Thursday, June 01, 2006

Steve Filson's Campaign Finances

Well, Kevin finished up yesterday with his fine series of questions for Richard Pombo. I couldn’t help but notice that the comment thread was moving pretty far afield from Pombo’s shady dealings with Jack Abramoff and Neil Volz, so I thought I’d move some of the comments from that thread into a post here.

Longtime reader $.02 has been tracking campaign finance records for the candidates in CA-11, and posted two comments with his latest take on Steve Filson's financial status. Here's his first comment:
I just checked the latest posts on the Federal Election Commission's web site and lo and behold...

1) Filson's gone and dropped a $15,000 moolabomb into his campaign from his own (lighter) wallet, just today (or at least, just filed today)

2) At first blush, this would seem to indicate he's willing to invest in himself (which is good, especially since he pleads poverty from having lost his United pension as a campaign highlight), but

3) One could also posit that this sort of thing (self-funding) typically (if it happens at all) happens early in the campaign, as seed money to get started, and

4) Since $15,000 will barely buy a single mailing these days, and since he's raised over $400K when the 48 hour notices are added to the Pre-Primary number, between lots of PAC money and lots of max checks, one wonders...

Has the "big donor" well run dry? Or is Steverino just playing "Restaurant Makeover" on Food Network?
Later in the evening, $.02 reported back with this update:
It's over for Steverino.

1) As of 5/17/06, his (badly) managed campaign had $65,397 and change in that wonderful phrase, "cash on hand". At the same time, he had over $41,427 in debt, which meant that his actual "uncommitted cash" (that which he could spend on new stuff not already in the in-box as an "accounts payable" from yesterday's fun) was a mere $23,900 and change.

2) His burn rate from the latest reporting period (4/1 - 5/17) was an astonishing $3,278 per day (yes, kiddies, PER DIEM!) which meant that he had a mere 7.31 days of "uncommitted cash" left to spend as of 5/17, unless he brought in a whole YACHTLOAD more than he was spending on that per diem basis.

3) For the latest period using only F6 48 hour reports (which means it's not entirely Apples to Dells, but bear with me), he's raised a mere $22,200 without his own big fat check-o of $15,000 just yesterday. Let's try to calibrate that to a "total funds raised" since the F6s only count $1,000 and up, and the "itemized" only needs to be $200 or more. His "unitemized take" for the last reporting period is a mere 18.5% of his total, so being generous and saying that his "non-F6 take" is double that, he still has 63% of his take having to be reported via F6s, which means if his F6 total is only $22,200, his "total total" is a mere $35,200 and change through 5/31, for a "take rate" of $2,517 per diem.

4) Since he continues to burn at $3,278 per day (or higher, who knows?) and his rake-in is only $2,517 per day, his unpaid friends as of 5/17:

Lisa Tucker -- $22,400+
Russ Miller -- $4,400+
Fraioli and Co. -- $5,500+

might be getting nervous about having their invoices turn into dead presidents and might have said to Steverino's checkbook:

Show me the MONEY!

$.02 out.

P.S. to Rock-a-bye -- it DOES matter as to when money is given -- if it is given during a primary, it must be assumed to be used for you or AGAINST your opponent, who is also from the same party, so you and I can't vouch for that $15,000 not going for some last-minute hit piece against McWindmill, now, can we?
So, have at it here -- just try not to break any of the furniture.


Anonymous bgibb said...

What is your point?

4:43 AM, June 01, 2006  
Anonymous EDJ said...

On the flip side...

From an article by Lisa Vorderbrueggen in today's Contra Costa Times:

On the Democratic ticket, Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton had collected less money than his chief opponent, Steve Filson of Danville.

But an astonishing 40 percent of McNerney's money came from contributions of less than $200 each. McCloskey was the closest at 18 percent, while small donations made up less than 3 percent of Pombo's cash.

"It's extraordinary," said Bob Stern with the Center for Governmental Studies. "Most candidates don't want to focus on small contributions because it's not cost-effective. But the Internet is changing the way candidates raise money."

