Friday, May 19, 2006

Question #3 for Richard Pombo

Richard Pombo's efforts to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act, his proposals to sell off national parks, and his plans to open up thousands of acres of parkland to mining and oil interests demonstrate a wanton recklessness with our national treasures.

We need to protect the great outdoors for future generations through sound conservation and continued access. And, more selfishly, for my own continued enjoyment.

Question #3
Your many efforts to weaken our conservation and wildlife protection laws have drawn criticism from all across the country.

The San Francisco Chronicle called you the dark knight of the environment.
The Sacramento Bee referred to your proposals as "dim and slimy."
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund named you Congress's Wildlife Villain of the Year.
The Humane Society called you Congress's Leading Opponent of Animal Welfare.

When they see that your campaign contributions come heavily from groups opposed to our conservation and wildlife protection laws, why should voters believe you are not in the pocket of those contributors?


Anonymous jbmendel said...

Richard Pombo can't be the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is Batman.

9:25 AM, May 19, 2006  

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