Monday, May 22, 2006

More hits on Pombo

Pombo is in town, trying to pick the cash off of Cheney's coat tails. It is a good time for everyone to be on the attack.

First, McCloskey scheduled a press conference in Stockton for this afternoon. The notice went around early this AM. I hope that the main players were there, because the meat of the subject could be the makings of a Pulitzer.

Then, Tom Benigno released the recordings of a spot announcement he is getting on KSTN, hammering Pombo on ethics.

For those who care to participate in the Republican Primary, today is the last day to register / re-register. It looks like things are going to get rough down on the ranch.

Update: 9:30 PM. I watched Mark Matthews on KGO-TV (ABC-7, San Francisco) tonight. He had coverage of Stockton on the 6:00 news as almost the lead story. He showed McCloskey's strategically located mobile HQ and a clip of a comment from Pete. Then, he made the point that Pombo refused a request for an interview. Maybe it is because Pete had given the reporters some embarassing questions to ask.

The last time they were that close, it sounds like Pombo came off the worse for the encounter, bruised a bit but not beaten.

The Sacramento Bee called Pete a "blast from the past." That may be, but Pete is the kind of Republican I was when I was young and it is still where we all should be. I know a lot of "progressives" hate Condeleeza Rice, but I still remember her standing up at the convention in San Diego and telling everyone that it was the Republican Party that was registering black voters in the South. That is the party I joined once and then left. Pete stayed on and is still fighting to recapture that level of integrity.


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