Indeed, McNerney's campaign chief, A.J. Carrillo, credits the information highway.

Modeled after online fund-raising strategies pioneered by 2004 presidential candidate Howard Dean, McNerney tapped a lengthy e-mail list for donations. Many sent cash after receiving "Fill the Bucket" and "Give Pombo the Boot" solicitations.

A mailer costs thousands of dollars, Carrillo said, "but we can send out e-mail for a lot less."

Drop another small-donation Moolabomb for McNerney (hat tip to $.02 ;-) and Give Pombo the Boot at:

Come on -- tell me that goofily-animated "boot" isn't worth 50 bones!


p.s. yo, throw in 11 more cents ($50.11 for example) so we know your moolabomb came from the SNTP netroots!

5:45 AM, June 01, 2006  
Anonymous SFBrianCL said...

Wow! This is incredible. Filson has run through all his DCCC money?

That's it. McNerney is officially my guy.

8:04 AM, June 01, 2006  
Blogger babaloo said...

This is off topic, but yesterday's Evans-Novak Political Report gives their take on the CA-11 race.

California-11: Here is another primary, like the 6th District of Illinois, in which national Democrats are at odds with a local party as to who will be the nominee. Steve Filson (D) and 2004 nominee Jerry McNerney (D) are running for the Democratic nomination to take on incumbent Rep. Richard Pombo (R), who is perceived as weak. Pombo's constituents have been under constant attack from outside environmental groups' making automated phone calls against him.

McNerney, who ran against the Republican in 2004, has the endorsement of the California Democratic Party and the backing of several big unions, including the California Labor Federation and the California State Council of the SEIU.

Filson, the better-funded candidate, has the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC's newly announced "Red-to-Blue" campaign to help strong Democratic candidates could add not only to Filson's funds but also to the structure and strength of his overall campaign. The DCCC prefers Filson to an old loser, but things aren't working out as the DCCC would like. Leaning McNerney.

Pombo will crush his primary opponent, former Rep. Pete McCloskey (R). Likely Pombo.

8:55 AM, June 01, 2006  
Blogger JennyBlue said...

I'm with bgibb, if I read the post correctly Filson still has cash "on-hand," but he is burning it up fast on mailers, phone calls, etc. I'm not sure why that's a bad thing. I would be more worried if he wasn't spending the money collected... Clearly he is full-boar trying to win, throwing everything he's got at this thing. Why is that bad exactly?

2:18 PM, June 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2% of a buck again (and with a lesson for those who need some help)

1) Filson is burning through cash FASTER than he is raising it, so sooner or later (and it's looking like real soon, given the paultry "number of days uncommitted cash at current burn rate" that he has), he will be underwater, debt-wise (or as Chapter 11 folks say, taking a bath)

2) For those of you who have run a business or two (and I assume neither "bgibb" or "jennyblue" have from their comments), one does not want to be owed money today by those who you think will not be able to pay you back tomorrow, capisce?

3) Several months ago, I stated that the Filson campaign looked more like the "Friends of Ellen Tauscher Full Employment Act" given how many retreads from that campaign were taking from the till, and now that it looks like Filson's the one who's "run out of gas" (the aforementioned "burn rate exceeds rake-in rate"), not McNerney as Our Friend Kellar recently tried to claim to a newspaper reporter,

4) It would appear that the "Friends of Ellen Tauscher Full Employment Act" want their invoices paid in full before...

Filson gets spelled "Fnron".

$.02 out.

3:29 PM, June 01, 2006  
Blogger JennyBlue said...

I see. But, he appears to be forking our his own money to keep himself afloat. How is this bad? I agree moer out-go than in-go is bad, but if he can pull it off, what's the harm?


4:08 PM, June 01, 2006  
Anonymous bgibb said...

Still don’t quite get it (although, yes, it’s true, I’ve never owned a business—shame on me; I’m sure that should preclude me from discussing cash). Is this an observation or an attack/criticism? I have no idea about the accuracy of this, but regardless, so Filson’s running a little low, trying to make ends meet as the primary winds down? Huh, interesting—I would be shocked if that weren’t the case.

