Friday, January 27, 2006

Filson v. SJ Supervisors


Steve Filson vs. San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors

Steve Gutierrez, District 1

Gutierrez, 40, is one of the youngest county supervisors in California and is not a stranger to county government. He served as Legislative Assistant to First District Supervisor William N. Sousa from 1991 until Sousa's retirement in 1996. Gutierrez spent six years (1985-91) with the County Private Industry Council as coordinator of the Summer Youth Employment and Training Program Theater Project. This $250,000 per year activity received a Presidential Award of Excellence during his tenure. Gutierrez also served as monitor of state and federal employment and training programs for the County Employment and Economic Development Department.
His duties as First District Legislative Assistant included organizing residents at Gianone and Kennedy Parks and establishing Neighborhood Watch programs in the Country Club, Northeast and South Stockton areas. His responsibilities have included assisting the Targeted Opportunities To Prevent Pollution in San Joaquin County (TOPPS), Kennedy Swimming Pool Booster Club, City of Stockton Truancy Task Force, Stockton Beautiful and City of Stockton Graffiti Abatement Task Force.
He currently serves as a member of the San Joaquin County Children and Families Commission. He has served as president of Hispanics for Political Action and the Coalition of Mexican American Organizations. He is the co-founder of Comerciantes Unidos (Stockton's first Spanish-speaking business group).

Steve Filson, Dem Candidate for Congress

He knows how to empty a swamp cooler.


Dario Marenco, District 2

Marenco has worked throughout the community in a variety of activities geared to improving the quality of life in Stockton. A few years ago he was listed among the most powerful residents in the city in a newspaper poll for his civic contributions and concerns.
He was co-founder of the CYO youth basketball program, member and chair of the urban housing committee, active in the “Su Salud” health fair, worked to bring more jobs to Downtown Stockton and served as chair of the Stockton Charter Revision Committee and Mosquito Abatement District Board. He is currently Chairman of the Criminal Justice Oversight Group.
In addition, he helped drive drug dealers out of a downtown park near his dental practice and worked in the same area to help the elderly block a plan for expensive underground utilities. He supported acquiring additional water from New Melones Reservoir, worked to correct problems with the Stockton Regional Sewer Plant, and has served as a volunteer campaign manager in city, county and federal elections.

Steve Filson, Dem Candidate for Congress

He has a cousin that lives in Stockton.


Victor Mow, District 3

Supervisor Mow has a long history of public service and came to the Board as a past Stockton City Council member where he was elected twice and served a term as Vice Mayor. During Supervisor Mow’s time as a Council member, the City of Stockton experienced a renaissance of downtown and waterfront development, the institution of Community Policing, curfew center, expanded after school programs, graffiti abatement and strong economic growth. In addition, the City of Stockton was awarded the distinction as an All America City.
Supervisor Mow’s service to San Joaquin County has been recognized in many areas: · Recipient of San Joaquin County Employee of the Year for 1993· Awarded the Service to Mankind Award by the Sertoma Club· Inducted into the Edison High Hall of Fame in 1994· Recipient of the Leadership Stockton’s Outstanding Achievement for Community Involvement.· Received the Alumnus of the Year Award from his alma mater, California State University, Stanislaus, in 2004.

Steve Filson, Dem Candidate for Congress

He spent 4 years in Fresno in the 1970s.


