Monday, June 26, 2006

Jerry McNerney: Grassroots All-Star! UPDATE: And the Next Netroots Candidate!

Democracy For America made the following announcement a few hours ago:
It was a big weekend at DFA Headquarters, where Luigi and Chris spent the weekend auditing and verifying the votes. What a close race! Over 25,000 of you voted, and today we are proud to announce that Jerry McNerney is our newest Grassroots All-Star!
They then go on to give a DFA link where you can donate to McNerney’s campaign. But you, dear readers, don’t need to worry about that. We have our own ActBlue link right here where you can make a donation. The next FEC filing deadline is June 30. McNerney is getting a lot of buzz nationally; now he needs to show that he can raise the money to knock Pombo out of the saddle. Please, now is the time to dig deep and donate to Jerry McNerney.

UPDATE: Jerry McNerney has just been named the Next Netroots Candidate! Here's what Chris Bowers of mydd has to say in his endorsement (cross-posted at dailykos):
Jerry McNerney is not just the next netroots candidate--he is also the next progressive movement candidate. Already, he has won the Democracy for America Grassroots All-Star voting, and three weeks ago his people-powered campaign comfortably defeated the DCCC backed candidate in a contested primary. He entered politics as part of the 50-state strategy, and because his son joined the Air Force after September 11th. Eschewing the politics of triangulation in favor of a progressive message, he is a wind energy expert who has a Ph.D. in math (I like that).
Congratulations to the McNerney team for finally getting Jerry's inspirational message out across the country!


Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo babaloo.

Rocky here. Blottin and havin his mornin cuppa Joe, cuz like Rocky sed before, all good Dems are coffee drinkers and sumtimes we jest need a little kick in the arse to get a, if youse know what I mean.

Even Paulie sez to me, he sez he needs his coffee to get a which Rocky don't tink is true as his bowels seem to be movin on no matter whedder he drinks coffee or not. Gettin 'em to stop movin on is duh friggin problem, if youse ask Rocky.

Anyways, Rocky tink dis is a great ting dat weez all helped McNoiney win dis ting, you know, gettin dis award. Butt is dere really a Luigi in duh smoke-filled room countin duh votes or did you jest make dat up? If so, I wouldn't trust duh count if I wuz you cuz Rocky don't know ANY Luigis dat ain't tied to duh friggin Mafia. I mean Jeezus - we don't need no friggin scandals wit McNoiney!

And anudder ting - Rocky don't understand dese new woids "netroots" and "grassroots" you is usin. I mean I wuz tinkin dat "grassroots" was sumhow connected to Jack-off's Marijuana Islands scandal, but dis "netroots" ting has me completely stumped. Any incites youse guys could give Rocky would be greatly appreciated.

On anudder note - youse all seem kinda tired, worn out, and fergetfull dese days like you is all sufferin from milk of amnesia. Rocky assumin its cuz youse all jest been thru an electron, unlike Rocky who's been watchin and blottin from duh sidelines butt udderwise not participatin in duh street fightin. Mebbe you should all go rent an RV and tour duh National Parks wit yer families. Heh heh heh.

Rocky out. Yo Republican SPIES: Rocky knows yer still out dere tryin to blot up our wizzdumb, but youse guys are gonna lose. Ain't no Dem in duh woild gonna vote for ButtaPombO, and duh good Republicans dat voted for duh Fightin One and Mr BeanO ain't gonna vote fer him neither. So if you wuz really smart and not dumB, you'd just friggin throw in duh towels now and launder 'em like you is used to doin wit all of Jack-off's money.

10:05 AM, June 27, 2006  

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