Monday, April 03, 2006

DeLay out? So says Boston Globe

The Boston Globe online, within the last 15 minutes, reported that Tom DeLay will stop his campaign for re-election and may resign his congressional seat as early as May. The sourece was not named, because DeLay has not made an official announcement. That is expected for tomorrow.

This means that there are two down (Cunningham and DeLay) and three more who should go: Bob Ney, Richard Pombo and John Doolittle.


Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

Let me update you a little bit. DeLay has indeed made an official statement and given an extensive interview to TIME. As for Ney, Pombo and Doolittle... well, ok, but there are at least a dozen Republican crooks as guilty and crying out for prison sentences as your own faves. Just right here in the Golden State, how could you overlook Republicrooks Jerry Lewis and Duncan Hunter for example? And as you look around the country, names like Roy Blunt, Virgil Goode, Jr., crazy Katherine Harris, J.D. Hayworth-- not to mention utterly ethicless U.S. Senators like Rick Santorum, Bill Frist, Conrad Burns-- should cause nothing but revulsion. DeLay is emblematic of a sick and repugnant Republican Party. It'll take a good deal more than the ouster of 5 or 6 House leaders to get those loons back on an acceptable path!

10:23 PM, April 03, 2006  
Blogger morganhilldemo said...

DeLay is indeed OUT and he stated clearly that he did not want to turn his seat over to a Democrat. We can do the same with Pombo at the ballot box if the media get on the stick. Pombo stinks to high heavens, but what is worse is that he hasn't done JACK for this district. I hope all of the candidates will take this opportunity to connect the dots for the press..After all, the only reason why Pombo heads the Resources Committee in the House is that DeLay used his authority and leapfrogged Pombo over the head of the most senior Republican and next in line for the job. All of our candidates need to paint Pombo in DeLay's colors, and today is the perfect opportunity. Mc Nerney, Filson and McCloskey....get some press releases out today, boys!!

12:31 PM, April 04, 2006  

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