Saturday, January 07, 2006

Another Upcoming Event

Matt, I have another event for you. This ran as an LTE in today's Morgan Hill Times.

Meet Democratic Candidates in Morgan Hill

The South County Democratic Club wishes to invite your readers to meet the Democratic Candidates for Congressional District 11, representing Morgan Hill. At our regular Club Meeting at 10am on Saturday, Jan. 21, all of the declared candidates are expected to attend. The meeting will be held at the home of Alex and Yarmila Kennett, 15231 Perry Lane, Morgan Hill. Your readers can contact me at 779-1510 for more information or directions. The meeting is open to the public.

Many Democrats, Republicans and Independents are very dissatisfied with Congressman Richard Pombo (R-Tracy) and are searching for the right person to succeed him. Fortunately for those disenchanted parties, three qualified Democratic Candidates have decided that they would like to be the one to challenge Pombo in November. Their names are expected to appear on the June Democratic Primary ballot.

One of the names is familiar to area voters from two years ago. Jerry McNerney was the successful write-in candidate in the primary that ran a very respectable race in 2004. McNerney is a Pleasanton resident and has a PhD in mathematics. He runs a successful wind-energy business. He has retained his 2004 campaign organization and has already been holding organizing meetings in the area.

Steve Filson is already making a formidable election statement. He has garnered the support of the Democratic Congressional Committee and has already raised considerable funds. Filson is an airline pilot who resides in Danville.

The newest challenger is Steve Thomas. Thomas is an electrician from Danville. Although a political novice, he is especially energetic and motivated to defeat Pombo in 2006.

2006 promises to be a very exciting election year in District 11. Through a series of unpopular environmental stands as Chair of the House Resources Committee, Pombo has been targeted by a number of national environmental groups. Additional questionable campaign associations and other political blunders have weakened the position of the incumbent. It behooves the Democratic Party to select a strong challenger for this race in the fall. Please come to help evaluate the possibilities!

Mark Moore

President, South County Democratic Club


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