Jack Sieglock, District 4

Supervisor Sieglock represents the Board of Supervisors on the Council of Governments, Economic Development Association, Community Economic Development Action Committee, and the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo). In addition, he serves on the American River Authority, San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency, East San Joaquin Water Users Association, the Advisory Water Commission, Hospital Joint Conference Committee, Medical Executive Committee, and the Ad Hoc Green Belt Policy Committee. New assignments this year include the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Aviation Advisory Board, Central Valley Rail Commission, Caltrans Rail Task Force Steering Committee, San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, and the County-wide Library Operations Task Force.
Supervisor Sieglock has been actively involved in community and county affairs throughout his professional career. He has worked to meet the needs of seniors, create jobs, provide our youth with activities, seek solutions to the gang problems, and has dealt extensively with water and agricultural issues.
In 1990 and 1994, Jack Sieglock was elected to the Lodi City Council. He served as Mayor in 1994 and 1998. He was the City's representative to the San Joaquin Partnership and to the Joint City of Lodi/Lodi District Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee, of which he was a charter member.Prior to elective office, Supervisor Sieglock was employed for ten years in Congressman Norm Shumway's District Office in Stockton. His assignments included a variety of issues affecting the residents of San Joaquin County and nine other counties throughout Northern California.Supervisor Sieglock served on the All-American Waterfest Board, Air Expo and as a trustee for United Way. Additionally, he is serving on the Board of Directors for the Lodi Boys and Girls Club, of which he is a past president, as a member of the Lodi District Chamber of Commerce, the San Joaquin Zoological Society, and as a JBL basketball coach.In 1984, Supervisor Sieglock participated in a Group Study Exchange Program for Rotary International and was sent to the Philippines. In 1985, he was selected an Outstanding Young Man of America by Rotary International.
Following ten years of public service in the congressional district office, Jack became the Professional Services Director for Option Care, Inc., based in Ceres, CA. Option Care specializes in home infusion therapy and nutritional services.

Steve Filson, Dem Candidate for Congress

He has been to San Joaquin and knows where it is on the map.


Leroy Ornellas, District 5

A third generation farmer and dairyman, Ornellas has served as a member of the San Joaquin County Agricultural Advisory Board, appointed to the Board by former County Supervisor Bob Cabral. He was selected by his peers to serve as Chair of the Agricultural Advisory Board for the past 5 years.Recognizing his many contributions to the community and to agriculture, Leroy was honored by the City of Tracy and the Tracy Chamber of Commerce as “Agriculturist of the Year” in 1995.He is active on several boards and commissions in the Tracy area, including the Board of Directors, for the Sutter/Tracy Community Hospital and the Tracy Chamber of Commerce. He was recently nominated to serve as Vice-President of the Tracy Rotary Club.Leroy was a founding member of the San Joaquin County Citizens Land Alliance – an organization that advocates for the rights of private property owners.He has been active in land use issues as a member of the first “Tracy Tomorrow” task force. He has provided testimony to various legislative bodies engaged in the development of land use plans, such as the San Joaquin County 2010 General Plan and the City of Tracy General Plan.

Steve Filson, Dem Candidate for Congress

He is "fighting for fairness".


Anonymous nicholas said...

Whats the point of contrasting the Board of Supervisors and Filson?

and as much as I love screaming my support for McNerney why not contrast all three candidates against the Board?

7:27 AM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

Maybe it is just that Jerry does not make it a point of his campaign that he "really connects to the valley." Jerry seems to go directly at the issues while Filson seems to spin out these political "facts" as if they were the determinant factors: I can raise money. I am from the valley. The focus should maybe be more on what you do rather than whay you say.

8:50 AM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Isn't it obvious? Here are 5 people who have contributed substantially to San Joaquin in many ways. People who, whether you agree with their philosophy or not, are recognized for their work and efforts on solving SJ problems. These are people who have served on boards and commissions that work on and address issues in the county.

By contrast, Filson has done exactly nada for SJ County, and he wants to be elected to Congress as their representative? He has no governmental experience and little in-depth knowledge of San Joaquin issues and politics. He has no standing in the community, no record to run on, and no legacy of achievements or service anywhere in the district.

Isn't it absurd and, ultimately, insulting that the DCCC "supports" such a candidate? Indeed, it mocks the efforts of all of us concerned with better representation in the District to foist such an inexperienced and unknown person, from Danville no less, on us as the "preferred" candidate.

Do they think with enough money thrown at the race he could win? Do they think that he will somehow win the hearts of the SJ voters such that they pull the lever for an unknown from Danville who has no experience in the Valley?

And as far as comparing to all three, I chose Filson to highlight the inanity of the DCCC's "choice".

