteran and Resources Committee chairman. The
> Humane Society of the United States' political arm entered the fray Sept.
> 15, capitalizing on its influence among Republican women.
> Together, they've forced the Republican and Democratic parties
> essentially to admit the race for "Pombo Country" is a nail-biter.
> "We wouldn't have started this in the first place if it didn't look like
> Pombo was going to lose," said Rodger Schlickeisen, executive director of
> Defenders and of its political arm, the Defenders of Wildlife Action
> Fund.
> Pombo remains far ahead money-wise, with $1 million in his war chest at
> mid-October compared to $329,000 for Democratic challenger Jerry
> McNerney, who lost to Pombo by 22 percentage points in 2004.
> But with a week to go, a chief sign that the race has tightened is the
> blizzard of money suddenly enveloping it. President Bush came to raise
> money for Pombo on Oct. 3, and First Lady Laura Bush arrives Friday. The
> National Republican Congressional Committee has spent at least $1.3
> million backing Pombo in recent months, while the Democratic
> Congressional Campaign Committee made its first, $112,000 ad buy last
> week while adding McNerney to its list of the nation's "strongest
> Democratic challengers."
> Pombo campaign spokesman Brian Kennedy said the environmental groups
> undoubtedly have had an effect.
> "When you spend $1 million tarnishing someone's reputation, using direct
> mail and radio and television ads, it does have an effect," he said.
> "There is no question that the money from the outside groups has made
> this a race that's even within 15 points."
> McNerney claims his polls show a much closer race than that, and
> Schlickeisen said the gap has only tightened since his group's earliest
> polls -- in September 2005 -- showed Pombo would be vulnerable no matter
> who his foe.
> Pombo's ongoing efforts to revamp the Endangered Species Act long have
> drawn environmental groups' ire, but his most recent attempt -- in 2005,
> when a bill he introduced before the Resources Committee was passed out
> of the House within days -- was the final straw, "the bellwether,"
> Schlickeisen said.
> The Defenders Action Fund now is active in 24 races nationwide, he said,
> with its involvement predicated upon whether a Republican voted for or
> against Pombo's bill.
> Meanwhile, Pombo's animal rights record was so abysmal -- and his polling
> weak enough -- that the Humane Society's board smelled opportunity, said
> Humane Society Legislative Fund director Sara Amundson.
> Of 300 congressional candidates and incumbents endorsed by the Society
> fund, 40 percent are Republicans; the group always has drawn Republican
> women's support in "a significant way," Amundson said, so its anti-Pombo
> effort has drawn attention. "We've put a race in play that may not have
> been in play."
> Kennedy said neither group is a political novice -- especially Defenders
> of Wildlife -- and disputed the idea that opposing Pombo somehow helped
> the environment.
> "They raise tens of millions of dollars every year from individuals who
> think they are protecting the environment," he said. "And then they turn
> around and spend the vast amount of that money, the overwhelming
> majority, to raise more money, to file lawsuits, to lobby and to engage
> in political campaigns."
> DCCC spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield, wary of federal laws against
> coordination of independent expenditures, wouldn't discuss whether the
> environmental groups' heavy investment in the race played a part in the
> DCCC's decision to spend its resources elsewhere until just recently. It
> got involved in this race "as the national climate has trended even more
> in Democrats' favor over the past months," she said.
> San Jose State University Political Science Professor Larry Gerston said
> the DCCC started out focusing only on the races it believed it had the
> very best chances to win, and expanded its spending to races such as this
> one ®MDRV¯"as this election has started to snowball and pick up some
> momentum for the Democrats, and new money has come in."
> Gerston said the district's pricey geography -- straddling the San
> Francisco and Sacramento television and radio markets -- requires more
> bucks for a decent advertising bang, but he said it's unlikely the DCCC
> shorted McNerney because it had backed a different Democrat, Steve
> Filson, in the primary.
> "These Democrats want to win, they're very much like the (Karl) Rove
> Republican machine -- they don't have time for sour grapes," he said. "A
> guy like (DCCC chairman) Rahm Emanuel, there's only one thing on his
> mind."
> Contact Josh Richman at jrichman @; Douglas Fischer at
> dfischer @ angnewspapers

6:34 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

The real hypocrisy is that Pombo gets off the hook by saying "I'll have my accountant look at it. If we owe anything, we'll pay it." This was not an FEC report, but the failure to pay the income taxes by the rulse, like the rest of us.

7:54 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Tom benigno said...

Mr Spomer:
I started to read you comment, and got lost. You must be a leglislative analyst, and write for Congress. All that waisted space and paper.

Vote Mc Nerney.

Tom Benigno

7:14 AM, November 02, 2006  

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