Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pounding Pombo

We only have a short time left before this primary is all over. So let's get with it. There has been a lot of humor and effort here in trying to decide if Ricky is really Robert Kellar (he assures me that it is not). If as much effort had gone in to getting the word out to a wider audience about how really, really bad Pombo is, we might not be worring about what is going to happen this election.

It is really hard to get the media attention that your ideas deserve. I write a lot of letters to editors. Most do not get published. I do have some confidence that they add to the weight of opinion and help shape some editorial thinking about whether or not there is a real story here.

For example the press reacted quickly to the natural story of McCloskey, the defender of the ESA vs. Pombo, the wrecker of the ESA. They loved it. Clean, clear distinctions and easy to explain. Just get each to give you a nice quote, end of task.

But that is not really the end of the task, you have to keep score. How do you do that? How about a local, media sponsored poll? Polls cost money and the quasi polls that Newpapers run, asking people to respond with a few clicks, are notoriously erroneous. So, you keep score by looking up the Federal Elections Filings on money raised. Pombo's ahead. Big deal. Filson vs. McNerney, a more interesting case but definitely back page except on SayNoToPombo. However, that focus has left Steve Thomas on the outside of the story also.

Meanwhile, Tom Benigno, who does have some ideas and who does have a longer history of opposing Pombo than anyone else involved, is written out of the story: perennial candidate, no funding, no natural conflict like the ESA. We should be glad he is in this horse race. I have a feeling that there were two kinds of votes that he received before: I like "Tom Benigno" and 'anybody but Pombo". He will still get some of the former votes, but most of the latter will probably go to McCloskey. However, every vote that does not go to Pombo is a good vote in my opinion. So, hang in there, Tom.

As for myself, I chided Robert Kellar over the Filson PR on Pombo's ties to big oil. I still think that this was disengenuous to claim credit, as everyone has been pounding Pombo on this. However, Robert did send me a copy of Filson's February 16 PR.

Rep. Pombo on Wednesday, according to the New York Times, demanded various documents from the Department of the Interior to investigate oil and gas royalty relief he has supported in the past.

“Congressman Pombo has spent his career creating tax breaks and loopholes for the oil and gas industry,” noted Filson. “Unfortunately for the people of the 11th Congressional district, Mr. Pombo is again diverting valuable committee resources for purely political purposes.”

He has been at it longer than I gave him credit for. This is the way that Pombo needs to be treated, with the understanding that every single statement that Pombo makes in public is designed for maximum political effect. Ever action on the floor is designed to help someone.

Now, I just had note from PomboRR that has a good idea for pounding Pombo. Historically, Pombo has turned Memorial Day into a time to take credit for doing so much for our Veterans. This year, we should not allow him to get away with that. When push comes to shove and the veterans need votes, Pombo is off on vacation. Let me remind that Pomobwatch carried this in a two part installment: Veterans Shortchanged and Veterans Shortchanged Part II.

So, forget about who Ricky is. Maybe it is Desi Arnaz back to life. The real questions is whether we define how veterans are treated this Memorial Day, or does Pombo. It is is Pombo, then there are young bodies, some headed for their second or third tour in Iraq, for whom I feel very sorry. I can't imagine a real veteran like McCloskey (Silver Star, Navy Cross) or Filson, or any of the other candidates running against Pombo, who would have voted in such a two-faced, shameful manner.


Anonymous JohnMac said...

Good. Maybe now we can get back to Kevin's 5 questions for Pombo? I loved those 1st 3...

2:21 PM, May 21, 2006  

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