9:23 AM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Scott C said...

Although I'm not exactly a Filson supporter, I'm not entirely sure how fair or even helpful this is.

First off, some of these people may not even live in the district - a good part of central Stockton is in the 18th.

Second, it takes more to being a good candidate than experience - you have to want it. Obviously none of these people wanted to run enough to try. There is certainly a good reason for this - perhaps they feel they can make more difference to their community where they are than in Congress. Perhaps they don't feel they are done serving where they are yet. Perhaps they don't want to go through the serious financial, personal and relationship strains that running against a corrupt politician with a $6 mil warchest would certainly bring. Maybe they have families that they don't want to leave 5 days out of the week to fly across the country to a job that is closely scrutinized and doesn't pay well. Etc.

I'm not a huge Filson fan, but what I can say about him and the other primary candidates is that they have put a lot on the line for this office they truly want against long odds, no matter what their other motivations are - that is something that none of these other people have right now. Whether they would make good candidates if they had that drive is almost without question, but ignoring that drive is misunderstanding what it takes to win.

Now, although I don't feel that undermining one of the candidates is helpful to unseating Pombo (the stated point of this blog), there is a good point here that should be remembered. Should we fail to get rid of Pombo this year, we should be actively recruiting people like the ones on this list to run in '08. If we lose, the first blog post here after Nov 7th should be starting to explore potential next candidates, then pushing the local County Committees and the DCCC to recruit them.

Bottom line is : these people will not be facing Pombo this year, Steve Filson might. If we truly want Pombo out above anything else, this type of political self flagellation is probably not ultimately helpful.

9:43 AM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

There is "political self- flagellation" and then there is reality. The reality is that Filson is inexperienced, unknown, and unimpressive, yet the DCCC has "anointed" him as a candidate. I don't know how foolish, absurd, and out-of--touch you have to be to do something like that.

I know I am being very hard on Filson, but he chose to enter the kitchen, and if he can't stand the heat, he is free to leave. I have no sympathy for him or his ego. I only want to see Pombo defeated.

And, in reality, I do not see anyway Filson could possibly do this, even with big money and all the drive in the world.

Maybe there is one way -- if Pombo gets arrested and thrown in jail, then he might get defeated. But Pombo is brushing off the Abramoff scandal and plowing forward unscathed so far, so that seems a remote possibility.

And even then, it would be a win in spite of Filson, not because of him. If we get a lucky break like that, there is hope.

Otherwise, "a snowball's chance in hell", as the saying goes.

See, I think our efforts should not be directed on loser candidates, but in seriously and realistically facing what it would take to win. The effort needs to be for the long haul, to build support and a reputation in San Joaquin. To do good work for San Joaquin and help the community grow and prosper. To respect and respond to the needs of the people of the County.

My point with the Board of Supervisors is not that they should run for Congress, but that they have shown effort and dedication to the community and have worked on issues and concerns of the people there. They are not saints and I disagee with many of their policies. But you have to at the very least respect their efforts and dedication. Also, the fact they got elected shows something of what voters look for in someone they want representing them.

The Democrats need to build the organization there, and as Scott C mentions, working with the clubs and organizations from the ground up. That seems to be what Jerry is doing, building the orgs and grassroots, and I think that will have a much more lasting effect than a "fly by night" like Filson.

10:12 AM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell is the point of this post? To do Pombo's work for him? This site has gotten almost comical in its histrionics about Filson. He's in the race. He doesn't have a lot of experience. Get over it!

By all means, sing McNerney's praise from the rooftops, compare him favorably to Filson if you feel so inclined, but this post is not only mean-spirited but contributes nothing to OUR Democratic cause or anything at all to the legitimate debate about the merits of the primary candidates. I thought this website was making an effort to at least be constructive in its criticism and recognize that we're all on the same side but apparently I was wrong.

