Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Campaign Ad Features Pombo Employee

When the McNerney campaign aired an ad with veterans explaining why they support Jerry McNerney, Richard Pombo quickly responded with a veterans ad of his own. This commercial features three veterans and the wife of a soldier who is in Iraq. Watch the commercial here and pay special attention to the second person who appears and is identified with the caption, “Tiffany Walton, Husband on active duty in Iraq.”

Yes, that would be the same Tiffany Walton who is on Richard Pombo’s staff as a paid precinct walker. According to his third quarter FEC filing Pombo’s campaign paid Ms. Walton $1,080.65 in September.

It kind of makes you wonder about that group of people standing on the bridge at the end of the commercial. Is that the rest of his office staff? How much were THEY paid to be there?

Let’s face it: Pombo’s campaign is hard up for REAL volunteers, whether they be precinct walkers or TV commercial endorsers. The Laura Bush appearance this Friday is being billed as a “Rally for Volunteers.” And the “price” of admission? Well, it's not exactly free. To get in to see Bush, you'll have to commit to a set amount of GOTV work for the campaign over the weekend.

It’s pretty telling that after 14 years in office, Richard Pombo’s only support is of the enforced variety. I guess he's finally reaping what he's sowed.


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Yes we all saw her at the CARA event at the Stockton Library. She was writing things down as we were speeking. They say in the ad that she was in the Marines. Can some one research that because Pombo has no ties to the military, Never been, never served, and never experienced. Maybe that is why he has a Marine on board. That is a good project.

Vote Mc Nerney.

Tom Benigno

7:55 AM, October 31, 2006  

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