Saturday, October 21, 2006

Truthout Video Puts The Focus On CA-11 has produced and posted a video about the Congressional race between Jerry McNerney and Richard Pombo in CA-11. Truthout's Sari Gelzer has been following the recent events in this campaign and has done a terrific job giving an overview of the race in her piece entitled Grassroots on Fire in Midterm Campaign: Pombo Meets His Match — Jerry McNerney's "People Power."

Give it a look — Gelzer interviews several local voters and activists and speaks with Pete McCloskey, Tom Benigno and Ed Yoon, along with a great exchange between Pombo and McNerney from the Tracy Forum earlier this month. You can watch Richard Pombo answer a question by attempting to conflate the Iraq War with fighting terrorism, and you can watch one of the best performances by Jerry McNerney that I’ve ever seen as he just explodes that argument.


Anonymous trollpatrol said...

now *thats* hot.

11:04 AM, October 21, 2006  
Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

Those sound bites are good but they do not tell the whole story. The short message that pete and I did was too short. The real message is in the fight, that tells the folks what's is going on. The papers are telling a different story, Pombo this Pombo that. I hope this race don't come down to how much you have to pay the news papers. They most likely own the printing companies as well. If that is the case it's over.
Knocking on doors will be the only other way." Quit your knocking cause you can't come in". That was Little Richards tune in the 50's.

Keep knocking Jerry.Vote for Mc Nerney.

Tom Benigno

7:23 AM, October 22, 2006  

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