The DCCC cannot foist a candidate on the district -- if voters don't like Filson, he'll lose the primary. If McNerney is the better candidate, he'll win. The money gap is not big enough to change that fact. So what exactly is the point of plastering the internet with this kind of negativity? Why not just be confident that your man will win the race and quit sounding so embittered?

11:16 AM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

I totally disagree with you, Anonymous. There is nothing mean-spirited or "histrionic" about the post. Nor do I consider it "negative". As they used to say on TV, "Just the facts, ma'am".

These are the facts, plain and clear. So blast me for saying "the candidate has no clothes", but that does not put clothes on him. I still have not seen any of the replies here say anything positive about Filson or why he would be a good candidate, other than he has "drive".

And I am not a McNerney supporter, nor am I here to sign his praises. He stacks up only slightly better than Filson in comparison to the SJ Supervisors.

"Foist" means "to pass something false or worthless off as genuine". That about describes the Filson candidacy -- and the DCCC's ability to judge both a candidate and a race.

The DCCC and Tauscher, by inherently backing Filson, have directed money and endorsements towards him. A similar thing happened with Elaine Shaw in 2002, and it was a complete disaster. Last I heard, she still owes nearly a quarter of a million dollars from that campaign.

Rant and raving and being angry that things are the way they are is not going to beat Pombo. Facing the cold, harsh reality works much better, whether you like hearing it or not.

I am here only to tell the truth and present the facts as clearly as I can, so as to generate a hard-nosed assessment of what it REALLY takes to win this district. That is not "doing Pombo's work", that is, instead, doing the most effective things possible to see him defeated. And in this case, presenting the reality about Filson makes it very clear why his chances of winning are in the nanosphere.

12:04 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for clarifying your point vpo...i really appreciated and agree with this comment:

The effort needs to be for the long haul, to build support and a reputation in San Joaquin. To do good work for San Joaquin and help the community grow and prosper. To respect and respond to the needs of the people of the County.


I think my MLK post is a perfect example of how McNerney is on the same page.

12:19 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least if you were supporting McNerney, there would be some sense here. Instead, you're just throwing a tantrum.

I don't know what the source of your anger at Filson is. The DCCC and Tauscher are not giving him nearly as much support as you give them credit for. What support they're giving would NOT, in ANY circumstances, have gone to McNerney if Filson wasn't in the race. McNerney in 2004 was some guy out of nowhere who raised nothing and lost by a lot. Granted, he will run a much better race this time, but the DCCC just would not have gotten involved.

Filson entering the race has made McNerney a better candidate -- he's hired fundraisers, he's debating, getting his face out there 11 months before the general. A primary will also increase the candidates' name penetration in the district, which will help whoever wins. All good things. The only bad thing to come out of this primary is people like yourself, who waltz around tearing down the candidates for daring not to be as qualified as YOU would LIKE them to be.

And then you act like you're making some kind of ground-breaking bold statement -- the candidate has no clothes! Filson's short on qualifications! Everyone KNOWS that. Some people support him anyway, because they like him as a person, because they respect his career in the Navy, because they agree with his priorities for the district, or because they don't like McNerney. Everyone would prefer a candidate with more qualifications. Everyone would prefer a candidate with name recognition. Everyone would prefer a candidate from San Joaquin County. Don't act like you are doing us all a favor by pointing these things out -- they're obvious. So instead of being petty why don't you try and elevate the discussion and tell us something we don't already know?

12:56 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

ANON Says: "Filson's short on qualifications! Everyone KNOWS that."

Thank you for pointing that out and agreeing with me.

1:31 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous nicholas said...

hey, the second anon was from me..i thought i put my name on it...the other anons are someone else...err..

1:32 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Wayne Johnson said...

Really excellent post.

I couldn't have written it better myself. Dividing the opposition has been a priority for us and I'm glad to see you have a headstart.

I've started to smear McCloskey by calling him "Austin Powers" and saying he's stuck in the 70's. Tee hee. I always have to giggle a little at that one.

Maybe we can compare notes on how to continue to smear Filson sometime? I was thinking of highlighting his rich neighborhood with something like "Country Club Filson" or "Rich man - poor district". Whaddya think?

