Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Question #5 for Richard Pombo

My number one peeve about the current Congress is their shameful ethics. Never has it been more apparent that legislation is for sale.

Members are living lifestyles of the rich and famous, but not on their dime. They get it paid for by lobbyists who want something in return.

Neil Volz, who worked for Jack Abramoff, testified in court yesterday,

"When I was on Capitol Hill, I was given tickets to sporting events, concerts, free food, free meals," he testified. "In return, I gave preferential treatment to my lobbying buddies." After he left the Hill to join Abramoff, Volz said, he took on the role of doling out the favors and seeking special treatment. Source
– Washington Post

Question #5 for Richard Pombo
You received thousand dollars from Jack Abramoff and thousands more from his clients. Your staff were entertained on several occasions at Jack Abramoff’s skybox at the MCI Center.

After Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty, you donated the $7500 received directly from Abramoff to charity. Why did you not return the money that Abramoff instructed his clients to give you?

Surely, you must understand that voters don’t see much of a difference between what you received directly from Abramoff and what contributions Abramoff had directed to you.

And what about Jack Abramoff buddying up with your staff in the skybox all this time?

What did Jack get in return?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2% of a buck again (and speaking of money, let's provoke a new discussion)

I just checked the latest posts on the Federal Election Commission's web site and lo and behold...

1) Filson's gone and dropped a $15,000 moolabomb into his campaign from his own (lighter) wallet, just today (or at least, just filed today)

2) At first blush, this would seem to indicate he's willing to invest in himself (which is good, especially since he pleads poverty from having lost his United pension as a campaign highlight), but

3) One could also posit that this sort of thing (self-funding) typically (if it happens at all) happens early in the campaign, as seed money to get started, and

4) Since $15,000 will barely buy a single mailing these days, and since he's raised over $400K when the 48 hour notices are added to the Pre-Primary number, between lots of PAC money and lots of max checks, one wonders...

Has the "big donor" well run dry? Or is Steverino just playing "Restaurant Makeover" on Food Network?

$.02 out.

3:02 PM, May 31, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Mr .02.

Rocky here. Its good to have you back, puttin in yer 2 cents. Whoaaaa! Say dere Mr .02 - is dat what you bin tryin to communicate all along? Rocky get it now. Dat's pretty darn clever. Heh heh heh.

Anyways, Rocky agree wit you about starting up a new conservation. Dat last one is goin to duh same place all duh similar ones before it went, right into duh Dem vs Dem terlet. Duh only one who feel at home dere is ButtaWipeO, if youse ask Rocky. And den he draws Gibby Boy down in dere wit 'em, and den Jenny gets all blue. And den Matt and babaloo get all defensive-like, when dey should be on duh offensive, especially against ButtaPombO like Vinnie from duh Green Bay Fudge Packers say. You know, dat duh best defense is a good offense as long as you ain't offensive in doin it. Youse know what I mean?

Now wit all do respect Mr $.02, Pretty Boy allowed to put his own dough into duh pie crust, if you know what I mean. Wat's wrong wit dat? As long as he spend it against Pombo, and not attack ads of duh Dem vs Dem persuasion.

Rocky's choice mortgaged his house from what Adrian hoid, and even duh Fightin Repug kicked in like 50 Gs of his own according to Paulie, and dats a lot of oranges, but you know he's duh one givin Pombo a few bloody lips is duh way Rocky sees it and Rocky likes dat. If Pretty Boy spend his money against duh real enema, den Rocky's OK wit dat.

Course if Filson fired ButtaWipeO he might notta hafta kick in any of his own moola at all. I'd like to see Pretty Boy take a stand against wasteful spending right now by gettin ridda ButtaWipeO, cuz den Rocky feel more confident he could get ridda duh wasteful spendin in Washington.

You know what I mean? He'd automatically go up in duh Woild Famous Rocky Poll on account dat it would show Rocky dat he don't tink dat duh way to solve problems is to keep throwin more money at 'em. Even if it is his own. Dis is all Inner Circular reasonin, so youse oughta be able to follow my drift.

Rocky out. Yo Mr Keefe. By duh way (BDW), dats anudder good question you posin fer here. You are duh master of questions, but I mean you alreddy know duh answer to dis one I hope. ButtaPombO is tradin anyting he's got fer cash, Rocky ain't ever seen sum one so corrupt, disgusting, despicable, AND a fat friggin ugly slimy pig to boot. Now Rocky hopin he didn't just get too poisonal and insult duh pig. Have youse all figgered out who duh real enema is yet or does Rocky hafta spell it out for duh one hundred and foist time?

4:51 PM, May 31, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Mr Keefe.

Rocky back again. Now yer question about what is ButtaPombO doin wit duh bucks he's gettin from dis Jack-off guy prompted Rocky upon leavin dis blot to go to duh Fightin Repugs website to see whether he's thrown any new punches lately. (And what kinda parent would give his kid a name dat could so easily be shortened to Jack-off fer Chrissake? No wonder duh guys all messed up. Like Johnny Cash said, better to name him Sue.)

But anyways, dis time duh Fightin Repug could have landed his best shot yet, a cripplin blow not only to ButtaPombO but also to duh one dey call duh SpeakEasy of duh House Dennis duh Menace and he even takes a swing at Bush.

