Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Link roundup

Link roundup: What I have learned about Richard Pombo in the last couple of days.

His Grandma Pombo taught him how to tell a good story.  Too bad she didn’t teach him how to tell the truth.

He’s always looking for a way to “deflower” the virgin wilderness.

For him, “sustainable boating” is all about how to sustain your speed when you run over a manatee with your boat.  

(I also decided that Pombo kind of resembles a manatee. Or is it just me?  Must be the mustache…)


Blogger babaloo said...

Love your quote from the article by Richard Pombo, “I have a Portuguese grandmother who used to say, ‘Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.’"

Pombo goes on, in the same article, to say, “A recent pair of [Sac Bee] editorials assert that I have ‘drafted a bill’ that would ‘sell off’ national parks and forests to raise revenue for the federal government. This is incorrect.”

Well, the Sac Bee responded today in this way:

“Rep. Richard Pombo, chairman of the House Committee on Resources, wrote in The Bee's Forum section Sunday that his final budget reconciliation package would ‘not include the 'sell-off' of any parks or forests.’

“Oh, yeah? Pombo's reconciliation package, released that same day, contains this passage under the heading, ‘Lands Open to Purchase by Citizens’: ‘Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of the Interior shall make mineral deposits and the lands that contain them, including lands in which the valuable mineral deposit has been depleted, available for purchase to facilitate sustainable economic development.’

“The plain meaning of these words would seem clear: Any citizen could buy any public lands that either have minerals or were mined at one time.”

Looks like Grandma Pombo would be proud of young Richard.

12:53 AM, October 27, 2005  

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