Wayne Johnson
Campaign Consultant to Hon. Richard Pombo

1:49 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Hi Wayne,

Glad to see you have taken up blogging! How's Richard and Annette?

Can you believe the Dems were so dumb as to put up a candidate like Filson? (snicker, snicker) Are you sure you didn't find him and "encourage" him to run? That would sound like your handiwork.

Or did Tauscher work a deal out with Machado to boost Filson and save the seat for Mike in 2008?

In either case, having "East Bay Bunglers" like Filson run sure does make life easier for you and Richard! Is he even going to bother campaigning this time around?

Just make sure you send him a big bill -- he is wallowing in campaign cash from what I hear!

See you in 2008!


2:01 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...


I think you need to realize that there is a tremendous range of political experience and understanding in the Say No to Pombo audience. I think a lot of people would not accept what you've just said about the race. It's not that I disagree with it, it's that I think some others would.

More to the point, you seem not to appreciate the fact that Steve Filson has gone around the district arguing that he should get support in the primary because he can connect with the voters in San Joaquin County due to his Central Valley connections. Some people have bought this argument.

Now I can't speak for VPO, but hearing people buy into this argument frustrates me. It's not frustrating because I like McNerney more than Filson, it's frustrating because it seems like such a manifestly unrealistic reason for supporting Filson as a candidate. I mean, you've provided some really solid reasons for supporting Filson. I might not think they make him the best candidate, but I have a hard time arguing with people who are compelled by them.

But even though I can accept all of the reasons for supporting Filson that you laid out, in my experience a lot of Filson supporters (at least in the blogosphere) simply will not admit to what you've said. They have consistently criticized Say No to Pombo for not clapping loud enough about Filson. In their view, as I've heard them articulate it, McNerney is not only a worse candidate than Filson, McNerney is a bad candidate and Filson is somehow objectively a good candidate. And any attempt to parse the Filson spin on things is a sign of incipient McNerney partisanship. And one of the big clubs against Say No to Pombo is the support Filson enjoys among the Democratic Party establishment.

I actually agree with you that the establishment support for Filson is less than VPO seems to think. But he is not alone in this.

I think a lot of folks who aren't really involved in the Democratic Party don't understand the magnitude of difference between the establishment support for Filson and the establishment support for someone like Tammy Duckworth. Even the local papers repeat that Filson has the support of Pelosi and the DCCC even though they haven't done all that much to support him, and certainly they have not endorsed him.

But Filson's campaign has been hyping the establishment support from the beginning in order to make the primary seem like a fait accompli, in order to seem like the natural destination for contributions, and in order to put pressure on McNerney to drop out of the race.

So what happens when people actually buy into the spin that Filson's campaign has put out?

You have a weird scenario in which people might believe Filson's claims about establishment support, but still perceive certain insufficiencies about Filson, including the fact that he's not from San Joaquin County and does not seem to be in a position to readily connect with people from San Joaquin County.

So how do you explain these perceived insufficiencies given Filson's supposed strong support in DC? One way out of this confusion is to posit that the Democratic Party establishment is a bunch of out-of-touch idiots. They don't know Filson or the district well, and so their strong support is a result of bad judgement.

Another way out of this confusion would simply be to bite the bullet and think the DCCC knows something we don't. I've heard this point articulated multiple times by Filson supporters.

Notice, both arguments follow from the premise that Filson does in fact enjoy considerable support in Washington. Given that premise you can demonstrate that Filson does not deserve the support he's getting from DC OR you can view his support from DC as an authoritative statement about his viability as a candidate. But both sides seem to accept Filson's spin on how much support he has in DC.

Your point that the DCCC and others aren't really supporting Filson all that much changes the nature of the debate. Frankly, the debates becomes much more substantive because it acknowledges the perceived insufficiencies. No long is the question: Who are you going to believe, the DCCC or your lying eyes?

I hope this makes sense.

