Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SNTP Judges Give Pombo A Zero

I had this vision of how I wanted to write this post:
Richard Pombo is in the middle of his performance. The crowd is hushed as he starts into the technical portion of his routine. In low tones, the announcer says, “Ladies and gentlemen, Richard Pombo is now going to attempt the extremely challenging and seldom-performed triple flip-flop. This maneuver is so phenomenonally difficult to execute that politicians almost never risk it in a championship performance.”

Pombo picks up speed — and then he launches himself forward into the flip-flop-flip. But as he twists into the final turn of the last flip, he loses momentum, and he lands with a sickening thud. “Oh, noooo,” says the announcer, “he just didn’t get quite enough lift going into that first flip.”
But in the end, I just couldn’t be that flip (pardon the pun). The matter at hand is too serious and has the potential to ruin the lives of too many people.

On December 16, 2005, Richard Pombo cast his vote in favor of H.R. 4437, the draconian House immigration reform bill that would make felons out of illegal immigrants and anyone, including clergy, who assisted them.


On May 1 of this year, Mexican immigrants took to the streets in a massive protest. Politicians took notice:
"I think they're having a huge effect," said Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo, of the wave of demonstrations, "not only on members of Congress and the Senate, but on the American people." […]

The growing numbers of highly charged protests has killed any chance that Congress will reach a compromise on immigration reform, said Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy.

"It's become too politicized and too polarized," Pombo said. "Neither side is going to give in at this point. And frankly, any politically acceptable solution would probably not be good policy."

Pombo favors a guest-worker program and disagrees with those that want to criminalize illegal immigrants and the people that help them.

The nation needs the workers, he says, and the criminal prosecution of the nation's 11 million or more illegal immigrants would be physically impractical and politically unpalatable.

Fast forward to the Labor Day weekend. On Labor Day, there was another round of protests by immigrants and their supporters.
Thousands of people sacrificed Labor Day picnics Monday to march for immigrant rights, hoping that Congress would listen. But the nationwide marches — including gatherings in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose — seem to have had little impact on those who will decide millions of undocumented immigrants' fate. […]

"Obviously, any member of Congress needs to pay close attention to what constituents have to say. And when they say it in large numbers, they pay even more attention," said Lynne Weil, spokeswoman for Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, who voted against the House bill. […]

One mind unchanged is Rep. Richard Pombo's.

"He stands by his vote on the House bill," said Pombo's spokesman, Lucas Frances. Pombo, R-Tracy, voted for the bill.
FLIP. Oof. Right on his head.

Dazed from his clumsy landing, Pombo had only this to say on his campaign website:
Few would argue that every nation has a right to secure its own borders. That must be our first priority, not only to enforce our immigration laws, but to protect American security.

We are a nation of immigrants, but it is patently wrong to let those who break our laws cut in line ahead of those who seek to come legally.

Let us secure our borders, and then provide the opportunity for guest workers to work legally and pay taxes. I also believe those who enter the country legally, pay taxes and learn English should have the opportunity someday to earn their U.S. citizenship.
Well, now, THAT’S a solution. And after all, Pombo knows all about solutions. Last May, he was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle talking about Republic chances on November 7:
"[Republicans] have to produce," said Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Tracy, whose district extends into the East Bay, making him the only GOP House member with Bay Area constituents. […]

"What have we done on immigration that solves the immigration problem?”
Sorry. This judge gives him a zero.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a really good writer. Have you ever thought about a career in journalism? We need thoughtful people like you to get the truth out.

4:43 AM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Look out Babaloo, I think this Anonymous is a Pombo supporter, They might want you to go over to Pombos side. That's how they do it they start throwing out money to distract you. Send this person to the curb, with all the other traitors. Theey want to sell off America to raise money for people support. If that person is a good Anonymous, I appoligize. We have three of them hanging around.

Will the real Anonymous please stand.

Tom Benigno

7:41 AM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm the REAL anonymous, Mr. Bananas. You do make a lot more sense in the mornings.

9:39 AM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

I want to consentrate on the Mc Nerney campaign, no more distractions. I hate defending what I'm doing. I want to stay on course and get out of IRAQ before we go broke,and our troops home. I want Pombo out of office ASAP, November is too long to wait. But I am willing folks help me win this one for the real Republicans, and a good Democrats like Jerry Mc Nerney.

