Thursday, October 19, 2006

Richard Pombo Needs To Come Out Clean

The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund is staging an event this evening in Dublin. Stating “Richard Pombo Needs To Come Out Clean,” this group is raising questions about Pombo’s involvement with Jack Abramoff and his refusal to address allegations of bribery and corruption publicly:
Richard Pombo’s hiding out from facing the public at his embarrassment and fear for his political life by the revelation that he lied about being lobbied by Abramoff twice to prevent congressional investigation of child prostitution, forced abortion, and sweatshop labor in the U.S. territory of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands.
Two weeks ago at the Tracy candidates’ forum, Richard Pombo categorically denied having ever been lobbied by Jack Abramoff. A few days later, the AP’s Erica Werner broke the story that Abramoff’s billing to the government of the Mariana Islands in 1996 included two separate lobbying contacts directly with Richard Pombo. Faced with the evidence that he had lied at the forum, Pombo just continued to lie about his involvement with Abramoff. Hank Shaw of the Stockton Record reported on Pombo’s defense strategy:
Pombo himself consistently has said he has never done more than exchange pleasantries with Abramoff.

"Richard is clear and vehement and adamant that he hadn't met Jack Abramoff in 1996," Kennedy said. "These documents are nothing more than additional evidence of the Democrats' shameless character-assassination campaign.

"This man pleaded guilty in federal court to several counts of fraud, so power-thirsty liberals dust off his decade-old, fraudulent billing records as proof of some impropriety on Richard's part? It's ridiculous." […]

[Abramoff's billing records] also helped persuade Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, to resign last month.

Ney adamantly had denied any wrongdoing for months, even calling Abramoff a liar, before he pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges a month ago.
Well, the citizens of CA-11 are tired of Richard Pombo’s lies — they’re demanding real answers to allegations of serious crimes.
If Pombo won’t come out clean from hiding, let’s go to where he is.

On Thursday, October 19, at 6:00 PM, Richard Pombo is slated to speak at the Tri-Valley Republican Women Federated Candidates Night at Kassabian Motors, 6032 Dougherty Road in Dublin .

We will rally along the sidewalks with signs. For those interested in participating, please meet at the sidewalk of the address at 5:30 PM, or you can carpool from our office at 5:00 PM. Our office is located at 555 Peters Avenue, Suite 105 in Pleasanton. Our organizers will bring plenty of signs and red foam gloves.

RSVP at or call (925) 249-1615.
I’m hoping Matt O. will be there and report back to us (with pictures — hint, hint).


Anonymous Tom Benigno said...

To the writer of the post, the phrase should have been."
Richard Pombo needs to come Clean"
The way the title appears it's as though, Pombo will come out of this mess clean.
He is dirty and even " Mr Clean" can get him clean. Regarding the information Pombo will not tell us the truth. He has his spin masters telling everyone that Jerry is not responding to telephone calls and e-mails, and also that Jerry has refused personnel engagements. That is far from the truth. Pombo missed nine forums that Mc Closkey and I invited him to participate in and he refused everyone.

If you want some lies tell them about the Refuseing of,
2.would not respond to questions
3.did you take money from Abramoff
4.didyou take money from 21Centry
5.did you pay a fine to the FPPc
7.did you lie aboutthe antenna farm you own more than 6,000 acres
9.Are you pushing for a hwy 130 for your own benefit.
10.Did you know your family was responsible for Benigno being hospitalized.
11. did you give incumbents
12.did you contribute to De lays defence.
13.Did you just push a bill to help build a town on your home ranch.
14. are you going to get offers on your land next to antenna farm if the let the kids play group gets the people to vote on the aquatic park.
15. Is your donation to the Ive's for mayor campaign of $25.000 to help Ive's get elected have anything to do with the Gateway project for you and Ornellas on 11th street in Trcay.
16. Should I keep going.

Vote this corrupt guy out. Vote Mc Nerney in.

Tom Benigno

1:57 PM, October 19, 2006  

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