Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Question #4 for Richard Pombo

Here's a question that Pombo has never adequately explained. The Pombo camp's position - that they could have charged us for a jet trip, instead - is just plain arrogant. Not the kind of integrity, not the character, that you want in a representative.

Question #4
Not long ago you used taxpayer money for a family vacation in an RV to seven national parks. On your committee website you called it quote, "a family vacation".

When asked about it by reporters, you changed your story and called it a business trip. Yet, officials at two of the parks you claim to have visited say they never saw you.

If this was an official business trip, do you think it was appropriate to have taken your family along and paid for the RV with taxpayer money?

If it actually was a family vacation as you first claimed, don't you think you should reimburse the government and the tax payers for the rental of the RV?

4th of a five part series.

I'm adopting the new Dixie Chicks song Not Ready to Make Nice as my new theme song for the year.


Anonymous JohnMac said...

All this stridency in response to the other articles on the blog; the Filsonistas complain that the blog leans toward McNerney - perhaps the bloggers (if they represent the voters, or even if not) don't like to be told who to support by Washingtonistas.

But I didn't start out to be strident myself. I'm wondering why there are no comments on these excellet questions for Pombo... but then I suppose the only response we are really looking for would be from Himself, and Himself is not likely to respond to anything on a 'Say No To Pombo' blog. But I betcha he or his minions read it...

7:24 PM, May 27, 2006  

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