Monday, November 06, 2006

Evans-Novak Says CA-11 "Leaning Democratic Takeover"

The Evans-Novak Political Report is the latest to weigh in with an election prediction for CA-11 tomorrow:
California-11: Rep. Richard Pombo (R) shows all the signs of a drowning man. His is the most vulnerable district in California. The NRCC actually chartered a plane to fly volunteers to him on Saturday. This could be a sign that they are taking no chances, but it corresponds with other information that suggests real problems for Pombo. There has been no reliable polling in this race, but the fact that Pombo has not released any polls is a bad sign for him.

Pombo's opponent, engineer Jerry McNerney (D), has the backing of the left and scores of volunteers from the San Francisco Bay area. Left-wing groups softened up Pombo by spending the whole year making robo-calls against him. If they succeed in defeating him tomorrow, this strategy will surely be repeated in the future.

Pombo's saving grace may be the GOP absentee ballot effort here. The results may not be known until midday Wednesday or later. But Republicans are glum about this one. Leaning Democratic Takeover. [Emphasis added]
How's that for chutzpah — whine about how your opponent has canvassers coming from 30 miles away, while your party flies in "volunteers" from across the country.

For what it's worth, Evans-Novak successfully predicted Jerry McNerney's primary win over Steve Filson back in June. Let's hope they bat .1000.


Blogger MorganHill Yahoo said...

Yeah, Pombo should be scared. I went through another Morgan Hill neighborhood today (Monday) canvassing with my son, and in just half an hour we met more than ten voters who had already cast their ballots for Jerry or will do so tomorrow. Their disgust for Pombo was indepedent voter stopped us and told us he had already voted for Jerry..He sais, "No way am I going to support Pombo!". In thirteen years living in Morgan Hill, I have never witnessed such a heightened political awareness. I think Pombo has really pissed off moderate voters in this district.

10:14 PM, November 06, 2006  
Blogger Matt Ortega said...

As any baseball enthusiast will tell you, a batting average of "one thousand" is 1.000 ;)

.100 would be "one hundred," or one hit in ten at-bats...

10:40 PM, November 06, 2006  

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