Check it out right here:

Dis is what our Dems should be doin instead of arrrrgh-uing about duh friggin brand of coffee as if dese tings can ever be solved anyways. Its like askin 5 people to agree on whose got duh best pizza.

Rocky out.

5:14 PM, May 31, 2006  
Anonymous JohnMac said...

Rocky sez Dis is what our Dems should be doin instead of arrrrgh-uing about duh friggin brand of coffee as if dese tings can ever be solved anyways. Its like askin 5 people to agree on whose got duh best pizza.

And yes, I'm hoping we will get there, more and more, especially after June 6th. But until then, expect to see more of it. After all, this is a Democratic Primay, held to see who will face Pombo in November, and as such, it is about the Democrats, not Pombo. But until then, people are trying to figure out who to vote for. It'll be interesting.

By this time next week, we will have a genuine candidate and can then focus on how best to shit can Pombo.

8:46 PM, May 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. 2% of a buck again (and I sincerely welcome FACTUAL comments from "CF", "jlou", "Rick, er Rob" and other members of the "Filson Bunch")

It's over for Steverino.

1) As of 5/17/06, his (badly) managed campaign had $65,397 and change in that wonderful phrase, "cash on hand". At the same time, he had over $41,427 in debt, which meant that his actual "uncommitted cash" (that which he could spend on new stuff not already in the in-box as an "accounts payable" from yesterday's fun) was a mere $23,900 and change.

2) His burn rate from the latest reporting period (4/1 - 5/17) was an astonishing $3,278 per day (yes, kiddies, PER DIEM!) which meant that he had a mere 7.31 days of "uncommitted cash" left to spend as of 5/17, unless he brought in a whole YACHTLOAD more than he was spending on that per diem basis.

3) For the latest period using only F6 48 hour reports (which means it's not entirely Apples to Dells, but bear with me), he's raised a mere $22,200 without his own big fat check-o of $15,000 just yesterday. Let's try to calibrate that to a "total funds raised" since the F6s only count $1,000 and up, and the "itemized" only needs to be $200 or more. His "unitemized take" for the last reporting period is a mere 18.5% of his total, so being generous and saying that his "non-F6 take" is double that, he still has 63% of his take having to be reported via F6s, which means if his F6 total is only $22,200, his "total total" is a mere $35,200 and change through 5/31, for a "take rate" of $2,517 per diem.

4) Since he continues to burn at $3,278 per day (or higher, who knows?) and his rake-in is only $2,517 per day, his unpaid friends as of 5/17:

Lisa Tucker -- $22,400+
Russ Miller -- $4,400+
Fraioli and Co. -- $5,500+

might be getting nervous about having their invoices turn into dead presidents and might have said to Steverino's checkbook:

Show me the MONEY!

$.02 out.

P.S. to Rock-a-bye -- it DOES matter as to when money is given -- if it is given during a primary, it must be assumed to be used for you or AGAINST your opponent, who is also from the same party, so you and I can't vouch for that $15,000 not going for some last-minute hit piece against McWindmill, now, can we?

10:48 PM, May 31, 2006  
Anonymous Rocky Balboa said...

Yo Mr $.02.

Rocky here. To tell you duh truth you lost Rocky on dis one. And Adrian too, on account of duh fact dat I called her over to translate and she couldn't figger out what you wuz tryin to say neither.

Den I called Paulie over to see if he could figger it out and he said he tinks his nephew is flyin one of dem F6 48s over in Iwreq. And I sed if he is, and he's related to you, he probably powers duh jet engines himself!

Both of dem are in violation of duh UN rules against Weapons of Mass Destruction, if you know what I mean. Heh heh heh.

Rocky tinks the gist of dis 2 cents yer tryin to put in here (Heh heh - very clever Mr $.02) is dat Pretty Boy runnin out of vasool, but if dat's duh case den Rocky don't have no friggin clue as to why he would toin around and start burnin the little bit of dough he has left. Why not just fire ButtaWipeO and save on all the terlet paper dat guy hasta be consumin? I mean dats gotta be his biggest expense along wit duh Pampers, ain't dat right Rickey? Do dey itemize tings like dis in dose reports dat all youse guys seem to have at yer fingertips?

Yo johnmac. Rocky always like to make new friends, so its a pleasure to make yer quaintness. While Rocky agree wit you to a point, duh problem is dat dis Dem vs Dem stuff often leave bad feelings behind dat are difficult to overcome. Now me and Apollo long ago let byproducts be byproducts, but it took a few years to get to dat point. We Dems don't got dat luxury. Dats what scares Rocky about all dis arrrgh-uing over whose cuppa Joe is duh best.

And Rocky still ain't countin out duh Fightin Repug just yet - dis guy may have a better left hook den Rocky in his prime but he's 70 sumtin years old right? Did you see duh blast at Hastert and ButtaPombO dis guy just put out? Jeezus!

You tink he's on stearoids? Or Altoids? If dis guys gotta few more of dese punches wit duh brass knuckleheads to go wit it, it could be Bedtime fer BonzO on June 6.

Rocky out. Good to see you in dis round Mr. $.02. Rocky wonderin what happened to Delta now. First Nick drops off a cliff, den Mr VPO, and now Delta. We're gonna need a friggin missin persons bureau fer dis blot before too long.

11:41 PM, May 31, 2006  

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