Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pombo on the Ag Committee

I hate to post again, and take the spotlight away from VPO's most recent post. This is a very important step and deserves all of the attention that it can get, so if you have not read it yet, do so. Either just scroll down or click here.

Having said that, I want to comment on the very recent announcement that Pombo has been promoted to Vice Chair of the Ag Committee. Now, don't get me started about Pombo holding the Vice Chair. I will leave that to Leno and Letterman. Still, I want to bring up the agriculture subject again.

The California Farm Bureau was immediated ready with a supporting announcement, so immediately ready that you know they were in the know ahead of time. The Farm Bureau plays this up as a symbol of his strength. I don't. I take it as a sign that he understand the fact that he is in a real race this time, that there are things outside his control and he is trying to secure his base of support before things erode too far. The "promotion" was probably easy. He obvously collected a debt from the new Republican Majority Leader, Boehner for his support in that battle.

The timing of this indicates to me that he recognized that his opponents were starting to come over the hill. Both McCloskey and Benigno are or have been farmers themselves. So much for an advantage just by being a "rancher". He had to show more, just for the Primary.

Then, you take the fact that Jerry McNerney was one of the few Democrats who actually went and talked to the Farm Bureau. It probably surprised the hell out of them. And, we know the Filson flew over a farm once or twice.

So, this is a pay off from Boehner, and another shot at getting money from Industrial Agriculture. The problem with this strategy is that he still has to convince the small farmer, those who are struggling with family farms, that all of this is good for them. He still has to defend his lack of support of a good immigration bill that the Farm Bureau says that it needs.

I think that Pombo is convinced that American Food will be picked by Latin American Workers. Maybe they will be in the US or maybe they will be in Mexico and Chile. I think he likes the latter. He voted for an immigration bill without the provision for guest workers. He voted for NAFTA. Still, the Farm Bureau is convinced that he is one of them. I don't think so. He really wants to see all of that farm land developed by his good friend Frite Grupe. Maybe ConAgra likes Pombo, or the American Dairymans Association likes him. But, what about the guy with a few hundred acres and just his family to do the work. I don't think that Pombo cares.

Now, the task for the rest of you is to help me get that interpretation in front of more than just us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

McNerney was just endorsed by the Tri-Valley Democratic Club...

Valley club endorses local Democrats for office
By Rebecca F. Johnson, STAFF WRITER
Tri-Valley Herald

DUBLIN — While touting their respective qualifications, candidates vying for Democratic primary election nominations underscored the need to shift from the Republican influence in Washington and Sacramento while speaking before the Tri-Valley Democratic Club's supportive audience.

Slightly more than 100 people attended the forum Monday night to hear from candidates for the 11th Congressional District, state Senate District 10 and Assembly District 18.

Club President Ian Seldensaid he was pleased with the turnout. The club decided this year to endorse candidates, and members had the chance to vote for their favorites following the forum.

Steve Filson, a Danville airline pilot, Steve Thomas, a Danville electrician, and alternative energy consultant Jerry McNerney are seeking the 11th Congressional District nomination.

The district covers parts of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin and Santa Clara counties, including a majority of Valley cities that largely lean Republican.

McNerney did not attend the event because of a death in the family, so campaign manager A.J. Carrillo spoke on his behalf. Nevertheless, McNerney, a Pleasanton resident who ran against Pombo in 2004, earned the club's endorsement.

Carrillo promoted McNerney's desire to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, ensure adequate health care availability, retain critical environmental habitats and withdraw from Iraq within a year.

Meanwhile, Filson discussed working to protect the environment, ensuring a strong defense and creating a balanced federal budget. A former Navy pilot, Filson underscored the need for transportation and road improvements in the district and electing a Democrat to replace Pombo.

"I plan to take Mr. Pombo to task for the incredible neglect that has happened in this district, whether you're talking transportation or anything," he said. "This is the time. We have to make the right choices to move this forward, to win this race."

Thomas, calling himself a "true progressive," said he supports a woman's right to choose, gay rights, human rights and marriage equality.

Thomas addressed his desire to make government work for the people rather than corporate interests, implement a public campaign finance program and push Democratic reform.

"This election is not just about throwing Mr. Pombo back to Tracy and making him stay there," he said. "It's a battle against a Republican agenda which has been ruining our country. It's also a battle for the heart and soul for our party."

In addition to Pombo, former congressman and attorney Pete McCloskey Jr. and former farmer and businessman Tom Benigno will be on the Republican ballot...

2:13 PM, March 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fail to see how this comment has any relevance to Delta's post regarding Pombo's appt to the Ag Committee. In fact, its not only annoying to me, but its disrespectful of Delta and others.

While I personally support McNerney in this race, I think posts like this reflect poorly on our candidate. What we supporters of McNerney do DOES reflect on Jerry, so grow up.

Show some maturity and respect for others.

6:40 PM, March 22, 2006  
Anonymous nicholas said...

i agree....but this isnt the first time an article has been anon dumped on "SNTP"...

Its happened across the board...Matt, if interested in the cross post, usually creates a new thread on it...

*back to america's next top model for me.


8:19 PM, March 22, 2006  

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