2:11 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not like the DCCC didn't try to encourage Machado to run or to find a candidate from SJ county. They tried, they couldn't find anyone. Not one of your SJ Board of Supes, not Machado, not Ensign (until it was too late), no one. So the DCCC made the best of their situation and backed Filson, who is likable, moderate, has a military background and can raise cash. As was pointed out earlier, they weren't going to back McNerney so it was Filson or nothing. If the DCCC had turned down some fantastic candidate in favor of Filson, I could understand why you were angry (um, SO angry), but as it is I just don't get it.

What really pisses me off about your attitude is you pick Filson apart and then when pressed you say you don't think McNerney is much better either. You're very conveniently (and smugly) in the position of trashing everyone and supporting no one. Incredibly helpful.

2:19 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry that was a response to VPO, not Matt.

2:27 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...

To the person who posted as Wayne,

I fail to see how this is any sort of smear against Filson. We need to honestly and frankly weigh the merits of the various candidates and also freely acknowledge the challenges they face.

Furthermore, nothing that was said here is revolutionary. If you think it's not immediately apparent that Filson is from a rich part of the district when he comes from Danville, you obviously don't know the district. More to the point, Richard Pombo's wealth far exceeds Steve Filson's.

Oh, but you say that Richard Pombo comes across as just another local boy, not like a rich guy. Ok, fair enough. But Steve Filson does not come across like that. And it's important to understand that when you're determining what challenges Filson faces.

Nobody is saying that Filson is barred from representing the district because of all of these factors, or that he is any way unqualified to represent the district. What we are saying is that he faces particular challenges and that he must strive to face them if he has any hope of winning the election.

When we acknowledge these things, we at least open the possibility of dealing with them. Right now, Filson's way of dealing with these issues seems to be one part denial and one part rhetoric. Actually, he has seemingly gotten better at discussing the economic issues, which is something I initially criticized him for. And that's the point. He can get better and find ways of overcoming these challenges. Nobody is consigning him to the dustbin of history. Simply biting our tongues and staying silent about these issues not only elevates hope to the level a campaign strategy, it also insults the intelligence of the residents of the district.

2:28 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just think there are ways to point out the candidates' shortcomings without resorting to pettiness or sarcasm.

2:29 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair enough, I'll let the posts speak for themselves.

2:39 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...


I'm not sure if you were addressing me, VPO, or both of us. But I would like to address the imputation of anger, something I have seen a number of times. For what it's worth, I don't perceive such anger in myself or in my co-authors. Blogs have a lot fewer emotional cues than most other forms of communication, while still retaining a personal tone that might come across as laden with emotion. And even when I have had an emotional response, people have misconstrued the target of that emotion and the intensity with which I feel it.

I'm not sure there is much I can do except assert that the level of perceived anger seems to wildly surpass the level of actual anger. Take that for what it's worth.

2:39 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...

Oops, I missed that comment about whom the response was directed to.

Regarding what you said about pettiness and sarcasm, I think I agree with the principle without necessarily agreeing that it applies in this case. I mean, I know I have resorted to sarcasm from time to time, and maybe I indulge in it too much. But I don't think anyone here is trying to be petty, or even insensitive to the charge that we are being petty.

I just think that there are a lot of judgements about the race that are contested. Frankly, I think the conventional wisdom is faily wrong about some basic premises behind this race. And so those of us who write about it on Say No to Pombo find ourselves arguing for conclusions both mundane and profound. But the goal is to provide an inventory of the race so that people can make up their own minds, not to tarnish the reputation of a candidate.

We all want Pombo gone and we are all mindful that Filson could win. None of us want to do anything that could harm Filson is he wins the primary.

2:49 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

Anon said: "What really pisses me off about your attitude is you pick Filson apart and then when pressed you say you don't think McNerney is much better either. You're very conveniently (and smugly) in the position of trashing everyone and supporting no one."

