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Pombo Supports Horse Slaughter

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted on the Horse Protection Act, H.R. 503. The resolution passed with a final vote of 263-146. The Senate version, S. 1915, co-sponsored by Senators Feinstein and Boxer, is currently in committee. So what, exactly, is the Horse Protection Act? House Resolution 503 would ban the slaughter of horses for consumption in the US and would further prohibit the shipment of US horses abroad for slaughter.

In 1998, California voters passed Proposition 6, which banned horse slaughterhouses within the State of California, with 60% of the voters supporting the ban. Just as a side note, horse theft in California dropped 34% after the ban was instated.

However, horses from all over the US are still being shipped to the remaining three slaughterhouses in the US, two in Texas and one in Illinois, which slaughter nearly 100,000 horses per year. These three slaughterhouses are owned by a Belgian corporation, which operates them at a loss to avoid paying any US taxes, even though between them the slaughterhouses require in excess of $5 million per year of regulatory oversight from the USDA. All of the meat they produce is then air-freighted overseas (“from stable to table in four days”) where the Belgians take their profits.

Now, some people have argued that these slaughterhouses provide a necessary, if unpleasant, role in the agricultural community because they are the only viable means of disposing of old, injured, and unwanted horses. But the facts just don’t bear that out:
92.3 percent of horses arriving at slaughter plants in this country are in "good" condition, according to the US Department of Agriculture's Guidelines for Handling and Transporting Equines to Slaughter. [...]

Approximately 690,000 horses die annually in this country (10 percent of an estimated population of 6.9 million) and the vast majority are not slaughtered, but euthanized and rendered or buried without any negative environmental impact instead. Humane euthanasia and carcass disposal is highly affordable and widely available. The average cost of having a horse humanely euthanized and safely disposing of the animal's carcass is approximately $225.
The sad truth is that most of the horses that end up at the slaughterhouses are not in need of euthanasia. They are in good health and usually purchased at auction, most often from unsuspecting sellers who believe that their beloved pet is going to a new home. Instead, this is what happens to them. [Warning: graphic video]
Americans think there are laws to protect horses. They have no idea that three foreign-owned slaughterhouses, not American-owned, are operating in this country, two in Texas, and killing 100,000 American horses [per year].

They’re being killed for human consumption abroad, primarily in Japan, France and Belgium. At Belgian-owned Dallas Crown, it’s prime meat day today.

The airline containers are lined up and being readied for shipping.

The common perception in the U.S. is that the only horses sent to slaughter are old and dying and perhaps destined for the glue factory.

But here at Dallas Crown, neither is the case, and while it’s hard to see what’s going on behind these walls, the sounds and smells leave little to the imagination.

The thuds you’re hearing are horses hitting the floor, after a steel bolt has been driven into their brains.

“They deserve a lot more dignity than what they’re getting. Cut up. Hit in the head by a bolt gun, and served up on French people’s plates.”
"It is one of the most inhumane, brutal, shady practices going on in the U.S. today," said Rep. John Sweeney, R-N.Y., a sponsor of the ban. […]

Added Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn.: "The way a society treats its animals, particularly horses, speaks to the core values and morals of its citizens."

On Thursday, Richard Pombo voted against H.R. 503, the Horse Protection Act.


Anonymous Vegans Rock said...

Horses, cows, bacon, fish or dairy products --- what is the difference? The real issue is the consumption of animal abhorrent practice when so many fine alternatives exist. Until people begin to understand that at the root of all of our evils is a sense of human superiority which at its root begins when we feel we can actually EAT a brother animal, we must resign ourselves to the wars and discord that stem from such. I think Jerry gets that.

4:34 AM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

I don't mind that Pombo has the feel to feed the people of the world. That is better than trying to break the poor people who by his beef that he raises. By supporting legislation Pombo contributes to the oil barons who corrupts him, that way he helps raise the price of fuel. I think more is made of Pombo then the people who support him are getting out of it. The developers ,large land owners, banks, and others.
Pombo has a few supporters like Ben Rose a Banker in Tracy who writes inflammatory stuff about anyone who opposes Pombo. Along with a host of others who are always in the paper, Larry Hite, Dave Hardesty, Scott Hurban, Mickey Mc Guire,of Ben Rose. They stand to gane much by writing about people who oppose Pombo. They are either in the building trade or related interest. People must get smart as a Republican opposing Pombo I have nothin to gane except to expose Pombo for what he is. Notice my name is rarely mentioned in the news, because of the number of votes I received. The fact is my being a Republican candidate along with Mc Closkey sends a message. My message is that 4,000 people voted for me and 18,000 voted for Mc Closkey that didn't want Pombo. That is about 22,000 to Pombos 29,000 that comes out to close to 50%in my books. Is that important?

