Sunday, May 21, 2006

Break Out Your Orange Hunting Vest

A group of Stockton activists led by Margee Ensign and John Morearty will be leading a protest tomorrow at Vice President Dick Cheney’s Stockton fundraiser for Richard Pombo. The appearance is slated for Monday, May 22, 4:30 p.m. at the Fox/Bob Hope Theater (Main Street @ San Joaquin Street) in downtown Stockton. You can join the protest either on foot or in a vehicle.


There are different protest options available for your convenience:

From 3:00 p.m. onward, you can gather near the Victory Park fire station. If you will be protesting in your vehicle, organizers will help you decorate your car. They will have signs and tape. If you will be protesting on foot, you can get signs at the park or make your own. DO NOT PUT YOUR SIGN ON A WOODEN STICK. If you do, police will confiscate it.
Park downtown. There is meter parking on south Center St. and north El Dorado, just across from the Civic Auditorium/City Hall/public library, around Martin Luther King Plaza; 25 cents an hour, ten hours. There is also a new parking garage just south of Channel St., 1/2 block north of Weber; enter on Hunter or San Joaquin Streets.

We suggest the following walking loop, for maximum visibility:
In front of the Fox, turn left/north on San Joaquin one block to Weber, turn left/west one block to Hunter, turn right/north a block and a half to the Cinema plaza, turn left/west through the plaza, turn left/south on El Dorado two blocks to the pedestrian mall south of the Bank of America, turn left/east through the Hunter Square fountain plaza and you are in front of the Fox again.

While walking, Do not obstruct pedestrian traffic. We have the legal right to walk peacefully with signs, not blocking other foot traffic!

After the walking and driving, about six o'clock, we'll gather for coffee, soda, beer and Tales of War and Peace at the Casa Flores, on the corner of Weber and Hunter streets. They also have good and inexpensive Mexican food.
Oh, and there will be a dress code. All participants are encouraged to wear orange (hunting vests preferred) in honor of “Scattershot” Cheney.


Blogger VPO said...

FYI -- the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton seats 2,042 people. I doubt it will be full, of course, but they must be expecting quite a crowd to rent that space. Let's say 1/2 full at 1000 seats. That comes to $500,000, or if they get their photos, maybe double or triple that.

I am just speculating about the take, but it is a statement about how screwed up things are that one event could bring in more money than all the other candidates have raised so far. Shows how utterly corrupted the political system is.

Fortunately, we have people power and all the money in the world can't buy our votes. Experts say money (by buying TV and radio ads) determines the election, but things are different this time around, with a general feeling of unease about Bush and corrupt the Republicans. All the slick ads in the world can't cover up the stench coming off of Pombo's shoes.

10:49 PM, May 21, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Babaloo.

Rocky here. Rocky and Adrian is mad enough to maybe come out today and join dis here protest march against dis dis dis disgusting excuse fer a Vice President.

He oughta be in jail, if youse ask Rocky.

Look for me and Adrian, cuz I don't know what any of youse look like. Fortunately, I gotta a orange sheet to wrap around my outta shape gut.

Rocky out.

9:07 AM, May 22, 2006  
Anonymous Nicholas said...


for calling it the Fox Theater.....

(grumble grumble...walks away...grumble grumble...)

2:13 PM, May 22, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo youse guys!

Rocky here. After being dere! I wuz hopin to meet some of my new friends, like the cheapskate $.02, Mr VPO, Delta, and Nick. But none of youse guys showed up.

Rocky had a big orange sheet around him so he don't get shot, not only by Chainy but also from the friggin snipers on duh rooftops.

Dere weren't nearly enough protesters dere, but it don't look like ButtaPombO made out too good neither. Rocky saw maybe 75-100 protesters. Sum of duh friggin Repugs cummin out sed dere weren't many Repugs inside duh joint neither, and you can bet not all of 'em paid to get in.

But Rocky got to meet duh Fightin Repug who was dere milking duh crowd, and he even came over to Rocky and Adrian cuz he recognize Rocky. You shoulda seen dis guy hammin fer duh cameras - every TV station in Stockton, Sacramento, and duh Bay Area wuz dere, mostly bored waitin to catch a glimpse of Chainy, so duh Fightin Repub is dere going from one TV van to duh next to duh next. He sorta stole ButtaPombO's whole show, if you know what I mean. His big friggin RV wuz dere too, where he had set up a table and was soiving Margaritas to duh friggin reporters. And you could even get your pitcher took wit duh Fightin Repug fer free, though Rocky declined cuz he's a Dem and he don't trust Repugs.

