Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Meta: Our 10,000th Hit

Say No to Pombo received its 10,000th site visit today, according to my Site Meter. Interestingly enough, the 10,000th hit came from the House of Representatives. (Update: the graph shows the growth in hits and page views since we started). Furthermore, Google Analytics has recorded over 3,000 different unique visitors since November 15, 2005. This is something of a milestone, and I want to thank my co-bloggers for all of their hard work and all of the readers, especially the regular readers.

Also, as of now Say No to Pombo has raised nearly $3,000 for the anti-Pombo effort. Donations have been coming in more slowly these days, I think because I have been less insistent on asking for them. But if you have not given to the anti-Pombo effort, you can do so here. There is no time like the present. At the very least, I hope someone will top off the ActBlue page at $3,000.


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