I merely pointed out Filson's qualifications vis-a-vis some people already in government in SJ County. That is not exactly "trashing" or "picking apart" - it is just stating the facts as they are. Why delude ourselves or rely on candidate bluffs and bluster about their qualifications? The opposition will see through this anyway at some point.

And if I support no one at this point, that is because the candidates are not impressive enough to rally behind yet. Obviously, at some point, an "Anybody But Pombo" dynamic has to kick in. Either that, or the candidates start being impressive in and of themselves due to moves they make. Let's hope.

It is not me I am concerned with, it is the voters and what will impress them. I don't see the qualities about Filson you mentioned - "likable", "moderate", "military", "raises cash" -- as substantial enough to sway voters.

As far as my being "angry" or "smug" -- whether true or not, that is irrelevant. This is not about me.

And, as far as me "very conveniently" being in a position to judge the candidates -- well, you know, that is the same position as the voters, isn't it?

3:19 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2% of a buck again --

My, my, my! 22 comments -- must be a new record for a post not even a day old!

Some points to remember here:

a) 45% (and growing, if you've seen the growth in Dublin alone -- sheesh!) of this district lives OUTSIDE of San Joaquin County, so claiming that only folks who practically live within a 30 mile radius of the county seat in Stockton are somehow anointed to serve in this seat is rather "limited" thinking

b) Don't get mad, get busy -- even if the candidate this time around turns out to be a dud, get involved and help build the infrastructure for the next round in the ring -- get your fricking hands off your keyboards and get out there and register Democrats in high-probability-of-D precincts, then get all of the high-prob and low turnout precincts signed up for "vote-by-mail" (aka permanent absentee voter) so that the stressed out working family of two can vote without having to stand in line at 7:58 pm on a cold November night with three crying kidlets in tow and finally saying "f this" and walk away to get pizza

c) Don't get pissed at Filson for his lack of skills -- at least he is doing something to push the ball forward -- raising money that he will likely spend on the above VR and GOTV/PAV activities -- which is to say, if you folks contributed or raised $.01 for every key you've hit on your keyboards on this fricking blog, Pombo would be toast (as an example, this post to this asterisk "*" would have cost me $11.78) -- so little efforts DO add up

Net, net: less talk about what is not and more walk about what needs be done is the order of the day.

$.02 out.

5:08 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger Matt said...

Mr. $.02,

1) This blog has raised over $2,800 for the anti-Pombo effort, so I think we have the right to blog without being told we're not doing anything.

2) You can spare us your sermons about about getting from behind the keyboard and doing something. When it comes to this race, I have gone to more meetings and talked to more of the stakeholders in the grassroots than almost anyone I know. And I have done a lot to get people interested in this race, both through the blog and through my other activities.

Furthermore this blog is actually a tool that is used by many involved in the type of grassroots activities you mentioned. You it's not an either/or.

3) The is just a hunch, but I suspect that Filson is going to use his money for media buys, not voter registration. I could be wrong, and in fact I'd be very happy to be wrong. But it's not what I think.

5:43 PM, January 27, 2006  
Anonymous Wayne Johnson said...

I just love you guys. You really think this is all about who's the "most qualified" or "most deserving" or who has "the drive". Sorry but I can't stop laughing. I bet you voted for Nader in 2000.

vpo: As you should know, it doesn't matter who runs these days - the only thing that matters having enough dough to buy thousands of those little 30 second ads that mesmerize these dipshit voters. Grassroots, netroots, alex haley's roots - gimme a f'ing break. This game is about money. Pay to play.

Matt: You said... "Nobody is saying that Filson is barred from representing the district because of all of these factors, or that he is any way unqualified to represent the district."

Sorry, but I thought that was precisely what Veritable Pombo Organ was saying. And believe me, I know a good smear when I see one. It lacked substance, fairness, and rational thought. It's sole focus was to tear down. You should be prouder of the accomplishments of your fellow posters'.

Seriously, guys. Keep using your time and talents in this area. We'll be doing the same over here on this side to divide "the base".

Wayne Johnson
Campaign Consultant to Hon. Richard Pombo

7:39 PM, January 27, 2006  
Blogger VPO said...

