Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jerry McNerney Needs YOUR Help

Democracy for America (DFA) is a powerful and influential national organization committed to supporting fiscally responsible, socially progressive candidates at all levels of government and building the Democratic Party from the bottom-up.

To that end, DFA is hosting an online vote, the "Grassroots All-Star" competition, to choose one Congressional candidate who will receive their next coveted "DFA-List" endorsement. If Jerry McNerney can get that endorsement, it would raise the profile of his campaign nationally -- and be a significant help in raising the funds necessary to defeat Richard Pombo in November.

Thanks to his many grassroots supporters, Jerry has already made it through the first round of voting -- and finished first out of 34 candidates. Voting in the final round is now under way, with voting scheduled to end Friday at 2:00 p.m. PST. Right now, Jerry is in third place.

This is a really simple task that each and every one of us can undertake to help defeat Richard Pombo in 2006. Go to the DFA website and cast your vote for McNerney. Do NOT participate in the instant runoff voting and cast three votes. Cast one vote for McNerney. Then send an email to ten of your friends and/or family and ask them to do the same thing. It’s free; it’s easy; and it will make a huge difference.


Anonymous edj said...

Thanks Babaloo!

You're right -- if Jerry wins the DFA Grassroots All-Star competition, it really WILL make a huge difference to the campaign.

Why? If Jerry wins, DFA will send out a national fundraising message which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars just before the June 30th FEC deadline.

Currently, Jerry is in third place, after moving up one slot today. We're making a big push in the next 48 hours to get Jerry into the top slot...

But we need your help.

While Jerry finished first out of 34 candidates in the first round (resulting in a $2K check from DFA), the Instant Runoff process in the final round is stacked against a California candidate. Unfortunately, the other four candidates are on the East Coast so there is a name recognition bias in the ranked-choice system (voters pick Top 3 out of 5). While Jerry is getting a lot of first-place votes from Californians, he is being left off a lot of other "top 3" ranked ballots altogether.

We're attempting to address the problem with a little blog outreach to increase Jerry's profile. For example, check out Jerry's "POMBO: Big Oil's Best Friend" animated blogad that just launched on MyDD.com and a few other blogs.

Jerry is going to need every vote he can get to win. The other four candidates are excellent. So we're going to ramp up our GET-OUT-THE-VOTE field operation again on Wednesday and Thursday.

June 23 is our new Election Day. But this time, we're burning up mouse pads and phone lines -- not knocking on doors.

While e-mail forwards are great (please open up your address book and spam your friends for Jerry!), to win this thing we need to get on the phone and talk to our friends. Seriously.

For example, do you have 5 friends you can call right now who care about taking back Congress but don't know how they can help? How about 5 friends who care about the environment? Maybe they just saw "An Inconvenient Truth" and want to do something, anything?

Call them up right now and ask them to vote for Jerry in the DFA competition (and Gov. Mark Warner's MapChangers competition)!

Can't wait to phone bank again? ;-) Join us at Team McNerney HQ TONIGHT and THURSDAY NIGHT from 5-9 p.m.! We'll be calling through our list of supporters and encouraging them to vote for Jerry. And asking them to call 5 friends to vote for Jerry as well.

Want to spam your friends with "Vote for McNerney" email? Go to JerryMcNerney.org and copy and paste Jerry's "Two Clicks to Take Back Congress" letter on the front page.

We can do it! But it's going to take a full-court press to GOTV by 2 p.m. PST on Friday.

Just like SNTP did with Russ Feingold's "Progressive Patriots" pick at YearlyKos, "Say No To Pombo" can blog us to victory in DFA's competition. Babaloo's post is a great beginning!

Spread. The. Word.





McNerney for Congress

1:55 AM, June 21, 2006  
Anonymous edj said...

Hey everyone -

Just clicked on the standings for the OTHER COMPETITION...

As our blogad on MyDD.com highlights, Gov. Mark Warner’s Forward Together is conducting a national vote to determine its next “MapChanger”. After you vote in the DFA competition, please vote for Jerry at Forward Together!

IF JERRY WINS: Forward Together will cut a $5,000 check to our campaign and advance Jerry to the final round. GRAND PRIZE: A major fundraiser hosted by Gov. Mark Warner.

Forty candidates are competing. The Top 10 (5 from East and West) candidates move on to the final round...

DEADLINE: Thursday, June 29

Only catch: Jerry is up against candidates running for Senator and Governor -- with vastly larger support networks and budgets. While daunting, that hasn't stopped us. It's quite familiar, actually ;-)

After 48 hours of voting, Jerry is in the Top 10! In fact, of the candidates running for the House, Jerry is the second-highest vote-getter in the West behind fellow "Progressive Patriot" Bill Winter.

Here are the standings as of June 20, 2006 @ 11:59 PM EST:

1. MT-Sen Jon Tester
2. TX-Gov Chris Bell
3. CO-06 Bill Winter
4. CA-11 Jerry McNerney
5. TX-21 John Courage

1. VA-Sen James Webb
2. OH-03 Stephanie Studebaker
3. CT-04 Diane Farrell
4. PA-06 Lois Murphy
5. NJ-04 Carol Gay

Can Jerry make it to the Top 10?

It's up to you!

After you vote in the DFA competition (DEADLINE: FRIDAY 2 PM), please Vote for Jerry at Forward Together's "MapChangers" competition.

While we've got a little more time on this one, time is still of the essence. STAYING in the Top 10 will increase Jerry's name ID, which will increase interest, which will increase votes, which will... KEEP Jerry in the Top 10!

Thanks for indulging me, everyone. Hope it was worth your while...

McNerney for Congress

p.s. Coolest part about this contest? The posted ballots of voters, complete with testimonials for their candidates!.

2:32 AM, June 21, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

DFA Standings as of 6 am June 20:

Live Results
1. Nancy Skinner (MI-9)
2. Patrick Murphy (PA-8)
3. Jerry McNerney (CA-11)
4. Stephanie Studebaker (OH-3)
5. Phil Avillo (PA-19)


6:42 AM, June 21, 2006  
Anonymous edj said...

Yep, we're not budging on DFA. Really need to move that needle.

Any help SNTP'ers can provide would be greatly appreciated!


Meanwhile, the news is increasingly good in the Forward Together standings:

Jerry is now #3 in the West -- the MOST VOTES of any candidate running for the House!

Standings as of June 21, 2006 @ 12:16 PM EST

1. MT-Sen Jon Tester
2. TX-Gov Chris Bell
3. CA-11 Jerry McNerney
4. CO-06 Bill Winter
5. MN-02 Coleen Rowley

If we finish in the top 5... $5K check from Gov. Mark Warner and a huge increase in national name ID, especially in the netroots. Not to mention advancement to the final round.


Keep it up... and let me know if you'd like to come out to Dublin tonight or Thursday to Get-Out-The-Vote!

Or can you call friends from the comfort of your own home?

Got a listserve or yahoogroup that doesn't know about these competitions? Forward Jerry's "Two Clicks to Take Back Congress" message (check jerrymcnerney.org) to them!

This Friday is our new ELECTION DAY. It really is that important.

Spread the word.

Get out the vote.

Thank you!

McNerney for Congress

10:18 AM, June 21, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

As of 6 am, Thursday, McNerney moves into # 2!

Live Results
1. Nancy Skinner (MI-9)
2. Jerry McNerney (CA-11)
3. Patrick Murphy (PA-8)
4. Stephanie Studebaker (OH-3)
5. Phil Avillo (PA-19)

The winner will receive a DFA-List endorsement. Vote now!


7:44 AM, June 22, 2006  

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