4:49 PM, June 01, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Jenny and Gibby Boy.

Rocky here. Now I'm wit you on dis one. Why be left wit a bunch of cash on hand AFTER June 6? Don't you wanna spend every penny you got to win BEFORE June 6?

Mr $.02. Wit all do respect, I know you is a cheapskate, but you is generally one of the more brainier ones on dis blot, so maybe you can explain why holdin on to yer vasool after June 6 is a good ting cuz Rocky don't get it if you can't influence any voters after dat. I mean duh guy's got plenty of his own cash to pay the few G notes he might come up short, right?

Rocky out.

9:01 PM, June 01, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

You guys are overlooking the fact that these totals are as of May 17--more than two weeks ago. Campaign donations pour in during the last days of tight races.

Moreover, as of May 17, Filson had more cash on hand than McNerney and had raised more money than him since the last filing on March 31. And Filson's been spending more than McNerney. I'm not sure why this puts him at a disadvantage.

9:52 PM, June 01, 2006  
Anonymous nicholas said...

it doesn't rick....whats telling is the fact that filson crapped out a 15k dump into his reserves.

i think folks are interested in this because filson's campaign message has always been 1) im mr. electable and 2) i can raise money...

well, mr. electable never raised enough cash to overcome the fact that nobody knows him...just how does one win an election when your a "mr. or mrs. nobody"? you raise a crap load of cash and hit tv, radio and direct mail...duckworth raised what? over a million to overcome cegalis?

...filson was never in that league (although he talked as if he were)...and when we all expected his campaign to really up the dccc influenced contributions instead we get a contribution from the candidate himself.

im sure the filson camp expecuted folks to wonder and discuss this dont act all suprised tricky-ricky.


-(ps..yo rocky...whatz up my brotha? wish i could chat here more but my campaign work is my priority)

7:58 AM, June 02, 2006  
Anonymous rick said...

There's the old saw about putting one's money where one's mouth is...

9:08 PM, June 02, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Nick!

Rocky here. Good to hear from you buddy as Rocky was worried about you. Its good to see you ain't fell outta dis circle or off duh edge of dis blot into duh ether. I'm countin on you to help Jerry win big on Tuesday.

All dis talk about raisin money don't deal wit duh udder issue as to how eggsactly you spend it, which is equally important in Rocky's eye sockets. You know what I mean?

Rocky out. Yo Rickey. Now dere ain't nuttin wrong wit dis point yer raisin too. It a good ting to see Pretty Boy ponyin up his own cash, but he was supposed to be real good at raisin it from udders is part of duh way he was sold to us Dems.

11:38 AM, June 03, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Hello everyone. It has been my experience now running against Pombo twice, as a Republican. The higher the votes I received Pombo would get more percentage wise. Example if I got a 1 vote Pombo would get 100, that seemed to be the case for Mc Closkey. He would get 10 amd Pombo would get a 100. It was the same for Dugger Shaw 32% as it was for Bob Figueroa 39, and Jerry Mc Nerney 31%. You must go after his base, and that is getting more difficult every year. As you seen with Mc Closkey received 31 % Pombo doubled that 62% Minus my %.
Pombo did the same thing with all his other opponents. Each time an election is held Pombo picks up new Percential from illegals. That's is what what keeps him winning, his ties to the church is his secret. Dummies like Lisa Vorderbrueggen, Hank Shaw, Nick Juliano, and the Tracy Press keep fanning the fire for Pombo. It is over unless Mc Nerney can stop the media he will loose. Pombo will win by 35,000 votes, which will be switch votes. Democrats that voted the other way.

thanks for the support.

Tom Benigno

6:31 AM, June 10, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

AGAIN EVERYONE GO AFTER POMBOS BASE. That is the Stockton registrar, of voters office. As we saw the other day voter help was told not to show up at a few locations totaling about 100 people. Lodi , Brookside and a few others. This kind of shit went out in the 30's, or did it?

Tom Benigno

6:43 AM, June 10, 2006  

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