To Wayne, who says, "vpo: As you should know, it doesn't matter who runs these days - the only thing that matters having enough dough to buy thousands of those little 30 second ads that mesmerize these dipshit voters."

Then I guess the numbers that come out next week (Jan. 31) on the 4th Quarter fundraising by the candidates will be pretty important, won't they?

Meanwhile, I want to thank you -- with you being such an experienced and well-known consultant, I am humbled that you take your time to add to this blog.

I appreciate your insights and for educating me. Now I know that the only thing that matters is who can raise the most money and hire the best agency to make some great 30 second ads. I now see how mistaken I was to think qualifications and experience matter.

I can see that ads now -- Filson in his Navy pilot uniform, proclaiming "Fly the friendly skies with me. Elect Filson to Congress. I am more moderate then Richard Pombo and will defend American families and fight for fairness." He should have an American flag in the background and military jets overhead, and of course patriotic music.

Do you think that will work? The DCCC seems to think military service is a big pull these days.

I will be sure to tell Filson to stop worrying about building the grassroots, doing voter registrations, precincts walks, or even giving speeches or having a platform. Why bother? He should only be spending his time raising money and interviewing image consultants and TV ad producers. Heck, if I was him, I would not even show up at "candidate debates". Who follows those, except a few political geeks who have nothing better to do with their lives?

Now I see much more clearly Richard Pombo's style -- barely campaign at all, but send out a bunch of glossy fliers and run those 30 sec spots right before the election. It all makes much more sense now!

I also want to thank you for educating me on what a smear is. I have my handy dictionary right here, and it says a smear is "to injure by slander or insults". So that is why I thought simply listing the facts about other people's service to SJ County vs Filson's was not a smear. I thought facts alone are not slander or insults.

But I know you are much smarter than me and can see a smear much better than I can. I now realize that a smear can involve facts and figures. For instance, if I say McNerney only got 38% of the vote last time, I am smearing him! Or if I say Filson lives in the rich suburb of Danville -- that's another smear! So I am very glad you have informed and educated me on this matter.

I am so impressed with your insight and abilities! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

11:14 AM, January 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would appear that people here are over-estimating DC's support of Steve Filson and HIGHLY over-estimating the influence, support, and capabilities of the DCCC. The DCCC is more talk than anything. However, I have to admit that it does say something that the DCCC is interested in Filson and his campaign. How much it says remains to be seen.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that for several months, Jerry was thought to be the only one running. He was the first out of the gate and the first on the ground. Steve Filson does and will have a strong grassroots campaign and there will be a definite focus on the Central Valley (I believe he has a campaign office in Tracy now). Momentum is something that is a slow build. Filson has now hired experienced staff and is on the move. I think we'll be seeing a lot from Filson as far as the grassroots goes in the coming months.

To simplify the credentials of Steve Filson v. Jerry McNerney, Filson is the one who has leadership experience, both has a pilot in the Navy and currently. He also has, however small and minimal it may be, some political experience. He understands and has some knowledge about government administration. (There's a clip of one of his speech's playing on his MySpace page where examples of his leadership and political experience are layed out.) What is Jerry' leadership and political experience? I have yet to hear anything about it. I do, though, know that he wrote a couple of novels that no one has heard about.

The key difference I see between Filson and McNerney is electability. I'm here because I want Pombo out. He is a six-term incumbent in a Republican majority district. I hate to break it to you, but "liberal" McNerney cannot bring in cross-over voters, which is exactly what it will take to beat Pombo. Filson, on the other hand, has the ability to appeal to Independents and "moderate" Republicans. The rule of thumb in elections is this: 40% will always vote Democrat, 40% will always vote Republican, it is the 20% in the middle that matter. I have yet to see how McNerney can possibly appeal to those middle 20%. As a "moderate" and a former Navy pilot, Filson stands to bring in some of that 20%. And it is only by getting that 20% that Pombo can be beat.

7:28 PM, February 05, 2006  

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