Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Update on an Action Item

Yesterday I posted a plea for people to sign up for the Say No to Pombo DFA-Link.  But I have since realized that there is a problem with my plea.  I conflated two separate actions: 1) registering with DFA-Link and 2) joining the Say No to Pombo group that is part of DFA-Link.  My confusion stemmed from two things.  First, because I signed up with DFA-Link months ago, I did not understand exactly how the sign-up process with DFA-Link would work.  Specifically, I did not realize that my invitation would not automatically invite people to the Say No to Pombo group.  Second, the target audience for my plea was both a) those who had not registered with DFA-Link, and b) those who had already registered, but who had not yet joined the Say No to Pombo group.  

As I mentioned yesterday, the top three recruiters this week for DFA-Link, meaning the three people who get the most people to newly register with DFA-Link, will get a call from Jim Dean, the Chair of DFA.  If I get a call from Jim Dean, I will spend the time talking about the importance of the race to unseat Pombo and discussing how DFA can most effectively involve itself in the race.  Because the metric for the recruitment drive is new registrations with DFA-Link, I will get credit for anyone who signs up with DFA-Link if they come from certain URLs, such as this one.

But the deeper issue is that I think the Say No to Pombo group on DFA-Link will provide a good organizational tool to fight against Pombo.  It’s great that people have signed up with DFA-Link because that helps me with a very short-term goal (getting Jim Dean on the phone).  But I hope that everyone will also join the Say No to Pombo group.  

So go here to register with DFA-Link and then, once you have registered, go here to join the Say No to Pombo group.      


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