Vote Jerry Mc Nerney for a change.

Tom Benigno

7:03 AM, September 09, 2006  
Blogger babaloo said...

The difference is a simple one between livestock and pets. When we can no longer care for our dogs or our cats, we do not send them to Southeast Asia for consumption.

It's an important part of American culture: we do not eat our pets.

9:10 AM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

What planet does this man live on?

Good god - what a cave man!

9:12 AM, September 09, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Whale slaughter, Horse slaughter, Buffalo slaughter, Turtle slaughter, Elephant slaughter -- what is with Pombo? Not a bone of compassion or humanity in him. I feel sorry for someone as pathetic as him. Just another Bush-crony psycho who gets his kicks from killing. The whole gang of them are sick in the head.

2:53 PM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous vegans rock said...

there is no difference. Murder is murder and eating flesh is eating flesh. I thought people had their stuff together on this site. I'm sickened by the petty distinctions.

6:02 PM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous Tom benigno said...

Person I feel your pain about the consumtion of Gods other children. It seems strange I hear nothing from you about the price of goods and services and how the cost of gas and food is beating the hell out of Americans. This is not about eating veggies, or cows it is about getting this traitor out of office.
Just a note:
Then you can eat all the greens you want.Be careful Organic foods have chemicals on them, before they can be organic they must use Methol Bromide on in the soil. The California ag Commission.

Vote Pombo out.

Tommy Bananas

7:37 PM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous rick said...

Pombo apparently has supported cockfighting.

In 2000, Pombo helped Chris John D-LA to help bottle up legislation in the Agriculture Committee to halt the interstate transport of fighting birds.

John described cockfighting, in an interview with the Baton Rouge Advocate, as a "cultural, family-type" activity and "an industry that is very important to America."

Yeah taking the kids to the circus is just like going to a cockfight.

10:13 PM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

The mentality of the older Tracy farmers is that fighting is a mono mono thing. If you can't fight you can't fit. Like Johnny Cochran's famous saying "if you can't fight you can't fit." So assuming all is understood, Tracy's mentility is you had better know how to fight. Even the poor Bannie Rosters have it tough over here. Your right when Pombo's not hurding cows he's hurding his staff to look for trouble. Slaughter is his game to fame, no matter who or what.

Vote'm out big chief little Richard.

Tommy Bananas

10:34 PM, September 09, 2006  
Anonymous Pro-tein said...

Hey Vegans Rock --
Vegetarian is an old Indian word for lousy hunter.

6:50 AM, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick- I would say that the circus is much scarier than cockfighting. I mean, the clowns alone are enough to scare someone.

10:30 PM, September 10, 2006  
Anonymous vegans rock said...

Hey Anon--

This is serious. But clowns should scare you, seeing as how they are normally associated with animal slavery in the form of circuses and torture via rodeos. Clearly the flesh-consuming adherents to this blog who can find no hypocrisy in their positions that distinguish eating horseflesh and cowflesh don't understand the underlying violence that stems from species superiority. Many people around the world eat dogs, Babaloo...the underlying crime is eating a creature, when vital beans, grains, vegetables and fruits of all kinds are more beneficial and do not carry murder as part of the price of consumption. No justice for animals, no peace.

4:45 AM, September 11, 2006  
Anonymous Tom benigno said...

Lets get back to the campaign we need to concentrate on winning this race. So lets talk about the positive things, about what Jerry Mc Nerney needs to do to win this race. Supporting animals rights is a good start. Lets keep our eye on the ball. Pombo is the ball. Lets kick his ass out of office. So we can see a new begining for our district.

Vote for Mc Nerney.

Tom Benigno

7:12 AM, September 11, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Anon said, "Rick- I would say that the circus is much scarier than cockfighting. I mean, the clowns alone are enough to scare someone."

Were you talking about that circus called "Congress"?

11:04 AM, September 11, 2006  
Blogger HorsesAreFriends said...

Hi, everyone.

If we all work together then maybe we can help get this bill passed. Me and some friends are asking people to send an email to their senators asking them to push this bill through and vote to end horse slaughtering.

Go to and type in your zip code. Send an email to both of your US senators and tell them to stop horse slaughtering. The vote is coming before the Senate in early October so please do it NOW! :-) Thanks!!!

And here is a blog that we set up so you can read more information about it:

1:07 PM, September 29, 2006  
Blogger Ivanka Steener said...

Horse are an American Icon and slaughtering them cuts against our moral fiber. The bill passed overwhelmingly in the House and now the Senate is sitting on it because of pro-horse-slaughter Senators who are acting on behalf of special interests. 70 percent of Americans are against the slaughter of horses and the Senate STILL wont pass the bill.

12:22 PM, December 01, 2006  

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