Wednesday, November 01, 2006

If you can't tell your own lie, get someone to do it for you

If there is one thing that is serious in this race, it is the fact that even Bill Clinton is willing to weigh in because he knows it is the right thing to do. This is all about the GOTV effort that begins now and runs until the polls close.

If there is one thing that is hilarious, it is Pombo supporters crying "poor boy" in their fundraising attempts. Pombo as poor boy? That is a laugher. He never say a property he did not want to develop, especially his own.

I like their comparison:
organizations and political zealots …contributed ¾ of a million dollars to the campaign to defeat the re-election of Congressman Richard Pombo, Chairman of the very important House of Representatives’ Resources Committee. They have put over four million dollars into his district to fund false TV and radio ads that use out-of-context information to make him look bad.

Chairman Pombo – to date – has raised about one million dollars and has spent it all to tell his constituents about the good things he has been doing in Congress.
Too bad it isn't true. Even Hank Shaw does a better job than this at counting the money and we know how he tells the story.

If someone still does not know the official numbers....

First, you say Pombo's raised $1 million in contributions. But according to the FEC, where it's a crime to misreport, Pombo says he's raised $3,521,003.21. In addition to that, the Republican Party's thrown in another million, with additional support coming from the National Rifle Association and a couple of other groups. Here's the link, so you don't have to take my word for it:

McNerney, his opponent, has had support from "outside groups" also, but probably comparable to what Pombo's gotten. Must admit, I don't know the actual numbers though. But McNerney's campaign is behind Pombo having raised less than Pombo has, reporting total contributions of $1,578, 894.46. Here's that link:

Oh, well. In Pombo's world, fiction is stranger than fact.


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