Mc Nerney for change.

Tom Benigno

10:53 AM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom, do you have a good recipe for fried squirrel? talking about it now makes me really hungry for it. I'd love to get a new recipe.


3:40 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

It's a secret recipe you must go to a Mc Benigno to buy my products.
Mc Squirrel with a fried twinkie, $2.99. Open daily until we run out.

Tommy Bananas

7:46 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where can I get a McSquirrel? That sounds yummy! Heck, I'll pay $5 for one!

8:22 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is squirrel good, i think it sounds a little weird?

9:40 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It kind of tastes like chicken. a little crunchy when its fried. Wouldn't you agree McBenigno?

9:51 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does O'benigno really eat squirrel... thats kinda gross i think...

9:52 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He obviously is a carnivore... It's kind of cruel to eat little defenseless animals I guess....

9:53 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm..."defenseless animals" does he eat mice??? that would be really mean... i could see him eating snake... it fits his personality

9:54 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Here goes the nut cracker anonymous again. I told you before get off you are taking up good writing space. Help us God to get rid of this preditor. We want to talk about putting Pombo out. Get this guy off the site. He's nuts, this person will take up important time.

Vote mc Nerney On November 7th

Tom Benigno

10:16 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous rick said...

How sad, doesn't the Anon realize that the world know that it's the same "anon" for all the posts from basically 9:51 PM - 9:54. Nerd alert.

It's called a site meter troll/nerd.

10:26 PM, September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Harris said...

US oil shale reserves....2 trillion barrels..that's enough to fry a lot of squirrels. Please rejoice with me that the U.S. is so well endowed.

4:39 AM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Depressed said...

Can you believe that George Miller KILLED the only good bill Pombo ever stop Indian tribes from putting a casino wherever they pleased without local input? People are wasting good energy that should be saved in the ground by driving to these places to satisfy their addiction, and George let us all down. Those developers Pombo loves are the real beneficiaries of this likely mercenary act by a guy whom I thought represented us here at SNTP. Coming to your neighborhood soon with no input...a Casino...courtesy of George Miller. How many endangered species are going to get paved over just for the parking lot? How many birds--confused by the all night neon lights--are going to be weakened and die? How much crime is going to come into our neighborhoods? Just when we're on a roll...just when we're making so much progress getting our message across about so many problems...the war, the environment, the rights of Latinos to have dignified work and the rights of our pets not to be slaughtered for export, this happens. It's very depressing. I hope Nancy Pelosi takes him to the woodshed.

4:49 AM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

The Casino bill might be good for a few, but we are at war with Richard Pombo. He trys to give us an inch then he takes a mile. He can't be trusted, as I have been saying we need to distroy his ability to generate votes or support. This Casino bill is a way for him to do it the way he does. He has developers and guys like Abramoff just waiting to create projects. As you see in Tracy they have lowered the price of gas, only in Tracy. This way he will get the solid vote from the Tracy residents. But look out the price of milk or something else will double. As I have been saying on my show for years they have the knife and the cheese they just cut themselves slices when ever they want. That is too much power, for anyone.

Help to remove Pombo from office Vote for Jerry Mc Nerney on November 7th

Tom Benigno

7:27 AM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom has a show? Where can I tune in, Tom?

10:09 AM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the beanfest not having any beans this year??? What was that about? Did that have to do with the booths or politicians some how?

11:20 AM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Question one, I am the founder and Host of my show called Citizen's Voice I have done the show for Eight years. To date I have done 529 shows, reaching out to 34 cities within the 11th district.I am presently off because of some health problems, acid reflex is one of them. I hope to be back soon.
The second part of your question is it had nothing to do with politicians or booths, last year they tore the city up people were mad. The attendence was off by half it will come back but the city is divided over the slow growth issues.
Pombo didn't even show up, Jerry Mc Nerney was there one day. Mc Closkey and I were there both days.
We did our thing.

Vote for Mc Nerney will change all that.

Tom Benigno

3:06 PM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Pombo was busy I mean he is our congressman and his job is a busy one. I heard though it was the City of Tracy's fault for not asking for their help, or something like that... I guess it could be some of both. Did anyone hand out beans? Do you know?

4:04 PM, September 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's gotta be a comedy

2:55 PM, September 15, 2006  

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