Rocky gotta though say dese were smart moves on duh part of duh Fightin Repug - he took advantage of the bored mediums ButtaPombO assembled in one spot, and toined it into his event. You see dere was also dis guy in a Abe Lincoln get-up carrying a McClosky sign who tried to tawk his way in saying he wuz entitled to a "Republican Dead President Discount" which of course dey didn't buy. So he went back to duh crowd where he wuz greeted like a hero and den he led 'em in singin real loud "God Bless America." It wuz stirring, if you know what I mean. And den of course the TV cameras all came over like herrings to film Honest Abe singin wit duh orange shirts. Duh friggin Fightin Repug and his gang stole duh show.

Rocky's guy McNerney had a bunch a supporters dere too, fortunately, includin yers truly and Adrian. But he didn't see nuttin or no presence of Pretty Boy. Rocky don't see dat guy doin much of nuttin except takin credit in Pre-Releases for tings everybody else is doin, if you know what I mean.

Rocky out. For now. Yo Mr $.02 - why you call the Fightin Repug Citrus Pete? Does it have sumtin to do wit "orange" shoits?

10:28 PM, May 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2% of a buck again (and yes, Rocky -- he's Citrus Pete because of all that orange stain on his hands from picking all that fruit)

It's going to get interesting from this point forward for us data wonks, since the FEC requires 48 hour notice for all contributions (or loans, if someone is feeling real generous toward themselves) for the period beginning 5/18/06 and ending at the primary on 6/6/06, so let me have the F6 form envelopes, please, on how our contestants are doing on "Congressional Idol":

1) Pombo -- the Dickster must be pleased with all the PAC moola he is wallowing in -- $29,341 in just 5 days! (and no, that does not count the massive Pombo Pokerama last night in Stockton...)

2) Filson -- Steverino is trying hard, and getting lots of fat cat checks (max amounts of $2,100 for some!) -- $10,200!

3) McNerney -- Ol' Jerr better get his Nikes (no, not Nukes, Nikes) strapped on; he's falling behind with a mere $2,000 to show for this (but his base might be tapped out from that "boot-a-thon" they held that got over $50,000 JUST before we went to our 48 hour "fund-a-thon" reporting format, so we'll let him rest for now)

4) McCloskey -- Citrus Pete better empty out those orange baskets and start fillin' em up with another color - GREEN - if he hopes to catch the Dickster and put him to work on his Rumsey ranch, with all that spare time Ol' Dicko'd have; only a mere $1,000 (but from only one contributor -- an impressive $1,000 check!)

Thomas and Benigno? FEC says "who dey?"

$.02 out.

3:36 PM, May 23, 2006  
Blogger babaloo said...

It's interesting to note that the AP report published in the San Francisco Chronicle claims that there were 200 attendees at the Cheney/Pombo fundraiser and that Pombo raised over $200,000; yet the Stockton Record's Hank Shaw puts the numbers at "more than 100" attendees and $100,000 raised.

The AP article continues with this description of the protest: "In Stockton, police SWAT teams blockaded downtown streets with buses and prepared a park for hundreds of protesters, but none materialized." Once again, the Stockton Record has a slightly different take on the afternoon's activities.

Kind of makes you wonder.

7:26 PM, May 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2 cents -

An important caveat -- the 48-hour notice is only for contributions over $1000.

Here's the info from the FEC primary calendar:

** Filed by candidate committees only. 48-Hour Notices are required if the campaign committee receives contributions (including in-kind gifts or advances of goods or services; loans from the candidate or other non-bank sources; and guarantees or endorsements of bank loans to the candidate or committee) of $1,000 or more, during the applicable period.

12:39 AM, May 24, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2% of a buck again (with a "slight" caveat to up the previous one from anon "snarky" above, who seems to be hyperlink-impaired)

To paraphrase another Republican (Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois -- sorry, he may be ancient history to some of you) --

A thousand dollars here, and a thousand dollars there, and pretty soon, you're talking about real money --

In this case, over $54K for the Dickster in just one day, bringing his "over $1,000" total to close to $85,000 since 5/17.

As Randy Newman sez,

"It's money that matters, in the USA."

The point being, until there is a candidate who can raise significant bucks ($1MM or more in an election cycle) without selling their soul to the devil, Pombo has the upper hand in this game of PAC Poker.

$.02 out.

9:17 AM, May 24, 2006  

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